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2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Diane Walker / Diane Walker, our Education Officer from June 2000, left in August to enrol at Greenwich University for a course on Heritage Management. She was very interested in visitors with disablement. The Special Educational Needs project run with Barclays Bank.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Sharing ideas with European Open Air Museums. / Richard Harris reports that the Association of European Open Air Museums, which meets every 2 years, met this year in Glasgow. Working sessions dealt with Multiculturalism and Education or Entertainment. Visits were to Beamish, Fort George, Highland Folk Museum at Kingussie and Newtownmore (where Bob Powell is now Director), and Museum of Scottish Country life at East Kilbride.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003New faces / Cathy Clark has joined the staff as part-time Marketing Officer.
Rebecca Osborne has started work as part-time assistant to Diana Rowsell, Course Development Officer.
Julia Bunker is a cleaner who had the same job before the birth of her daughter.
Carol Brinson is working as part-time Events Organiser
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Historic Buildings reveal their secrets in special winter tours / Richard Harris is running special guided tours "Under the Surface" every Wednesday throughout the winter
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Visitors 2003 / Report by Gail Kittle on the visitor numbers so far' which are 10-15% ahead of last year The percentage of visitors who are classed as adults has increased over 2002. The breadth of appeal to all ages is our great strength.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003The Downland Gridshell at work / Short note by Guy Viney, the Gridshell Manager. The Gridshell is now the principal workshop of Joe Thomson, the Museum's resident timber framer. Other uses are for repairing large items from our collection, training courses, gatherings of the Museum Community, a summer ball and West Sussex County Council's launch of its "Cultural Strategy".
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Discovering the Museum's smaller artefacts / Richard Harris reports on the Museum's smaller artefacts. Access to the new storage space in Gridshell allows guided parties to see our smaller artefacts. The collection now numbers around 10,000 items. People in charge included in turn Heather Champion, Bob Powell, Julie Massey, Mike Wall and Julian Bell
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003News in Brief / The barn owls resident in Court Barn have brought up a brood every year for the last 3 This year 4 owlets were bred. They were ringed by Graham Roberts.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Friends' News / The Friends' 2004 Spring Tour on April 23-28 will be to Norwich, Somerleyton Hall, the Otter Trust, "Roots of Norfolk" at Gressinghall, Lavenham.
Roger Champion elected to Honorary Membership.
Lisa Neville is Membership Secretary, Maurice Pollock Treasurer and Jean Piggott Secretary.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Organising the Museum's new Collections Store / Julian Bell, the Museum Curator on the new storage space in Gridshell. The artefacts are stored in subject groups, eg carpentry, blacksmithing, dairying & building parts.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Betty Quihampton / Betty Quihampton , better known as "Qui", died this year. She had supported the museum over 20 years.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Course News in brief / See Previous entry
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Gridshell Ball raises
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Children enjoy the museum / Ian Pearce. the Acting Education Officer, reports that the childrens' activities on Wednesdays a success, biggest number 1399. The education team visited a costume workshop run by Barbara Palmer in Winchester
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003New pigs arrive at the Pendean pigsty / Amelia, a Tamworth sow, had 3 litters (May 2002, Nov 2002 & Jul 2003) in the conjectural 17th century pigsty. managed by Paul Pinnington. She was replaced by Arabella (due to farrow in September), Beatrice, 4 months old, and Caesar, a 10 month boar.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Portrait of Chris Zeuner / A pastel portrait of Chris Zeuner by Annie Rolls now hangs in Crawley Hall
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003News in brief / The Watersfield stable and the Sheffield Park sawpit have been overhauled.
John Herniman has delivered his 30,000th horse shoe to the shop, bringing in
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Courses programme for 2003-2004 / 73 Courses between November 2003 & June 2004 inclusive.
Leaders Richard Harris, Roger Champion, Peter McCurdy, Joe Thompson, Brian Ridout, Robert Sampson, John McDermott, Ged Gardner, Charles Brooking, Nick Parker, David Woodbridge, John Booker, Guy Bagshaw, Christina Stapley, Linda Burden, Timothy Easton, Bob Holman, Neil Burton, Will Palin, David Bland, Susie Barson, Duncan Berry, Dawn Stevens, Geoff Wallis, Cliff Palmer, Deborah Albon, Jackson Stops & Staff, Wilm & Joy Huning, Kevin Stubbs and Janice Britz.
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 20032003 - the Year in Pictures / Jon Roberts refurbishing the shepherd's hut.
Roger Champion erecting his model of North Cray;
Alan Wood cutting hay, Pete Betsworth turning it
The Wood show
Dawn Stevens gathering herbs and cooking in Winkhurst kitchen;
History re-enactment workshop at Pendean
Pete Betsworth with a lamb and John Dewey shearing;
Alan Wood speaking to crowd at the heavy horse stables
2003/10Magazine / Autumn 2003Field Strips demonstrate historic crop methods / We formed three pairs of half furlong strips in October 2002: one of each pair being late-medieval and other later. Chris Baldwin is in charge. Medieval strips will be worked with oxen and rotated wheat-rye-fallow, the later ones will be wheat-oats-beans.
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