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1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Visit to Chalk Pits Musuem / The Chalk Pits Museum at Amberley is inviting our Friends to visit it in June. Contact Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson)
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Diary of Events / The main events are Easter- Special Demonstrations and Activities; Guild of Sussex Craftsmen Exhibition; Novice Sheepdog Trials; Heavy Horses; Goodwood Evening Race Meeting; Building Conservation Exhibition; Rare Breeds; Steam Ploughing and Threshing Activities
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 19901989 - Best Ever Year for Visitors / 1989 was the best ever year for visitors with 23,000 more than 1988. Several rasons are adduced: the British Food and Farming Year; the opening of Bayleaf Farmstead and the History of Farming Exhibition; the Traditional Food Fair; Food and Farming Fortnight, sponsored by F. Wilkin, with Katie Stewart presenting the prizes; Patrick Garland's production of "The Greenwood Tree"; the Wool to Shawl Day, with John Dewey and Roger Lindley shearing and Michelle Green spinning; Heavy Horses; Rare Breeds; and the Autumn Activities weekend.
1990/3SBC Minutes / 1 March 1990The Committee - minutes of the meeting held on 14 December 1989 / Mr Warren pointed out that the purpose of the Sites & Buildings Committee was to act as a body providing a consensus of opinion to the Museum on various technical matters from experts. He had received a letter from Mr Zeuner suggesting that the purpose of the Committee was to advise the Director. He had hoped that his remarks on this point would have been noted in the minutes. Mr Zeuner pointed out that that was Mr Warren's personal point of view, and this was at variance with the minute of the first meeting of the Trustees. Mr Armstrong pointed out that it was unlikely that a group of specialists would always arrive at a consensus opinion. Mr Warren disagreed with this. The Museum Director forcibly expressed his irritation that so much time was being spent on discussion of minutes when there was so much work to do, and when material had been specifically prepared for the meeting requiring discussion. In protest at this continuing was \\
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990WARDENING / Unfortunately the new Assistant Warden has been unable to take up the post. We will therefore be managing during the summer with the existing team of wardens with assistance from Ray Finucane. Ray and his wife, Dicky, are well known to most of you and they have been regular helpers in the Mill over the last few years.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990DATES FOR THE DIARY / May 12th Dawn Chorus Walk - now fully booked
" 13th National Mills Day
" " Vann and Oakhurst Cottage opening
" 22nd Executive Board Meeting - 9.30 a.m.
" 26th "17th Century Cookery" Lecture - now fully booked
" 28th Sheep Dog Trials
June 7/9th South of England Show
" 10th Heavy Horses at Singleton
" 15th Evening Race Meeting at Goodwood with the "Weald & Downland Museum Stakes"
" 19th Trustees' AGM - 6.30 p.m.
" 22nd "Downland Shepherds" lecture by Richard Pailthorpe - now fully booked
" 26th Executive Board Meeting and AGM of Singleton Museum Services - 9.30 a.m.
June 29th/
July 1st Building Conservation Exhibition
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990RICHARD PAILTHORPE / The Executive Board has redesignated Richard Pailthorpe's post as Assistant Director (Visitor Services).

Richard's responsibilities remain largely the same, but the redesignation is intended to clarify the nature of his post.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990NATIONAL MILLS DAY - MAY 13th / We are celebrating this probably rather differently from other Mills in the country - we are offering, to all visiting dogs, a doggy biscuit, made from Lurgashall Mil Flour! The reason for this is that National Mills Day gives us the opportunity to launch Neill Wilkins' second cookery booklet, and doggy biscuits feature in it. There will be a photo call at 11.00 a.m. So please bring your dog to the Museum on Sunday May 13th and give him a really good day out!
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990BANK HOLIDAY EXHIBITION / The Sussex Guild of Craftsmen were here from May 5/7. About 15 members of the Guild exhibited, including our tenants from Charlton, Jon and Val Hill, who make beautiful jewellery.

Visitor numbers over the Holiday amounted to 5,600 which was a very good total, and the best we have had over this particular weekend for a number of years.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990ASSISTING THE MUSEUM OF LONDON / Alan Waters has been helping to make an arbour for roses in the Museum of London's new courtyard exhibition on The History of Gardening in London.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990TIME MACHINE TOUR / We have now installed the "Time Machine Tour" in Bayleaf which should considerably enhance visitors' appreciation of the complex.

This is a "taped tour" of the building, garden and farmstead, lasting about 25 minutes. The lightweight machine is collected by visitors from Bayleaf, and is extremely easy to use.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990PETERSFIELD BRICK DRYING SHED / Paul Russell and John Winterbottom are now tiling the roof, and the project is running both to time and to budget!

The Brick Exhibition has been written by Richard Harris, and he is working with Redland Bricks on the design, in particular the reconstructed brickwork which will illustrate different styles and periods.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990LAMBING / The Southdown lambing has gone well and is now completed. The Romneys have just started, and the lambs provide an added attraction to the site.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990VISIT TO VANN / Mr Martin Caroe - a Trustee of the Museum - has kindly agreed to open his house and garden to the Friends on May 13th. A good response has been received, both to visit Vann and Oakhurst, a National Trust cottage nearby.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990HANGLETON / The garden is progressing nicely, and the resident Tamworth/Berkshire pig is settling in well, despite some initial difficulties.
1990/5Bulletin / April/May 1990WINTER OPENING / Winter opening has achieved just under 8,000 visitors. Other than last year when we opened in the middle of March, this has been the best. However, Easter was particularly disappointing with poor weather, and our overall attendance of about 4,500 was well down.
1990/6Bulletin / June 1990ADDITIONS TO OUR ARTIFACT COLLECTIONS / The Museum has acquired the contents of a cottage in East Dean belonging to the late Mr Dick Wilson. The contents of this cottage provide the Museum with a fine opportunity to furnish a 19th century house in the future. One possibility might be the furnishing of one of the cottages from Ashtead. The collection includes small items as well as furniture, but one of the most interesting parts of this collection is the game larder. This is a small building that stood behind the house which was occupied by a gamekeeper. It was used for temporary storage of pheasants and other game after a day's shooting in Charlton Forest. It is currently standing in the car park but will be moved to store shortly.
1990/6Bulletin / June 1990(none) / Since the last Bulletin two major events have taken place at the Museum - the Building Conservation Exhibition and the Rare Breeds Show.

The Building Conservation Exhibition was very successful in attracting people interested in the care of historic buildings. Exhibitors reported that the serious interest expressed by visitors was very satisfactory. The Exhibition was opened by the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, a Vice-President of the Museum.

The Rare Breeds Show was also a successful occasion - more entries than ever were received, but on the day there were a number of withdrawals because of the heat. Attendance was almost up to last year's standards at 4,500. Show Founder, Jean Crozier, announced just before the Show that this would be her last on the organising Committee. The Museum is extremely grateful to Jean for all her efforts. Thanks to Andrew Hodby for organising and supervising the task of setting up and dismantling the Show. 1000 hurdles have to be moved - a considerable ta \\
1990/6Bulletin / June 1990EVENTS / DAWN CHORUS WALK - this was enjoyed by all those who participated, although the weather was not up to the standard of the previous two years. However, this did not deter the birds and they put on their best twitters for the occasion! Thanks to Bob Holman and his assistant from Kingley Vale for leading the Twitchers!

OPEN DAY AT VANN - Trustee Martin Caroe and his wife most generously opened their house and garden to Friends of the Museum on Sunday 13th May. This proved a great success and
1990/6Bulletin / June 1990SOLE STREET / Work has started on the repair of timbers of Sole Street aisled hall. Roger Champion is undertaking the work and we hope to start site work for the re-erection of this building in November.
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