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1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Christmas shopping and tree dressing / An advertisement for the Christmas shopping weekend and the tree dressing
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Harvest Celebration / Readers at a harvest celebration in Singleton Cnhurch will be Virginia Lyon and Brian Sanders, and musical interludes will be supplied by Sally Whitaker on the Celtic Harp.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Extensive programme of Special Events for 1995 / The Special Events in 1995 will include: Traditional Food Fair, Wood and Wool Weekend, Heavy Horses, Rare Breeds, Steam Threshing etc. Children's Activity Weekends, History Re-enactment, Fleece to Fibre, Spotlight on the W. I. , Salute to the Women's Land Army. Echoes in the Landscape
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Dovetail / Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) reports on Dovetail, a varied programme of arts events to be dovetailed into the Museum's activites. Midsummer Marvels week (19-25 June) will include : "Tansy", a 1921 silent film about a shepherdess by Tickner Edwards and introduced by John Godfrey; an evening with the Copper Family; "Angels in the Sussex Air - 16 Sussex poets", introduced by Patrick Garland; Guided walks led by Pip Howes and Gary Couper; an outdoor family musical event with a dance band caller, Tony Kelly; a workshop by Morna Watson called "Theatre of the Heart"; "Midsummer Night's Dream".
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 19552 pictures / 2 pictures: visitors in the Market Square for the tree dressing; 3 horses with 3 wheat ricks in the background
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Hilda Holden and Ted Nash / Hilda Holden and Ted Nash, both supporters form the earliest days, have died
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Leopold Muller Estate donates
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Difficult times - but we respond with a more exciting year than ever! / Chris Zeuner reports that last year was very difficult, The recession has had a major effect on recreational activity. The Museum gets capital grants but it is the cost of running which is hard to find. A full programme has been arranged for this year. The Dovetail programme is interesting. We will also launch the new MSc course with Bournemouth University. Longport timber-frame will be erected. and Whittakers Cottages will be re-erected thanks to help from the Leopold Muller Estate.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Supporting the Weald and Downland Museum / Supporters include: Eurotunnel, Basil Shippam Trust, The Blunt Trust, The Brewers' Company, The Clothworkers' Foundation, David Cover & Son Ltd. , The Drapers' Charitable Trust, Edward Lewis Trust, Edward Hogg Charitable Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Trust, Garfield Weston Trust, Godinton Charitable Trust, Golden Bottle Trust, Hall and Co. , Harold Smith Trust, Havenhope Trust, The Idlewild Trust, The Ironmongers Company, Keymer Brick and Tile Co. Ltd. , Llankelly Trust, The Mercers' Charitable Trust, Tarmac Topblock, The Three T's Trust, Walter Guiness Trust, W. L. West and Sons Ltd. , all for Longport; The Leopold Muller Trust for Whittakers; Carringdale (Bognor) Ltd. , Chichester Observer Series, C. Shippam Ltd. , Flexiprint Ltd. , Stride and Son, The Farm Advertiser, West Sussex Gazette.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995MSc course in Building Conservation launched at Bournemouth / Our partnership with Bournemouth University in the Joint Centre for Heritage Conservation and Management has started an MSc course in Building Conservation. With Peter McCurdy the Museum will be responsible for much of the teaching in timber conservation. The new course is being run by Jim Strike. The Department of Conservation Sciences at Bournemouth has John Ashurst as BP Professor of Heritage Conservation.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995WLA girls re-unite / Former Women's Land Army girls gathered at the Museum for a reunion on the Steam Threshing Day, with a picture of Bob Powell with Mrs Una Wilson of Worthing. Nigel Westacott helped with the exhibition.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Our place in the sun / Despite the general recession of museums the Museum has done well.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Man's relationship with nature explored in "Echoes in the Landscape". / "Echoes in the Landscape" is a temporary exhibition coming to the Museum from 1-18 April. It is the work of Ted Vincent and Jane Meredith of Petworth, showing the relationship between the ever changing natural world and the transient man-made structures.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Whittakers Cottage / Richard Harris writes that Richard Whittaker lived on the site in 1840 and in the 1851 census his widow, Elizabeth Whittaker, was living there. In 1859 the railway was opened, and Elizabeth's cottage must have been destroyed. The plan is to show It with one cottage of the semi-detached pair showing the construction and details.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Volunteer training and information meetings / Plans for more intensive training of volunteers
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Friends News. Be a brick / The Be a Brixk prize draw campaign so far has raised just over
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Increasing retail sales at the Museum / The Museum shop is still increasing its sales.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Second Friends' Annual Conference and Dinner / The second Friends' Annual Conference includes Uppark, led by John Eyre, Dinner in the Vicar's Hall, The Record Office at Chichester, a talk by Richard Hunt on "the labouring man in the 18/19th centuries".
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995The rebuilding of Longport House / A long article by Richard Harris on the rebuilding of Longport House under the following headings. Brickwork, Mortar, Stonework, Historic Research, Timber Frame, Use as Shop and Offices. It includes reference to Mick Betsworth, Ron Betsworth, Roger Champion, Dave Gabbitas, Peter Betsworth, Bob Powell. Also a note on the Garden, with references to Ivan Hicks, David Benson, Elizabeth Benson and Mark Bonham Carter.
1995/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 14 / March 1995Winter Coppicing / Coppicing at Drovers under Alan Waters, assisted by Nick Conway, continued Albert Peacock has made more than 100,000 thatching spars.
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