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1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Lavant House / The Committee inspected the area pegged out to indicate the proposed site and in doing so considered Mr Warren's recommendation to preserve the view of the lake from the hillside. AGREED a position roughly in line with the pegs, but on the north side of the track would be preferable. The building should be positioned a few feet back from the track with its chimney to the east. Two points of access will be desirable. It was recognised that the Director may need to apply for Planning Approval before the next committee meeting.
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Director's Report on Building Progress - Pendean / now practically complete. AGREED access to the upper floor is desirable and that, except in unusual circumstances the staircase should not be obstructed.
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Director's Report on Building Progress - Lurgashall Mill and the Crawley Building / reconstruction work should start during the next few weeks.
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Modern Techniques in conservation of timber / Mr Harris described new resinous products which permitted the reconstitution or repair of badly damaged timbers, and provided an additional method of building conservation, either on dismantled timbers or by treatment of those in situ. Mr Champion reported on the techniques involved.
1976/12SBC Minutes / 4 December 1976Langrish Dovecote / Mrs Hallam reported damage to the Langrish Dovecote becoming more pronounced. Subsidence had increased, cracks in the walls were opening up and tiles slipping from the roof which meant the building was no longer weatherproof. She explained that when the issue had first arisen two years ago the planning authority had stated preservation would not be possible unless the owner was willing to contribute to the cost. Their present opinion was similar but an officer of the County Council was sympathetic to the building's preservation in situ. The building, thought to have been built in the 16thC, was listed. Nesting boxes were complete and the construction of the building was intricate. Dismantling of the structure would require shoring up the slipping hill beneath the dovecote. It was accepted the building was an important one and was also a dominant feature of the landscape. Col. Jefferis said the Downsmen were particularly interested in buildings of the downland and may be able to off \\
1976/12SBC Minutes / 4 December 1976Temporary office building / Mr Warren reported the building would be due for delivery at the end of January and that the planning application had been submitted to the planning authority.
1976/12SBC Minutes / 4 December 1976Clements Farm / Mr Warren raised the issue of informing the relevant authorities concerning building preservation. The Committee AGREED to continue to attach great importance to ensuring in situ preservation.
1976/12SBC Minutes / 4 December 1976Hazel Cottage, The Platt / Mr West had agreed to guide the owner on the question of applying for outline planning permission. Survey work on the building could begin after this stage. AGREED the question of weatherproofing should be investigated to prevent further decay.
1976/12SBC Minutes / 4 December 1976Ticket Kiosk/Toll Cottage / (see memoranda by Mr Armstrong, Mr Zeuner, and Mr Warren, with drawing). Mr Warren explained he did not favour widening the present entrance to the car park or using a new building in preference to an older structure. He felt the Toll Cottage must be re-built to include its chimney, whether or not it was to be used as a paying booth at the entrance to the car park. Mr Armstrong agreed the widening of the entrance was far from ideal and said he felt the two issues of the ticket kiosk problem and the future of the Toll Cottage should be looked at as separate issues. He put forward a suggestion for a new slightly larger ticket kiosk, with concrete floor and security facilities on the site of the present one and this kiosk to be moved on to the opposite side of the entrance to cope with peak traffic flow. He felt the tandem approach suggested by Mr Warren was not suitable. Mr Zeuner said there were also problems connected with Mr Warren's proposed siting of the Toll Cottage becau \\
1976/12SBC Minutes / 4 December 1976Siting of Buildings - Wiston Wagon Shed, Ashurst Granary, Sheffield Park saw pit / Mr Zeuner said he would like to see the three buildings being re-erected at the Museum when the Mill and Crawley Hall projects were complete. (a) Wiston Wagon Shed - now in store. A site in the forge/stable complex was suggested to replace the Selsey Waggon Shed which had been demolished during re-erection by a particularly strong gale. (b) Ashurst Granary, on which numbering and drawing had now begun. Two sites were considered possible - one at right angles to the proposed site for a barn, backing on to Bayleaf, and the other parallel with the site track on the opposite side in front of the oak tree. (c) Sheffield Saw Pit, which was in the process of being dismantled. The covered pit fitted into a yard environment rather than a forest environment. Mr Warren felt it would be better sited in the woods near the present saw pit. Mr Zeuner felt it should be sited in the forge area but away from the lower lake because of the \\
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Education Service / 1 page article by Heather Jackson (later Heather Champion) on the Education Service. A loan service of Museum publications, film strips etc. was available for and used by schools. Several schools visited the Museum, but there was trouble with overcrowding occasionally.
Most schools were well prepared, using the Museum Teaching Kit.
Two groups of schools stayed near for three ot four days to carry out practical work on site.
The Museum will open on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the winter for booked schools.
1976/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1976Hambledon (Surrey) Barn and Wagon Shed / Mr Harris had visited the barn and wagon shed to offer advice to the owners. The wagon shed had now been acquired by someone who wished to convert it to a garage.
1976/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1976Lavant Building / AGREED the building would be better sited with its door facing southwards. This would be a more logical entrance way into the building and would orientate the building in its right relationship to the Museum road.
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Freinds' News / A party was held on 10th July.
Mrs Bury gave her library to the Museum before leaving the area
The Friends are giving
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Museum Committee / Council of management
J. R. Armstrong, Miss C. E. Barson, D. S. W. Blacker, W. G. D. Cox, J. A. Farmer, Mrs M. J. Hallam, M. Holdsworth, K. C. Leslie, P. Longley, J. E. Lowe, R. W. McDowall, D. O. Russell, S. D. Sainsbury, B. W. Smead, Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Thisleton-Smith. J. C. T. Warren, Mrs P. West, N. L. West.
Finance & General Purposes Committee
G. C. Godber, J. R. Armstrong, Mrs M. J. Hallam, Major General L. A. Hawes, K. C. Leslie, J. E. Lowe, W. L. West.
Building and Site Planning Advisory Committee. R. W. McDowell (Chairman), J. R. Armstrong, R. Champion. Mrs M. J. Hallam, E. S. Harris, Major General L. A. Hawes, H. Heymann, Lt. Col. G. M. Jeffris, G Newell, S. E. Rigold, D. O. Russell, I. West, P. J. Tester
Archaeological Committee
J. G. Hurst (Chairman), P. Addyman, J. R. Armstrong, Mrs. M. J. Hallam, Miss J. Harding, E. W. Holden, D. Johnston, G. Newell, S. E. Rigold, P. J. Tester.
Friends Committee
Major General L. A. Hawes (Chairman), J. R. Armstrong, Miss \\
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Museum Diary / Friends' A. G. M. , Carol Service, Friends' seminar, Briefing Session for Stewards. Opening on 26, 27 and 28 December
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Local History through Documents / Kim Leslie continues his articles on local history through documents, discussing tithe maps and awards.
1976/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1976The Platt - Hazel Cottages / AGREED the offer of this building should be accepted by the Museum. The Platt is a small cottage from Horsell, near Woking, Surrey and is thought to be a little-altered one-bay building with smoke bay, a type typical in this part of Surrey. The building is scheduled grade three and is in use as a garden shed. It has become rather dilapidated and some of the timber is in poor condition. However, the smoke bay is fairly complete. Sooting exists on the panels and it was hoped these could be brought to the Museum intact. Mr McDowall felt it was an important building for the Museum to exhibit but the practical problems involved were considerable. The framing of the front and back wall was sparse. Mr Harris felt the building was beyond preservation in situ and dismantling was an urgent requirement to prevent it deteriorating further. The Director felt the use of a consolidating material could help preserve as much of the timber as possible. The building was being offered to t \\
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Chairman's Notes / A 2 page account of Geoffrey Godber's early association with Roy Armstrong and the Museum. There were early problems about siting. John Cripps, Chairman of the Countryside Commission, agreed to treat the Museum as a Country Park. Godber succeeded Mr Farmer as Chairman of the Council of Management in 1975.
1976/10Members' Magazine No. 8 / Autumn 1976Museum News / Another increase in the number of visitors.
Pendean and the Watersfield Stable have been completed. Mr Plewis advised on the layout of the stable.
The Mill's stonework is under way: the wheel pit is complete. Mr Lee of Midhurst, who installed the machinery in 1911, will give advice. The lake is nearly full; it has been planted and is being stocked with mallards by Ian Odin.
Crawley Hall is under way.
A waggon shed at Wiston is being dismantled.
Home Counties Dairies Limited have presented the Museum with a milk float, which will be used for site maintenance.
A new water main has been installed.
The Council of Management has decided to appoint a member of staff responsible for maintenance.
The Museum of the Year award has been passed on to the Gladstone Pottery Museum.
A calendar for 1977 is on sale.
Newspaper salvage continues.
Horsham slab is needed for Crawley Hall's roof
Opening will be from 1st April, and on Sundays and Boxing Day in the winter.
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