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1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Junior Friends Launched / Elizabeth Newbery's scheme for Junior Friends has attracted 40 members. It is open to 7 year olds and above. A number of meetings have been held.
Elizabeth Newbery with Sue England, is writing a children's guide book, and a set of information sheets arranged in four groups: water; wind; animal; houses.
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Library / Mrs Hallam [Honorary Librarian] draws attention to the fact that there is now an increased collection of books for loan to stewards.
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Autumn Activity Weekend / CHANGE OF DATE. The date for the Southern Counties Ploughing Championships, to be held nearby at Billingshurst, has been changed to 21 Oct and we have therefore been forced to change our Autumn dates to 27 & 28 October.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Visitor Statistics / The final total for the season to the end of October was 153,000, compared with 145,000 in 1982 and 176,000 in 1981
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Major development Phase Planned at the Museum / A major development plan has been agreed. The Horsham Shop, the Reigate Town House and fresh lavatory arrangements will be erected in the market square area and alterations will be made to the library at a cost of
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984The Festival of Building and Erection of North Cray Hall House - Museum's Major Summer Event / On August 10-12 there will be a Festival of Building to mark the 150th anniversary of the Chartered Institute of Building, at which the timbers of North Cray (repaired by Roger Champion) will be re-erected
A special repeat visit ticket will be isssued to allow visitors to make several visits.
The Museums and Galleries Commission has offered
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Musical events / A new programme of musical events will take place this year:
1 May - Broadside band
26 May - Ashlet Stafford & Loavinia Snelling present a programme of early music accompanied by the lute.
7-8 July - Christopher Challen and his students from West Dean give practical demonstrations of musical instrument making.
11 August - "Peasants All" present a programme of busking and ballads
27-28 Oct - Humphrey Lewis and the Copper family in a programme of traditional folk song.
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Meetings / 5 Mar - General Purposes Committee
24 Mar - Stewards Briefing
24 Mar - First Junior Friends meeting
7 Apr - West Wittering School opening
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984West Sussex Rural Engineering / In association with the Museum , WSRE will be constructing a replica gun carriage for the Mary Rose Trust. This will hold a bronze "bastard culverine" and will form part of a major exhibition by the Mary Rose Trust to be held in May.
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Biskupin / A tour for this exhibition has bnow been fixed. It will be going to Runcorn, Durham, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Nottingham after it leaves here. The exhibition will be opened by Professor Barry Cunliffe in the presence of the Polish Ambassador. There will be a symposium on Iron Age buildings in London: details to be published later.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Michael Holdsworth / Michael Holdsworth is retiring as Company Secretary. His place will be taken by Peter Careless
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Music at the Museum / Several musical events for 1984 include: the Broadside Band, specialising in 17th century popular music; Ashley Stafford and Lavinia Snelling in an evening of early music; Southern Arts Association of Medieval Players; the Copper Family; Christopher Challen demonstrating Musical Instrument Making.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Lichen and Timber Analysis / A sample of lichen obtained by Ruth Tittensor from Poplars Cottage during dismantling, has been analysed by Dr. Francis Rose. It is rare in Sussex.
Dr John Fletcher of the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art has taken dendrochronolgy samples of timber from Tichfield and Little Winkhurst. The felling of the trees for Tichfield was dated between 1525 and 1535. As expected there were two dates for Little Winkhurst: 1501-1505 & 50 years later.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984MSC Schemes / A Youth Training Scheme organised by Youthforce West Sussex led by Nicky Deakin is providing young people with environmental conservation work at the Museum
The Community Programme Scheme run by West Sussex County Council is providing work for adults improving the storage arrangements in the cutting.
Application has been made to the Manpower Service Commission for people to work in the library
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Before the end of March ... / The toll gates will be hung.
The new exhibition, written by Kim Leslie, for the Toll Cottage will be completed.
West Wittering school will be furnished.
Four new panels for Court Barn will be on show.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984"Traditional Building Crafts" Exhibition by Richard Harris / A new touring exhibition called "Traditional Building Crafts" prepared by Richard Harris opens on April 7. It has been promoted by the Building Centre Trust and the Area Museums Service for South East England. Later it will go on tour for 18 months.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984West Wittering School Opening / The School from West Wittering will be opened by Kenneth Ball on April 7th It has been rebuilt by John Brooker and Son.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Diary Dates for 1984 / Main diary events include: Traditional Building Crafts Exhibition; Opening of West Wittering School; Biskupin; Country Fair; Heavy Horses; Medieval Players; Timber Festival; Exhibition of Gordon Beningfield's paintings; Festival of Building; Re-erection of North Cray; Ploughing Weekend.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Progress at the Library / Marjorie Hallam would welcome gifts of books. Cataloguing continues and should soon been complete.
Roy and Lyn Armstrong are cataloguing Roy's large collection of slides. Caroline Hallam has joined the library team thanks to funds from the Peter Minet Trust, Chichester NADFAS, the Worshipful Company of Plumbers and the Friends.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Biskupin Exhibition / Prof. Barry Cunliffe will open the Biskupin Exhibition on May 1.
Biskupin in Poland was the site of a settlement c 500 BC with 1000 inhabitants, made entirely of wood.
The exhibition will stay at the Museum for 3 months and then go on tour in England.
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