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1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Making the museum more accessible to disabled visitors. / A range of improvements to the museum site and buildings to make them more accessible to disabled people is to be introduced this year.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Whittaker's Cottages / Whittakers Cottages will be complete this year. Paul Price is photoed sawing an over-hanging peg.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Attracting European funding. / The Museum and its European partners, Thermo Lignum UK, Thermo Lignum Maschinen-Vertribs in Germany and FTD-Entwicklungs und Service in Austria received 20 698 Ecu between them for the environmentlly-friendly technique of eradicating pests from Whittakers Cottages. The Museum is taking part in another European funding under the European Training Foundation's Tempus programme, by offering, in partnership with Chichester Institute for Higher Education, opportunities for 19 students and staff from Cluj Napoca in Romania to study leisure and tourism management.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Buildings alive! / Whittakers Cottages and Lavant will be "wired up" to monitor the effects due to changes in the environment. This is a collaborative project with Bournemouth University. Carnegie UK Trust have contributed
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Milestone year for the Museum as it celebrates 30 years / Chris Zeuner reports that in 1967 Edward James offered to site Roy Armstrong's museum; the bank account opened with
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Alick Deadman and John Verrier / Alick Deaman and Jon Verrier, a familiar horse plough team, have both died.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997New to the team
Staff goodbyes / Carolyn Darling is Visitor Services Manager (Retail), Charles Hinde is Book-keeper in place pf Gill Clifton and Julie Massey is Curator in place of Bob Powell
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Building Conservation Master Classes / The English Heritage Master Class is now run by West Dean College and the Museum. The courses will be residential.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Whittaker's Cottages show what they're made of. / One of Whittakers Cottages is furnished as it would have been in 1880s. Joy Huning and Wilm Huning have completed the interior, and Julie Massey is working on furnishings. Outside exhibits show how the site was prepared etc. The Carnegie Trust has supplied some funding. 5 photos including Richard Harris, Michael garston, David Tomlinson and children
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997News in brief / Julie Massey is gathering furnishings for Whittakers. Jon Roberts, Brian Weekes and Peter Hawes are helping the Education Service provide courses for very bright children. The Museum was given the contents of D. J. Bayley's builder's yard. The Museum celebrated the 250th anniversary of the first women's cricket match. Sue Shave wants volunteers to help with her enlarged science workshop.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Every month a new challenge / A set of photos: Rosie has had a foal: Blair. The office has installed the computerised Vista bookings system, run by Karen Searle and Pat Melhuish. Students and staff from Cluj-Napoca, Romania came on an exchange EU Tempus programme. Cbildren's Activity Weekend involving Alfie Pilcher and John Herniman. Rare Breeds run by John Bushrod; Sylvia Stone meets the beef interbreed champion owned by C. E. and W. S. Milson. David Overton, owner of a champion pig and David Tomlinson. Bob Holman with pumpkins for Hallowe'en!
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Two lottery awards for Museum projects / The Museum succeeded in both of its lottery requests:
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Supporting the Weald and Downland Museum / Supporters in 1997 include: for Boarhunt thatch, Friends of the Museum; for events, West Sussex Gazette, D. Cover & Sons, Whitbread Charitable Trust; for Walderton garden, Enesco (Lilliput Lane); for Education, West Sussex County Council; for a Sussex Waggon, Maurice Pinto; Candle-making, Brian Weeks; Horseshoe Fund, John Herniman; Court Barn Fund, Richard Murdoch; Legacies, Wilhelmina Minet, Virginia Lyon.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Lectures and Courses / 11 courses: with leaders, Henry Russell, Gerard Lynch, David Woodbridge, Tim Tatton-Brown, Bernard Worssam, Ane Bone, David Bone, Brian Ridout, Geoffrey Mead, David Martin, Chris Hare, Eizabeth Doff, Gwen Jones. 3 talks by Ruth Tittensor, John Vigar, Christpoher Passmore. Heavy Horse Experience days led by Rob Dash, Peter Albon, Chris Zeuner. Charcoal Burning with Alan Waters.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Volunteeers needed! / A call for more volunteers
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Legacies offer opportunities / An appeal for legacies.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997First Out of the Wood Show, / The first Out of the Wood Show was organised by Carol Brinson and sponsored by D. Cover and Sons in association with Traditional Woodworking Magazine Pictures include Roger Champion, and Jack Hill.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Reigate fireplaces reveal 17th century painting. / Deborah Carthy and Elizabeth Anderson uncovered some 17th century paintings when restoring the Reigate stone fireplaces.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Christmas shopping and tree dressing / An advertisement for the shop at Christmas, and the Tree Dressing.
1997/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 19 / November 1997Winter Diary / The winter diary is: half term opening 21-31 Oct; Tree dressing 7th Dec; Carols 15th Dec; 26th Dec- 4th Jan Opening; 16-21st Feb, Half term opening.
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