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1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Volunteer problems / New ordering system in operation.
'Wants' book in the workshop.
We have money to spend on some tools.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Council of Management / Pam West is representative of volunteers on Council.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Horse Gin and pump from Patching /
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Wanted. . . .A charcoal burning group / E. Sharf [later Lyn Armstrong] appeals for a charcoal burning group. Mr and Mrs Langridge have been very generous, but we need a team to replace them, perhaps learning with small kilns. The aim is to have one 24 hour kiln every year. Applicants to contact Chris Zeuner.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Kirdford Sheds - treatment of the inner courtyard / There is a slope of 3 feet over the courtyard area. It was decided that the yard should be sloped in a natural way, as similar as possible to normal farming practice.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973The Finances of the Museum / Although there were over 80,000 visitors and the Museum made a substantial profit from gate money and sales, overheads and running costs are increasing. For money for the re-erection of buildings it is necessary to go outside the Museum to Trusts and private individuals. Volunteeers are asked to practise every economy with materials and equipment.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Volunteers & Friends Seminar Saturday 17th March 1973 / This was the first of a series of seminars for Friends and Volunteers. Roy Armstrong and Chris Zeuner spoke about the work of the Museum to an audience of over 120 people.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Volunteer Stewards / Appeal for volunteers to act as stewards. Contact Julia Hett
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Pendean / Because of pressure on Mr Champion's time, erection is not now likely during 1973. Funds are available from a grant from the V and A Museum and from the Friends of the Museum. Mr Champion reported that examination of the timbers revealed that about half the roof members and most of the outshot timbers are missing, and that there was considerable breakage of timbers during dismantling. This would necessitate the inclusion of a large quantity of new wood during reconstruction. AGREED there must be more care in dismantling and transport, and that in the reconstruction secondhand timber might be used, with discretion and with care to avoid misleading mortices or pegholes. Introduced timbers should be permanently marked.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Titchfield Market Hall / Concern was expressed for the stability of the building. Angle-iron set into concrete foundations would secure the posts, but this would be difficult to implement if the posts were to be seated on stone pads. Mr Rigold and Mr Zeuner undertook to investigate the possibility of obtaining suitable stone and arranging for a mason to cut it.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Lurgashall Mill / The Committee debated how it might be possible to incorporate this building in the setting of the Museum's lake without offending against the accepted policy that buildings should be reconstructed in their original form wherever this was apparent. Modification may be inevitable because of differences of alignment to the water supply and difference in water level. AGREED the problems be studied further and additional expert advice be sought.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Gonville Cottage / A longterm lease of the cottage is being negotiated. Estate records show that it was built in 1805. The building is listed under the T and C P Act 1974 in Grade III. Mr Warren considered it would be practical to renovate it to an acceptable modern standard without any great change to the exterior. Mr Lowe questioned the adequacy of the windows. The thatch was repaired about three years ago, but it will need attention in the near future.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Goodwood Granary / Mr Zeuner is to be congratulated and thanked for the efficient way in which he organised the removal of this building to the site. It will provide a site-office and storeroom. AGREED the exterior finish be of vertical 'pearlboard' boarding, painted the original maroon-brown colour, and that the roof be felted and tiled.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973The Friends' Committee and the Council of Management / The Friends' Committee has appointed their Chairman, Major General Hawes, to represent them on the Museum's Council of Management. The other members of the Committee are: Miss C. E. Barson, Roy Armstrong, Kim Leslie, Chris Zeuner, John Kessler, Mrs. N. West, Mrs. A. Wilson, John Lowe, Mr. D. Robertson-Ritchie.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Open Air Museums in Europe - a Weekend course 6th to 10th June for Friends and Volunteers at West Dean College / Recruitment for this course has been disappointing. Please support it.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Screening of the Workshop Area / The planting of shrubs to screen the workshop area could serve as a means of excluding the public as well as a visual interruption. However, the existing permission for the temporary workshop building terminates in about eighteen months, when it may be convenient to change the location. AGREED if necessary hurdles might be used to make a temporary barrier, and a comprehensive layout for the Bayleaf complex, including all ancillary farmyard buildings, be prepared.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Little Winkhurst / Alternative treatments of the upper end bay were discussed. AGREED in the reconstruction the bay should be replaced, its exterior should match the rest of the building in profile and materials (although vertical tilehanging would be an acceptable finish) and the interior of this bay should be planned to serve as a museum office.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Titchfield Market Hall / AGREED that tiling of the roof should include torching with lime and hair plaster.
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Patching Horse Gin / AGREED the large stone trough be associated, and possibly a lead pumphead, and the water be routed back into the well.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Director's Visit to Romania / John Lowe has been invited by the Romanian Government to spend two weeks in Romania studying Open Air Museums.
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