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1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Thatch Repairs / Repairs to the thatch of several buildings will take place this year; particular in need is Littlehampton Granary
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986MUSEUM PUBLICITY CARAVAN / The interior of the caravan has been re-designed by Susan England. It is now in production.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986LEAFLET EXCHANGE HELD AT THE WILDFOWL TRUST, ARUNDEL / Richard Pailthorpe was one of the organisers of the annual Chichester Visitor's Group and Tourism in Arun Group's Leaflet Exchange. It was opened by Lord Young, Minister of Employment and was supported by a large number of local attractions, hoteliers and others involved with local tourism.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986FUND RAISING EVENTS / A morning with Katie Stewart in the dining room at Bishop Otter College, College Lane, Chichester on Thursday April 10th. Coffee and biscuits will be served at 10.30am and a Cookery Demonstration will commence at 11am. Please persuade your friends to buy a ticket.

Why not join in and sponsor the RMP march on August 10th. Details will be sent out with the Newsletter.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986ANDREW HODBY / Has been appointed site foreman in additional to his duties as caretaker. He takes up his new duty on the 1st March.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986REIGATE PAINTINGS / The work has now been completed on the painted timbers and the plaster panels have been taken to Richmond for re-mounting. The timber frame will be transported to Peter McCurdy's workshop during the first week of March.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986PIGS / Two more piglets will be taking up residence in the sty from the middle of March. They will be Gloucester Old Spots and have come from a farm in Rogate.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986MUSEUM FLOUR / A local baker has started to bake bread using flour ground in the Museum Mill. The oven is a wood fired one and produces a very tasty loaf. From Easter onwards the bread will be on sale at the Museum.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986TALKS AND LECTURES / Unfortunately the talk given by Martin Caroe, "The Restoration of the West Front of Wells Cathedral" was not supported as well as we would have liked. A pity after asking such an eminent person to come and speak.

The talk on the River Lavant is fully booked. Please do not turn up on the night without a ticket.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986DATES / Joan Harding: "The Restless House: a study of March 3rd 7.30pm
Farmhouses and Cottages in Surrey"
Site and Buildings Committee March 17th 10.00am
Executive Board March 24th 9.00am
Friends Committee March 25th 2.30pm
Main season starts March 26th
Katie Stewart: "Cookery Demonstration" April 10th 10.00am
Plumbers Liaison Committee \\
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986TOOTHPASTE / MacCleans are running a promotion called Daybreak. Each packet of MacCleans Mild Mint "Provides unbeatable decay prevention with flouride", and will also provide you with a Daybreak ticket for various Museums including ours. In a similar event, children reading Nat. Westminster Bank's Junior progaganda (sic) "Piggy Press" can also acquire a special voucher.

The Ty-Phoo promotion continues.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986EASTER LAMBS / Over the Easter Weekend we will have a small lambing fold adjoining the Shepherds hut. Mr Humphrey will be bringing some of his Southdown lambs.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986AMSTRAD PERSONAL COMPUTER / An Amstrad PCW has been installed in the Museum Office. When we have mastered its abilities it will be a great help in office administration.
1986/2Bulletin / February 1986LAVATORY AND SEWERS / This project has been delayed due to the bad weather.
1986/12SBC Minutes / 17 December 1986Director's Report / The Director explained that his report had been presented to the Friends at their AGM. Their principal concerns related to the location of the entrance facilities and shop. It had been agreed that a site higher up the site than the Toll Cottage area was essential to ensure efficient use of the car parks. Since that meeting a suggestion had been put forward that Hambrook Barn should be used as the entrance point and shop. Thus suggestion seemed to provide an answer for the foreseeable future. Professional advice would be sought regarding the layout of the interior. Richard Harris assured those present that no alteration would be made to the structure of the barn. Mr Armstrong was concerned that the building would be draughty and cold for those working there, but the Director recommended that glass doors were introduced either side of the building. Mr Armstrong was also concerned that once admitted through Hambrook Barn, and with the Toll Gate closed off, visitors would be unable \\
1986/12SBC Minutes / 17 December 1986Scadbury Manor - update / The Director explained the difficulties encountered with regard to listed building approval to demolish. The Museum was unwilling to become involved in this, and nothing further had been heard.
1986/12SBC Minutes / 17 December 1986Bayleaf Farm Complex - update / The NFU Exhibition was progressing, with the building now in store, and foundations for that building and Cowfold Barn would be completed in March. The launch of the project would be held in May with ICI hosting a function at which they would present a cheque to the Museum. Roger Champion would be working on the repair of Cowfold barn timbers, and the frame would be re-erected in August next year. Final details of the garden would be decided shortly. The Executive Board had agreed the employment of two temporary specialist researchers for this project.
1986/12SBC Minutes / 17 December 1986Redvins/Bayleaf / The Director reported that Redvins had been dismantled and brought to the site. Planning application for the Bayleaf Project had been submitted.
1986/12SBC Minutes / 17 December 1986Winkhurst Farm / Richard Harris and Roger Champion had taken the opportunity to re-examine the interpretation of this building. Richard Harris referred to the report he had produced, and which had been circulated previously to the Committee, and discussion on the interpretation of the building followed. Following the suggestion that the building should be moved from its present site, the Director felt that the only alternative was into the Bayleaf area, but this would detract from the feeling of isolation in that part of the site. John Warren felt that the building should remain in its present situation. AGREED that one or two bays should be cut into the hill to the south of the building, and this should house a full interpretation of the history of Winkhurst. AGREED that Richard Harris should pursue his investigations into this building and further proposals be brought to the next meeting.
1986/10Magazine Vol. 2 No. 27 / October 1986Lbrary Scheme / The Manpower Services Commission Scheme cataloguing the Armstrong slides has been renewed with Paul Crouch taking the place of Louise Jaggard. Two part time posts have been added working under Elizabeth Newbery.
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