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1991/6Bulletin / June 1991EDUCATION / A two day visit was arranged in April for Ventnor Middle School from the Isle of Wight.

A pot of potage soup, made from vegetables and herbs, was prepared in the traditional manner over the fire on the Junior Friends' campsite.

The school experienced the full range of facilities offered by the Museum. There was consultation with a school visit; resource sheets and tests produced by the museum; short explanations from museum staff relating to building construction; the animals; processes such as the manufacture of flour and wood products. To conclude, the school presented a musical entertainment using Titchfield Market Hall and attempted to eat their potage soup.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991JUNIOR FRIENDS / The Junior Friends gathering on the third Saturday of each month has got off to a good start. The children have been involved in a variety of problem solving exercises including building walls and making scarecrows.

This year's SUMMER WEEK will take place between Saturday 27th July and Thursday 1st August.

On the Saturday our intention is to meet in Chichester for an introductory afternoon on the theme of MARKETS. If we can get permission we shall have some sheep in a hurdle pen on view in either East Street or the Market area. We shall be linking with staff of Chichester District Museum who will explain their current Market exhibition.

From the Sunday to Thursday at Singleton the children will be helped to manufacture goods for sale at their market to be held in the Museum Square.

Several staff have already offered to help. Geoff King may be asking you in the future.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991FROM THE COLLECTIONS / The last six weeks or so have seen few new acquisitions added to the Museum's collections. This is perhaps as well as in between the Brick Exhibition and Heavy Horse Event preparation, documentation on earlier large donations has been continuing slowly! Once again the emphasis of the new items has been on rural life items, not because they have been sought out, but been offered.

A fine collection of dairying items was accepted from Mr Churches of Little Hambrook Farm. This included a crate of the old widenecked milk bottles, plus a tube of the original cardboard tops. With this donation also came a variety of milk retail measures, milk sampling measures and wooden grain measures which compliment the standard measures recently accepted on loan by the Museum.

Continuing a tenuous cattle link, we also collected a slaughter house winch from a demolished building in Havant. This was used to haul carcases up for butchering. The winch, which is manual, was made in London and las \\
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991VISITOR NUMBERS / Numbers have encouragingly maintained their early season momentum. At the end of May we were 5,000 visitors up on the same period last year and during difficult economic times this has given us a healthy start to the first half of the season.

School bookings have, after two difficult years, returned to their mid-1980 levels and it is good to see the wallchart well marked in red, indicating maximum numbers for school children.

A group from a travel firm visited recently in order to make a video promoting the Museum to the Japanese. We may well be in for a mass influx from the East if the video is successful and this should swell the numbers even more.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991STUDENT HELPERS / We have had the benefit of several students recently who have all enjoyed their stay with us (so they say!) Chris Tod was with us for 6 weeks from St Mary's College, Twickenham. He was given a variety of exercises to undertake, including the unenviable task of dealing with telephone enquiries when Lynn and Pat became too exhausted to cope.

We currently have with us Liz Garrett who is working with Geoff King on the education side, and Caroline Mann from Chichester College who will sample a variety of jobs here at the Museum in her two weeks' work experience.

We will be welcoming Richard Trelfa (a blind student) next month for weeks' work experience. He will be working with Julian Stodd on the development of a Braille leaflet for a walk around the Museum suitable for blind people. In order to produce this we are looking for a SPONSOR - anyone with any ideas please??
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991HEAVY HORSES DAY / This was an excellent day for all concerned, with a range of demonstrations from ploughing and timber loading to skills tests. It was good to see Fuller's, Young's and Sampson's Breweries with their turn-outs, with Mr Tribe of Young's giving a most impressive display of heavy horsemanship in a very tight arena.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991SECRET PRODUCT / An eccentric happening at the Museum was the launch of a new crisp, the name of which is still secret. Sales representatives of KP Foods met here to receive their latest crisp induction and samples were eagerly tasted by the Museum staff at every available opportunity. Comments were varied!
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991MEDIEVAL LIFE SEMINAR / This was a very successful Seminar, attended by delegates from all over the country. It is anticipated that papers will be published and available towards the end of the year.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991LAUNCH OF THE SOUTHDOWN SHEEP BOOK / The South of England Show coincided with the launch of The Southdown Sheep book, written by Valerie Porter. The launch was well attended by members of the Society and press. The book retails at
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991ARDINGLY / The South of England Agricultural Society gave the Museum a covered stand in the Wildlife and Woodlands Area and asked us to put on a demonstration instead of the static exhibition we have had in the past. We had a much more extended display than before which was successful in attracting a great deal of interest. Our thanks to those who manned the stand during the Show.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991LOAN NOTES / Many thanks to those who have contributed to the loan note scheme. Particular thanks go to those who, stimulated by the loan note proposal, made substantial donations to the Museum instead.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991NEW ADDITIONS / Rosie's foal, Singleton Primrose, was born at Singleton on 30 April and is constantly admired. In addition we are able to report 2 fine heifer calves from the Sussex cattle.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991RETIREMENT OF PERCY NORTH / Percy, our Book Keeper extraordinaire, will unfortunately be retiring shortly. It has been decided to seek a replacement for him as soon as possible in order to provide a period of handover which is very necessary in such an important job.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991FUTURE EVENTS / The Moth Barbeque will soon be taking place at Sindles Farm. This has proved a very popular event and has been fully booked for some time.

A lecture on Farm Buildings of the Eastern High Weald 1450-1750 will be given by Mr D Martin in Crawley Hall on 3 July at 7.00pm. There are still a number of places available for this interesting evening and enquiries should be made to the Museum Office.

The Southern Early Music Forum will be with us from 2-5om on 7 July.

The Show for Rare and Traditional Breeds takes place on 21 July. This usually proves to be a most enjoyable day though unfortunately we shall not have pigs at the Show due to the Blue Ear Disease.

Penny Royal Theatre will be starting the Summer Season at the Museum on 23 July, with performances daily (except Mondays) until the end of August. The Box Office at Hammick's Bookshop, East Street, Chichester, will be open for bookings from 1 July.

July 27 sees the Morris Dancers at the Museum at 2.30 pm.

Daily demonstrat \\
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991OPENING OF THE BRICK EXHIBITION / A successful opening took place in May, well attended by Redland Bricks/Seaward Homes/Museum personnel and guests. Fortunately the sun shone down on the righteous but has scarcely been seen since! The demonstration of brick making put on by Redland Bricks added extra interest to the day and was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.
1991/6Bulletin / June 1991SHEEP DOG TRIALS / This year's Novice Trials were once again a successful and enjoyable event with 3,500 visitors enjoying some good trialing. Thirty dogs were entered in the 2 classes and the Karova Farms Challenge Cup was won by Colin Lutman from Easthampnett.

One of the highlights of the day for the public was watching Judge Eamon Lawless give a demonstration of rounding up geese with his two dogs.

John Dewey once again demonstrated sheep shearing of the Museum's Romneys and Southdowns, a task he has continued to do over the last few weeks.

We are most grateful to Roger Linley, Shepherd to Karova Farms, for all his hard work in directing the course for the day our sponsors, Carringdale Motors, Deosan Animal Health Products and Goodrowes of Chichester. The West Sussex Guild of Spinners and Weavers once again spun a fleece from sheep to waistcoat and other demonstrations were given by the West Sussex Guild of Lacemakers.
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991FROM THE COLLECTIONS / With the first quarter of 1991 already past, the collections have been boosted by several donations. The most notable item, offered in 1990, but collected on 8 March, was the bathing machine from Bognor Regis.

After a photographic session for the press when Chris, Diana and Richard posed in 1920's costumes (oversized babygrows!), the machine was physically lifted by a squad of Museum staff worthies to a point where it could be hoisted over a garden wall on to John Ruffell's lorry. This was no mean feat as the 86 year old machine unexpectedly proved to be structurally unsound. It is now residing in the Museum store where the timbers are drying out before the next stage, restoring its subframe, can be carried out.

In addition to the other main acquisition, (the Imperial Standard Weights and Measures of West Sussex County Council) , the remainder of the other acquisitions have been mainly on the small side. Amongst these are an interesting but lethal sprung spike mole trap, a \\
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991ANDY'S GREEN SURVEY / During the winter, Andy Hodby conducted a green audit of the Museum. Over the next few weeks we will be considering Andy's recommendations and deliberating on them. The aim is to examine all our activities and assess (1) whether they can be conducted more efficiently and sparingly and (2) whether the materials used are environmentally friendly and if not, are there satisfactory alternatives.

Already Andy has highlighted a number of areas where simple improvements can be made and the most visible of these will be in the recycling efforts. Andy is currently constructing a special bin, specifically for aluminium drink cans, to be positioned near the caf
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991LIME SLAKING / Over one ton of lime, which was slaked before Christmas, has been used in the construction of the Sole Street building and its surrounds - which has kept Neill Wilkins busy and out of mischief this winter!

This simple but messy process involves slaking calcium oxide (burnt limestone), known as quicklime, with water. A violent chemical reaction takes place and the thick liquid formed, known as milk of lime, is sieved to rid it of any impurities and left to settle in the Museum's lime baths.

Gradually the lime putty settles at the bottom covered by water of lime on top. It is then stored in the baths until needed, improving with age. The best lime is reputed to be about six months old when it is "nice and fatty".

When slaking, great care needs to be taken not to splash the eyes or skin with the quicklime which will cause lime burns and used to be used for disposing of the bodies of hanged men. This is mentioned by Oscar Wilde in the Ballad of Reading Gaol. So far Neill has manage \\
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991COURSES / Charcoal Course: when we planned to run an introductory day's course on charcoal burning, we had no idea how popular it would prove; so much so that we had to hold a second one. Over fifty people attended the two courses, coming from as far afield as Devon, Nottinghamshire and Eire. We were fortuitously blessed with two dry mornings and Alan Waters, as in a TV cookery programme, was able to show all his kilns at the various stages, from loading to the final product.

Other courses and events to look out for are as follows:

23 April - the Ironbridge Institute is holding a course at the Museum entitled "People and Places"
26 April - the Joint Institute Seminar on "Medieval Life in Replica" takes place at the Museum.
27 April - the Friends AGM at 2 pm at West Dean
4-6 May - Guild of Sussex Craftsmen Exhibition at the Museum
6 May - Museum horse and wagon at the Portsmouth Parade
9 May - Video on "Farming between the Wars at Elsted" 7p \\
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