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1986/10Magazine Vol. 2 No. 27 / October 1986Picture / A picture of Heather Champion, Michael Horne and Dick Tutton drumming bees
1986/10Magazine Vol. 2 No. 27 / October 1986Development Fund Appeal 1984-1994 / Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) explains the ten year plan for the development Fund Appeal, which is aiming to raise
1986/10Magazine Vol. 2 No. 27 / October 1986Museum Finances / Chris Zeuner divides the financial affairs into separate areas. the Friends contribute considerable sums each year, Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) spends much time with Richard Pailthorpe and Chris on fund raising schemes. The Museum, which is a charity, raises most of its money from entrance fees, but the shop contributes a substantial amount. Jimmy Woollings gives a detailed picture of income and expenses in pie charts. Individual exhibits are funded by the development fund, because new work is only done when there is sufficient funding. The expenditure in "the period in question" was
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986GUIDES FOR SCHOOL PARTIES / As part of the joint education service between the Museum and Goodwood, guides for school parties will be provided this year. This facility will be booked in advance by schools. Any steward interested in taking part in the scheme (Museum only) please contact the Museum Director. Special training days will be organised for the guides.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986NEW BOUNDARY / The Trustees of the Edward James Foundation have generously agreed to substantial changes to the Museum boundary. Nearly 20 acres is to be added to the site. A plan showing the additional acres is attached.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986LAVATORY AND SEWERS / John Booker will return to complete the sewer and lavatory, at the beginning of February. The new lavatory will be ready for use by the beginning of the season.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986WEST ASHLING GRANARY / The Granary from West Ashling has been transported to the Museum and now awaits placing on its staddles. Roofing and other repairs will be done by volunteers.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986REIGATE PAINTINGS / Ann Ballantyne and her helpers are working on the painted timbers and the plaster panels. Some of the work is being done at Ann's house Richmond, remainder in the Museum workshop.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986REIGATE / It has been agreed that the timber frame of the Reigate building will be repaired during this year. The work will be undertaken by Peter McCurdy and we hope it will be re-erected by the end of the Summer.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986GRANTS / The following major grants have been gratefully received.

Monument Trust
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986KEN NEWBURY - Talk on The River Lavant / Ken Newbury, a member of the Friends will be giving his very popular talk on the River Lavant in Crawley Hall on Friday, March 7th at 7.30pm. Admission is by ticket only. Price
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986NEW EXHIBITION 1986 / The western half of Hambrook Barn exhibition is being altered by the addition of parts of the travelling exhibition designed by Richard Harris. The change will add interest in this part of the building, in particular for regular visitors. The Fittleworth panels have been moved to the lobby of Crawley Hall. Interpretive panels are in preparation for the Horsham Shop and North Cray.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986NEW LEAFLET / A new publicity leaflet designed by Bruce Williams is now available, a copy is attached.
1986/1SBC Minutes / 20 January 1986Reigate Re-construction / The Director reported that following a meeting with Taylor Woodrow the previous week it was hoped that this Company would provide a workforce to complete the modern works to the building. This could include the building of the semi-basement. The Executive Board had agreed to the expenditure of
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986MUSEUM VAN / A new van for the use of the caretaker is being purchased. After much consideration, it has been decided not to purchase second-hand vehicles which give trouble and cost a considerable amount in maintenance. By purchasing a new one we will reduce fuel consumption and better reliability will give savings in costs.
1986/1Bulletin / January 1986VISITOR NUMBERS / The final total of visitor numbers was 175,020. This represents a 2% drop on the 1984 total. However, when one reflects on the extremely wet Summer and poor start to the season due to the early and wet Easter. This is a very encouraging final total.
1986/1SBC Minutes / 20 January 1986Television mast / Mr Heymann reported that planning consent had been granted for the provision of a television mast on the lower slopes of Chilsdown in order to improve reception throughout the Valley. This would be 17m high. Although it would be very obtrusive it would be visible from the Museum site.
1986/1SBC Minutes / 20 January 1986Market Square / (Arising from the discussion at the meeting on 22 November 1985 "Siting of Plumber's Shop from Newick") Mr Zeuner wished to point out that although he would support the siting of buildings in the future on the south side of the Market Square, he would not wish to see buildings of the quality of those in the Builders' Yard in that position.
1986/1SBC Minutes / 20 January 1986Watersfield Stable / The Director proposed that this building should be used as a stable, as water, electricity and access were now all available. AGREED the chaff cutter should be moved for this purpose. Discussion ensued on the division of the building to provide stalls.
1986/1SBC Minutes / 20 January 1986Proposals for Bayleaf Area / The Director reported that a meeting had taken place with Sylvia Landsberg regarding proposals for Bayleaf, and Richard Harris and the Director had also had consultation with a designer, Ivor Heal, who would assist with the exhibition of farming and farm buildings. Richard Harris felt that it was now necessary finally to agree the siting of Cowfold Barn and the new exhibition building. He explained that the exhibition was intended to describe the development of agriculture in the broadest possible terms through the medium of agricultural history. The building recommended to house the exhibition should be 70' long, containing five broad themes or landmarks in the history of farming. The Director explained that the building could either comprise a 19thC cattle shed or a totally new structure. He felt that a new structure was preferable, but both aspects were being costed. Mr Armstrong considered that a cattle shed would be too narrow, and Richard Harris explained that he had \\
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