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2014/10Magazine / Autumn 2014Stables Tip Cart / Article on the wear and tear of the Stable Tip Cart and how it was repaired and maintained using much of the original meterial as possible.
2014/10Magazine / Autumn 2014Carpentry Tools. / The history of the family that donated a small part of a collection of carpentry tools belonging to the Newdigate resident, the late Fred Collinson. Because of the family history detailed in this article which spans 150 years in the Newdigate area, it was thought important to accept these.
2014/10Magazine / Autumn 2014Altar Frontal / The museum acquired the 'Tin chapel' from South Wonston Nr Winchester in 2006 & errected it in 2010.This year an Altar Frontal came to light from this Chapel via the current vicar of the new church at South Wonston. The piece was made by accomplished embroiderer Jean Stanway who sadly died in April this year. She made anumber of items for the new church and also Winchester Cathedral. The frontal was rescued from the old chapel in the mid 1990s once it ceased to operate and was retained by Jean until her death.
2014/10Magazine / Autumn 2014County Weights and Measures / Disposal of items from the collection. Important part of responsible collections management.Weights and Measures transferred to the West Sussex Trading Standards; bringing to a close a process which began in 2002. Included 100 brass, copper and rosewood items. These formed the standard by which all traders in Sussex had their own sets of weights and measures calibrated and checked. The country standards came to the museum as a long-term loan in 1991. This collection is more suited to a museum concerned with urban social history of Sussex and in 2010 West Sussex Trading Standards contacted the museum regarding their possible return and so they have now been transferred to their Horsham offices.
2014/10Magazine / Autumn 2014Installations / Encourage more visitors to explore our woodlands. The Collection team has put together ideas for 'installations'. Two have been constructed.First one used the felled ash tree adjacent to the path running between the Downland Gridshell and Pendean Farmhouse.This installation is called 'Trunk'. Second is called 'Roots' used the many timber beams which have been hewn during the Woodyard Week demonstration.The structures and names have partly been designed to mirror the layout of the forthcoming interpretation galleries in the new Gateway Project buildings; these will be subdivided using different section of a tree. Aim to construct at least another two installations over the coming months and include them in a woodland trail leaflet.
2014/10Magazine / Autumn 2014Farming Update / 80 large round bales of haylage provided for animals. Barley crop yielded 13 tonnes of grain and produced 24 large round bales of straw for animal bedding.Last few years become self-sufficient in bedding and winter feed.Two Tamworth pigs have spent summer months in the woodland adjoining the Woodyard and produced a litter of five. Southdown Sheep and two Dairy Shorthorn cows Gwynn and Graceful have enjoyed a good summer.A small crop of Chidham wheat and flax has been successfully grown. Tindalls hop garden also produced a good crop of green hops for Ballards Brewery. The recently seeded wildflower meadow on the northern embankment was given it's first cut at the end of July. The olympic Turf meadow has maturered well with a good show of flowers.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Make the most of the opportunity to come and visit the museum with your school! / We help with every stage of planning a visit and every group is met and welcomed by our education team to help orientate you at the beginning of your day.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014From the Director / 2014 promises to be another exciting and challenging year. Stage 2 of Heritage Lottery fund bid continues.Tindalls Cottage re-erection completed in 2013 so focus will be on Gateway Project and moving house from Sole Street and Pallingham Quay wagon shed to new sites. Also possible 18th century barn and stable from Kent later in year. Interesting project being researched is archaeological reconstruction of Saxon building to meet changes in National Curriculum. Many people enjoyed Tudor Monastery Farm filmed before Christmas in which Museum featured strongly. Museum will be offering Tudor Monastery Tours this year. Museum has become a popular filming venue over last few years. Tudor domestic life will be playing prominent role this season. In commemoration of First World War Horses at War event will be held on 7/8 June. Museum currently working to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Enjoy the venue where Tudor Monastery Farm was filmed / Museum shown on peak-time viewing throughout Autumn and New Year. Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold represented lay-folk carrying out farming, trades and crafts on monastic lands about 1500.
Guided tours take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m on 4th april, 19th May, 13th June, 8th July, 4th August, 18th August -
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014In Brief / Morris Dancing at the museum: Mythago Morris visiting more often in 2014 on 19th April, 22nd June, 7th December. Different dances for each season.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Horses at War: Remembering WW1 and WW2 / Special event to commemorate use of horses in both World Wars on 7/8 June being promoted by Imperial War Museum. Re-enactments, parades, demonstrations, featuring courage of horses in war and roles on battlefield and home front. Museum joining forces with Royal Logistic Corps Museum. Other WW1 items will be on display. Week of 206 June special programme lof activities for schools, with demonstrations running into weekend including wartime farming in South Downs. Also a Military Ancestry Road Show, visitors to bring medals, uniforms, photographs etc from family's military past, including display of advanced dressing station/hospital, food in the field rations, cookery in two World Wars with field kitchen demonstration.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014In Brief / Woodland Activity Trail: Museum has one of very few managed working coppices in West Sussex open to public. Family Activity Trail being planned giving opportunity to learn and understand how coppiced woodland worked in past and today. Will also cover wildlife including natural play features to make both informative and adventurous. Specially equipped canvas backpacks with information and equipment will be provided to make tours self-guided.
Fighting the weather: Heavy rainfall has affected many site paths, especially car parks. Hard work will rectify the damage. Sharp frosts have affected wattle and daub on exhibit buildings and work to restore will be carried out this spring. Currently awaiting response to grant application for repair and conservation work to exhibits, including Titchfield Market Hall.
Growing our crops: Wheat and barley crops sown, but taking time to germinate due to weather, pheasants and crows. Flax and Chidham wheat now being grown in smaller plots at Tindalls Cottage. H \\
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Best of Facebook / Visiting the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum is like stepping back in time, waaay back. Their curators and staff and volunteers are a fabulous group who are keen to education visitors about our rich history. It rocks!
One of the best places locally for a family day out. There is always so much to see and do
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Historic Gardens Weekend - 4-6 July / Museum's six gardens representing five centuries of gardening will be open for weekend of 4-6 July to give enthusiasts opportunity to learn more. Guilded tours, talks and demonstrations.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Two conferences celebrate 50th anniversaries / Two specialist conferences being run this year. Wealden Buildings Study Group celebrating 50 years of historic buildings research work on 29th March. 30th September celebrates anniversary of History of Woodworking Tools: 50th anniversary of W L Goodman's seminal book focusing on work of Bill Goodman, originator of the Tools and Trades History Society (TATHS).
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Major funding announced for Gateway Project / DCMS (Department for culture, Media and Sport)/Wolfson Museum Improvement fund supporting museum's project with grant of
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014From the chairman / Stage 2 of Heritage Lottery Fund detailed final proposal to be submitted in June for final decision in September. All going well construction contracts could be issued before end of year. Best location for visitor centre has been under discussion with landlords, Edward James Foundation. Already appointed: Project Managers; Architects & Quantity Surveyors; Interpretation specialists; fundraising professionals. Plans will be exhibited as they progress. 2014 promises to be exciting with strong but positive winds of change in the air.
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Who runs the museum? Part II / Profiles of Museum trustees:
Lady Elizabeth Benson
Debbie Chiverton
Michael Burton
Nigel Clutton
Simon Knight
Jennie Peel
David Streeter
David Tomlinson
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Colour in Historic Homes
2014/3Magazine / Spring 2014Vintage & Steam - 16-17 August / Reflecting how steam power used for agricultural work and for fairground rides powered by Showmen's engines. Traction engines, rollers, wagons, ploughing and portable engines plus miniature engines, model displays, miniature railway, vintage & commercial vehicles, traditional fair, vintage music, local crafts and demonstrations.
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