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1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Letter from the Friends' Chairman / James Waddell reports that there are about 3000 Friends, and that the Development Fund Appeal has reached over
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Reigate Site Excavation Report / David Williams has written a report on the excavation covering the site of the Reigate House, the remains of a malting kiln and similar structures from the curtilege. Richard Harris's short summary of the building is included in the report. Offprints are available in the shop.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Friends Committee / Lyn Armstrong and Elsie Kessler retired from, and Mike Doran joined, the Committee, which is now: Chairman, Sir James Waddell; Treasurer, Bernard Rush; Secretary Carol Hawkins ( later Carol Brinson); Walter Greenway, Joan Brooks, Mary Hum, Ethel Buvyer, Bruce Pailthorpe, Bernard Johnson, Virginia Lyon, Eve Becher, Elizabeth Newbery. Chris Zeuner and Richard Pailthorpe are co-opted ex-officio.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985High Visitor Numbers for 1984 / 1984 was close to a record with 179,000 visitors. The shop showed an improvement from 42p per visitor in 1983 to 52p per visitor. Keith Bickmore is Senior Warden and runs the shop.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985British Association of Friends of Museums / The Friends is a member of the British Association of Friends of Museums, Other members are NADFAS, V & A Museum, R. A. F. Museum, National Piano Museum, Sainsbury Centre, Ironbridge Gorge and National Maritime Museum. We were represented by Bernard and Betty Rush, Eve Becher and Walter Greenway. at the last meeting at the National Maritime Museum in October, The Association produces a regular broadsheet and a year book. Both may be borrowed from Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson).
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Biskupin Trip / Further advertisement of the possible trip to Poland. Apply to Ethel Buvyer
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Lime seminar / John Ashurst will be leading a seminar on lime in January.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985More Books for the Library / The library thanks Friends who supplied books. Mrs Garstang sent two copies of the Oxford English Dictionary and Lord Watkinson several books, including a rare antique book with illustrations of 19th century buildings.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Museum Officers at Seminars / The Museum's Chairman, David Biart, was a speaker at an Association of Independent Museums on "How to be a Good Trustee"
Chris Zeuner was a speaker at a weekend course on historic farm buildings for the University of Oxford Department for External Studies.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Stewards Sessions / Roy Armstrong held the first special Volunteers' training session, at which he explained the foundation of the Museum. The series continues
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985North Cray / A picture of North Cray bqeing tiled by A Booker and Son.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Raffle
Secobd-hand Books / The raffle raised
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Cavalcade of Costume / The Cavalcade of Costume to be held in Bognor in February will show Mrs Penny's collection of costumes from 1690 to 1920
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Dates for 1985 / Major events in 1985 are Cavalcade of Costume in February; Auction in Horsham in April; Friends' Field Trip to Kent in April; Country Fair in June; Area Museum Service for South East England travelling exhibition on Victorian Tiles in June; Rare Breeds Display and Show in July; Autumn Ploughing and Threshing in October
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985SPAB / The Technical Committee of the Society for the protection of Ancient Buildings will hold a meeting at the Museum on February 19th
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Spring Auction in Horsham / Friends are asked to donate items for sale in the auction in Horsham on April 12. "Opportunities" are welcome. eg lunch for 2 at the Horse and Groom. Contacts are Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson), Richard Pailthorpe and John Cann at Sotheby's Pulborough
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Horsham Shop Re-erection Under Way / The Horsham Shop timbers have been repaired by Peter and Martin McCurdy. and re-erection is imminent. So far
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Education Programme / On February 14 there will be a reception for teachers to introduce them to the wealth of material available here. On March 13 there will be a seminar for teachers with speakers Chris Zeuner and Kim Leslie.
Elizabeth Newbery's new teachers' sheets will be available in a teachers' pack.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Charcoal Producing Operation / This is now back at the Charcoal Burners' Camp, having spent several useful months in the woods near Hooksway. A large order has been received from Robert Dyas, the ironmongers, and Gary Browning will be burning hard over the next few months to meet this.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985REMINDERS / 7.1.84 Friends Committee
9.1.84 Stewards Session 10.30 Crawley Hall
28.1.84 G.P.C. 10.00 Crawley Hall
30.1.84 Sites & Buildings Committee. 10.00. Crawley Hall

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