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1975/10Members' Magazine No. 6 / Autumn 1975Illustration / A picture of the the Illustrated London News's and National Heritage's trophy for the year, which the Museum won: Henry Moore's "Moonhead".
1975/10Members' Magazine No. 6 / Autumn 1975Friends of the Museum / John Lowe reports on the year. The Museum earned the Illustrated London News and National Heritage "Museum of the Year Award" for Hambrook Barn and the Introductory display.
The Friends made 2 gifts to the Museum:
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Crawley Hall / Mr Zeuner reported that grants totalling around
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Pendean / The main frame is erected. The original outshot has been incorporated although it was not included in the planning permission.
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Museum at Auckland, New Zealand (and conference of European OAMs) / The Chairman was aware of a recent visit by Col Jefferis to a relevant museum in New Zealand. He described the museum of transport and technology which has been created over the past ten years on the site of a disused waterworks at Auckland. The site seems cramped for the wide variety of specimens ranging from wartime aircraft to a London bus. The arrangement of exhibits is interesting in that at each stage one has the sense of being enclosed with items illustrating one theme, and then led on to explore further subjects around the next corner. There is no attempt to group artefacts according to their period. In connection with the theme of open air museums, the Director reported that it is intended that the 1978 conference of European Open Air Museums should be held in the UK. St Fagans is likely to be the base, but a visit to the Weald and Downland Museum is proposed.
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Watersfield Stable / Some of the uncertainties were resolved during dismantling (as explained in subsequent memorandum circulated to members of this Committee). Its original purpose of a stable or byre makes it a suitable structure for inclusion in the wheelwright's complex. Miss Harding suggested it is not a good quality building, but on consideration it was decided that this was not a disadvantage in representing the sort of conversion that was common in wheelwrights' premises. AGREED that planning approval should be sought for the erection of this building on the site formerly earmarked.
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Possible Acquisition - Little Manor, Cranleigh / Miss Harding provided a detailed description of this three-bay medieval hall-house, with inserted smoke-bay and later chimney. It is RECOMMENDED that, at this juncture, the Museum should use its best endeavours to assist current local efforts to secure preservation in situ, and that if this seems unlikely to succeed, Mr Champion should inspect the building to report on the completeness and condition of the timbers.
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Bayleaf - treatment of earth floors / It is recommended that the floors should be impregnated with dilute P.V.A. in one to ten solution.
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Langrish Dovecote / Mrs Hallam reported that unofficial approaches to Hampshire authorities have suggested that they are unlikely to take positive action to save the building. AGREED that should all else fail, the Museum would consider it necessary to accept the dovecote, and that it could be suitably sited at the museum. A direct approach should now be made to Hampshire County Council on the question of preservation. Mr Zeuner was asked to report on methods and estimated costs of removal, should this become necessary.
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Forestry Policy / Mr Heymann clarified the Estate's position on tree felling and planting. The timber on the Estate is 'dedicated woodland' in Forestry Commission terms. The first consideration is its amenity value and commercial considerations are a secondary matter. The ash trees referred to in Minute 5c are being felled because of their age and condition. The Estate is very conscious of the need to plan woodland operations, and would welcome an early opportunity to discuss policy. Mr Zeuner reported that the immediate impact of the felling of the ash was less than had been feared. Some opening of the woodland around Winkhurst might be considered an improvement. However, the loss of the trees from the car park is regrettable. The changes which have resulted from the recent gales and subsequent felling do emphasise the need for long-term planning, ideally for all woodland within sight of the Museum but as a minimum for that which is on or abutting the museum land. A matter of particular concern to \\
1975/1SBC Minutes / 26 January 1975Titchfield Market Hall - treatment of window / Mr Champion described his proposals for an immediate solution which could, if required, be quite simply replaced in the future. AGREED that a box-frame window with leaded lights should be attached to the framing timbers (by screwing or spiking on), with a projection of 5 or 6 inches from the wall. The dilemma about appropriate window treatment might be illustrated by a small display in the upper room of the hall.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Watersfield Stable and Selsey Wagon Shed / These AGREED to be suitable buildings for use in conjunction with the wheelwright's shed. Together with a third building not yet decided, these would be grouped around a courtyard beyond the forge; the stable at the apex (furthest to the west), the wagon shed to the south, and the third building to serve as a wheelwright's shop to the north. Mr Warren undertook to deal with the planning applications for these proposals.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Re-erection programme, 1974/5 / AGREED as an overall plan, subject to adjustment to meet emergencies: i) Pendean - to be financed from general funds ii) Crawley building - as an addition towards completion of the village group iii) Little Winkhurst, if it is eventually decided that the building would serve as a suitable accommodation for a library and research room. Work on Lurgashall Mill to proceed simultaneously with the above, since it would be financed from special funds and would, at least in the early stages, make use of the different skills amongst the Museum staff. Mr Rigold strongly recommended that the examples of rare buildings which the Museum has in store (such as the Sole Street aisled hall, the Boarhunt cruck building and the Horsham shop) should not be repeatedly deferred because of the greater problems which their re-erection may pose. The possibility that the upper floor of the Crawley building might serve as a library will be investigated.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Lurgashall Mill / There may be a problem in securing the dam at Lurgashall against failure when the Mill is withdrawn. Reports have been received or requested from a consultant civil engineer and from the River Authority. Mr Lowe reminded the Committee that the Minet Trust had promised
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974External display of specimen trusses, etc. / There was general agreement that a certain number of these might be mounted on the fringes of the car park. Anything of rarity value should be protected from the weather.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Mill Pond / The precise area and shape are to be discussed by Messrs Warren, Armstrong and Zeuner during the next few days and reported to the next meeting.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Fencing / Mr Zeuner reported the damage to the roadside fence and proposed that the replacement should be of the type used by West Dean Estate - i.e. vertical close paling in larch. AGREED.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Car park extension / All the earth-moving is complete and surfacing is about to start. The extension will provide for a further 125 cars. Because the coverage at the site was mainly of scrub, it has not, unfortunately, been possible to save as many large trees as in the original car park area. Planting will be undertaken in the autumn. A boundary fence will be erected by the Estate.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Potters new worksite / Planning approval has been sought. Foundations are complete and the structure is progressing, with the aim of opening in 1975.
1974/3SBC Minutes / 16 March 1974Forge Cottage, Charlwood / The building is not in a sufficiently complete condition to warrant acquisition by the Museum, but it was AGREED that the County Council should be urged to secure its preservation as a dwelling. The limitations of its site might be overcome if it could be used as a home by one of the garage employees. It is known that one would be interested in such a possibility.
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