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1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Wheelwright's Shop - Demonstration facilities / C Zeuner reported the need for a building which would provide a facility for demonstration and exhibiting the wheelwright's collection. The ideal building would be a redundant urban or rural workshop. Resulting from discussion the Committee ascertained that buildings in the past had had change of use and felt that a suitable building could be found and adapted to the Museum's use. Mr McDowall proposed that all committee members should actively seek an appropriate building.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Building Repairs Progress - Titchfield Market Hall / C Zeuner reported that Renofors had used a polyurethane foam to seal the West end of the building. If it proved successful he suggested the back wall of Crawley should be treated similarly. However, it was AGREED to wait a year to ascertain the success of the operation.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Building Repairs Progress - Lurgashall Mill / R Champion reported that he had carried out certain safety modifications within the mill. C Zeuner drew the committee's attention to safety on the site. He proposed that all buildings should have a safety handrail for the stairs, whether or not there was historical evidence for one. AGREED.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Building Repairs Progress - Court Barn / C Zeuner reported that the thatch was slipping and parting from the roof. South Western Thatchers had been contacted but they were not definite as to the cause. David Biart had also been contacted to advise on liability. The thatchers had orally accepted full responsibility for the slipping but there was nothing in writing. South Western Thatchers had suggested an arbitration from the Guild of Thatchers should advice on the problem.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Building Repairs Progress - Gents' Toilet / C Zeuner reported that there had been an underground break in the drains. It had been necessary to make the decision to demolish the Gents Toilets situated inside the Cattleshed. C Zeuner proposed that there should be a 3'6" wide access to the toilets which would be redesigned with an extra urinal, bearing in mind it would be used by a number of small boys. As there would be a problem of matching new brickwork to the remaining wall he suggested the use of lime washing. The general feeling of the committee was that the Museum should endeavour to match the bricks.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Building Repairs Progress - Crawley Hall / C Zeuner reported that a written assessment would soon be available on the problem wall.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Office Building proposals / C Zeuner reported that no progress had been made with the Christ's Hospital complex. He asked for the Committee's opinion of designing a purpose made building for the site using traditional material. The Committee AGREED that this could be a possibility. T Heymann suggested that possibly Double Barn could be modified for an office. It was a redundant building on the Estate, visually advantageous for the area by the gate and close to the Museum thus keeping down the cost of transportation. AGREED the matter would be discussed further.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Car parking / C Zeuner stated that the working party had met and reported that it was technically possible to create 80 car parking spaces above the existing car park. However, the cost of earth moving, stump clearance etc. would be too expensive. He had approached Alex Brown, of Manor Farm, who appeared willing to provide overflow car parking space at a price. There would be problems of access, safety, etc. Other areas had been looked at including creation of a track around the back of the lake to a grass car park in the Gonville Drive area. After discussion AGREED this should be looked into further.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Saxon Hall / C Zeuner reported that the posts of Saxon Hall layout were rotting at the base and next year would need replacing if it was decided to keep the exhibit. Finally AGREED to keep the exhibit until the relevant page could be extracted from the Guide Book. Mr Aldsworth agreed to examine and report on possible ways that this area of building history could be represented by graphics and models within the introductory exhibition.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Little Winkhurst / Mr McDowall raised the point as to when the timbers of Little Winkhurst would be examined in order to provide a report for the Bough Beech houses book. R Harris agreed to examine them at the first opportunity.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Horsham Shop / Mr McDowall asked about progress of the Horsham Shop Report. Mr Armstrong and Mrs Hallam were currently looking at the available material and it would be reported on in the future.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Poplars Cottage / A start had been made on survey work and the building had been cleared. Dismantling would take place over the next month.
1982/5SBC Minutes / 16 May 1982Walderton / C Zeuner reported that the plastering had worked reasonably well. However, he advised that there might be a maintenance problems as the plaster was very brittle. He drew attention to the wear on the plasterwork near the stairs where a skirting would normally be put. Work had started on the making of the furniture listed in the inventory and should be completed for the official opening. F. Aldsworth reported that a report had been submitted to the Sussex Archaeological Paper no.120. 500 offprints of the report would be purchased for sale at the Museum. R. Champion asked if the audio presentation would be ready for the official opening in July. C Zeuner replied that the lighting arrangement would be ready and R Harris was currently working on the explanation panel for the house interior.
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Museum Action Day / The Museum is planning an action day to demonstarted those crafts and processes which aren't usualy shown owing to lack of staff: pit sawing, bread making, water raising, blacksmithing, wheelwrighting, working with lead and demonstrations of horse drawn machinery.
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Sussex Wagon / Bob Lomas of Dragons Green has given the Museum a Sussex Wagon. It is being restored by the West Sussex Engineering Group
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982New Guidebook / Richard Harris has prepared a new guidebook in a totally new format. Whitbreads of Chichester has made a substantial grant towards its production. Bruce Williams has designed a new publicity leaflet.
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Volunteers' Forum / Four meetings were held for the volunteers led by Chris Zeuner, Richard Harris and Fred Aldsworth, Marjorie Hallam and Richard Harris, and Heather Champion and Chris Zeuner. The Museum was host to two lectures of the Local Studies course run by WEA and Southampton Extra Mural Department
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Mill Ends First Year of Operation / Lurgashall mill completed a reasonably satisfactory first year producing wholemeal flour. One or two repairs were unsatisfactory, but these have been rectified by Robert Devas and the West Sussex Rural Engineering Company.
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Conference in Canada / Richard Harris will represent the Museum at a conference in Canada on "Reconstruction, Restoration and Maintenance of Timber Structures in Historic Parks and Sites". He will present 3 papers: Restoration versus Reconstruction, Dismantling and Reassembly in the UK, Traditional English Timber Framing.
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982New Staff Appointments / Jan Pack has been appointed Catering Manager. Miss Valerie Price becomes Museum Secretary. She was Secretary to Lord March. Mr R. Jaggard is the Museum's new Warden for weekend duties His daughter, Louise Jaggard, helped in dismantling the Walderton Cottage. Karen Muller worked for six months on a Work Experience Scheme and has now left.
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