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1985/5Bulletin / May 1985Farm Collection / The Museum has been offered a collection of farm implements and hand tools used on a small farm on the edge of Ashdown Forest. The farm was worked until recently using only horse power. Much of the material will be coming to the Museum and those items not suitable for our own collection will be disposed of to other organisations or individuals. [Stephenson Collection??]
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Book Success / Richard Harris's book "Discovering Timber-framed Buiildings" is breaking records for Shire Publications, with a print of 50,000.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Virginia Lyon / is opening her garden to the public on Sunday 14th April, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in aid of the Museum. The entrance fee is 50p and there will be a bring and buy stall and a produce stall.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Walter Greenway / is giving a talk about Goodwood Estate Duchess cottages on 26th April, at 7.30 p.m. in Crawley Hall. This will be open to Friends, Stewards, Staff and the general public. Coffee and biscuits will be served during the evening at
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Charcoal / A second kiln has been purchased to enable Gary Browning to expand the charcoal production. The kiln was manufactured locally and is now in operation on site.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Photographic Competition / Following the success of the competition held two years ago, we are organising another one for visitors to enter during the season. We are most grateful to the Promoter Newspaper and the Sussex Camera Centre at Bognor for their generous support for the competition. Visitors have been asked to relate their entries to the following themes; a) Architectural details and b) Animals or craftsmen at work.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Pigsty Residents / During April we shall be joined by two piglets, kindly donated by the Ashdown Forest Park Farm. The piglets will be weaners and are a cross between a Berkshire and Gloucestershire Old Spot. In the early nineteenth century the traditional Sussex pig derived from the Berkshire or a black and white cross, probably very similar to the ones we are having.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Lime Day / In January the Museum staged a successful Lime Day, led by John Adams of the Department of the Environment. Lime is used by the Museum in mortar, plaster, daub and limewash.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Publicity Workshops / Either as individual stand-holders or sharing with the Chichester Visitors Group, the Museum has attended : English Tourist Board's Excursions workshop; the Southern Tourist Board's Travel workshops at Southampton, Poole and Reading and their Heritage Education Fair at Portsmouth. We also attended the South-East England Tourist Board's Heritage Education Fair at Sussex University.
Richard Pailthorpe organised a leaflet exchange with other members of the CVG and the Tourism in Arun Group (TAG) at Goodwood House, which was well attended by local attractions, hotels and guest houses.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Wall Paintings Seminar / The UKIC Wall Paintings Section held an all-day meeting at the Museum on remounting detached wall paintings. Delegates will be able to examine and discuss the wall paintings in the Reigate House.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Historic Farm Buildings Group / The Historic Farm Buildings Group will hold its first meeting at the Museum in October.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Seventeenth Century English Country Dancing / John Dibdin will direct dances of the time of Charles II on 13th July. Visitors may join in. Organised by the Southern Early Music Forum.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Easter Parade / We shall be going to the Regents Park Heavy Horse Parade in its centenary year. William will be drawing the timber wagon and Bob Robinson's team will draw the Sussex wagon.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Cavalcade of Costume / The Cavalcade of Costume raised more than
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Picture of the Horsham shop / A photo of the Horsham Shop being re-erected by Peter McCurdy
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Portsmouth Heavy Horse Parade / William will draw a log and Bob Robinson will horse the Museum's Sussex Wagon with his two shires at a heavy horse parade organised by the City Of Portsmouth on May Bank Holiday.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985The Prince's Trust / The Museum hosted some 20 young people under a scheme organised by the Prince's Trust. They were introduced to the various activities and jobs undertaken by the staff. West Dean Estate, Goodwood House and Chilsdown Vineyard also took part in the scheme.
Chris Zeuner, Elizabeth Newbery and Gus Pollard from West Sussex Rural Engineering went to a reception in Middleton attended by the Prince of Wales.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Inhabitants for the Pig Sty! / Two piglets (cross between Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot) have been donated by the Ashdown Forest Farm at Wych Cross. They will inhabit the pig sty in the Toll Cottage garden.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Expanding Education Service / Elizabeth Newbery is Education Officer for the Museum and Goodwood under the banner of the West Sussex Countryside Studies Trust. She will produce an activity pack for both establishments.
The museum already offers a summer school and children's club, and will produce a teaching kit backing up the guide book.
Goodwood offers a nature trail in Seeley's copse, Home Farm, the forestry and the house.
This not only for schools; links will be formed with St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill and the West Surrey School of Art and Design, Farnham
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Biskupin Trip / The trip to Poland, organised by Marjorie Hallam, will take place in September. It will last about 12 days; travel by coach with an English speaking courier. Cost
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