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2007/11Magazine / Autumn 2007Full Steam Ahead / A two-day festival celebrating the age of steam was packed with exhibits including working traction engines and steam rollers, scale models and a narrow-gauge railway. The whole Museum site was used for displays, the highlight of which was the steam-powered carousel gallopers.
2007/11Magazine / Autumn 2007Obituaries / Following the obituary for Marjorie in the Spring 2007 magazine, Dr Janet Pennington wrote to advise of Marjorie's involvement with the Wiston estate Study Group. This group was also founded by Dr Roy Armstong, the Museum's founder. The group's aim was to record all the agricultural buildings on the c5000 acre Wiston estate. In the process, the derelict Poplar Cottage and a cartshed were identified as being good examples of their type and they were subsequently rescued and came to the Museum. The group gradually faded following the deaths of key members, however we are pleased to have been offered Dr Janet Pennington's small archive from the group for the Museum library.
2007/11Magazine / Autumn 2007Museum gardener, Bob Holman, retires / After 20 years as Museum Gardener, Bob Holman has retired. Bob was first involved when the proposals for Bayleaf Farmhouse were discussed in May 1985. Bob was employed from 1987 to make the plan developed by Dr Sylvia Landsberg happen. The garden opened in 1989 and demonstrated what a successful and important role the gardens could play in the interpretation of the museum's exhibits. With guidance from Sylvia Landsberg Bob continued to create five other gardens; Walderton Cottage in 1996/7; Whittakers Cottages in 1998, Poplar Cottage in 1999 and Pendean farmhouse in 2001. Hangleton Cottage has a garden in which Bob has toiled for 10 years but this will be changed soon to reflect its original situation as revealed by the archaeology. From his earliest days Bob has willingly tkane walks and given talks, and has helped interpreters in Winkhurst Tudor litchen link recipes and household customs to the plants and herbs growing in the gardens.
2007/11Magazine / Autumn 2007Sadly, during the year a number of volunteers have passed away / Mary Hum - worked in ticket office, shop and main office.
Monica Hannevoide worked for many years in the shop as a supervisor.
Sandy Lane worked in the ticket office, shop, mill, on car parking, guided tours and general building exhibition interpretation.
Jeff Lyons was a dedicated volunteer, both as a steward and a gridshell guide.
Gertie Whittle worked mainly in the shop.
Diana Buxton was a volunteer for many years and also a Friends Committee member.
Cynthia Haworth worked in the days of the shop when it was based in the building from Lavant.
Eve Becher, another Friend's Committee members, was a volunteer in the shop, on ticket sales and at the reception desk in Hambrook Barn.
2007/11Magazine / Autumn 2007Collections update / Keepers Hook - donated by Mike Bulpett form Chidham, he acquired it from a game keeper who had made it by hand from leather and hooks to advertsie the effectiveness of his pest control. The hook was strapped to a fencepost and from it would hang what had been trapped eg rats, moles, crows and the like.
Horse shoes - A nationally significant collection of around 500 horse shoes were generously given by Ken Smith, having collected them over a 25 year period. They range from the 11th and 12th cenury to the present day. Ken has kindly agreed to return to the Museum when he retires to catalogue them.
2007/11Magazine / Autumn 2007The Museum in Winter / Warm fires provide a welcome in some of the 46 buildings and workplaces forming the Museum's main exhibits. "A Sussex Christmas" will again provide a seasonal focus to visits between Christmas and New Year. The annual Tree Dressing event takes place on 2nd December from 12.30 p.m. and people of all ages can take part in the lantern-making workshop, watch morris dancing, listen to story telling, plays and songs and finally join in the lantern procession, dancing round the tree while it is being dressed. Mulled wine, mince pies and roasted chestnuts will be served. The annual carol singing takes place on 10th December at 7 p.m. During the Sussex Christmas event tasty treats and mulled cider will be served at Bayleaf farmhouse and Winkhurst Tudor kitchen. Festive music, a Museum trail, children's activities and storytelling will take place at different locations around the site.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Friends News / Trips for 2007, Ightham Mote, Kent, 24 September, Faith, hope and charity, London, 23 October
Fundraising events, 4th Annual barn dance, 9 June; Proms by the lake, 30 June; AGM 14 April 2.30pm in the Downand Gridshell.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Friends Day trips 2007 / Kew gardens and Palace, London, 15 May. Rover & Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames, 20 June, Thames Barrier Park and Crossness Pumping Station, London, 3 July
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Matching old lime mortar in historic buildings / Discusses the need to ensure that mortar repairs are appropriate for the age of the building in question as an inappropriate repair can cause a great deal of further damage to a structure. A simple guide is to try to match the original mortar in colour, texture and strength, and the colour of the aggregate determines the colour of the mortar and the texture of the aggregate determines the appearance, and the binder ratio determines the strength of the mortar.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Courses Programme 2007 - Building Conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes / List of course titles and dates
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Courses Programme 2007 - Building Conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes / List of course subjects plus dates for 2007
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Courses Programme 2007 - Building Conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes / List of courses and dates
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007New storage for archives, Sustainable living - find our more at the Museum / The Museum's paper and photographic archives are to be stored in a newly created environmentally-sage structure within the Mitford Foulerton Studio in the basement of the Downland Gridshell. Volunteer Alan Wood prepared the design and Curator, Julian Bell and his team will undertake the construction. Museum policy is that valuable archive items are lodged with the approriate Record Office. We do however hold appropriate archives including 75,000 transparences, fully catalogued, from Roy Armstrong and this has recently been added to by the addition of the collection of Marjoris Hallam, one of our founding trustees.
Sustainability Event takes place on 20th May, with a day specifically slanted for children on 21st May.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Celebrating the harvest / The Harvest Procession took place in October during the autumn action half term. Gifts were collected from many of the historic houses and Reverend Richard Woods, Rector of the parish of Singlton, took the service.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Courses Programme 2007 - Building Conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes / List of course titles and dates for 2007
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Courses Programme 2007 - Building Conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes / List of course titles including Gardens and The Tudor Kitchen
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Brian Weekes - Renaissance Man / Brian Weekes, a long-standing and stalwart Museum volunteer, has been featured in Renaissance News, a quarterly publication describing the achievements of the Government's Renaissance programme for Museums. Brian provides answers to questions posed to him concerning his involvement with the Museum.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Dating the Museum's buildings by tree-ring analysis / Museum carpenter Roger Champion has been obtaining dendrochronolgy cores from the Museum's historic buildings to enable accurate dating by tree-ring analysis, full reports will be published in the autumn magazine.
Crawley Hall - 15 samples analysed, the resulting sequence having 124 rings and matches several regional master chronologies very well. A few of the samples have sap wood rings and the felling date is certain to be in the period of 1494-1526. Further analysis will pinpoint the dates more accurately and we expect an eventual terminal date of about 1515.
Hall from Boarhunt - More difficult as fewer original timbers survive. Eight timbers sampled, four have been analysed and shown to be matched pairs. The tie beams yielded a sequence with only 66 rings and could not be successfully dated. However, the corner posts had 102 rings and end with a sapwood boundary, resulting in the felling date period of 1355 - 1390.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007News in brief / Sharing skills staff placement scheme, launched by Renaissance South East, part of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Partnership, during 2006, has been embraced by the Museum, with a numbers of other Museum staff having day placements within our teams. Our staff have also benefitted by taking placements with the Mary Rose Trust, HCC and the Pitt River Museum.
St Roche's Day service will take place at the Trundle at 6.30pm on 16 August and this year, father Peter Newsam from the Sacred Heart Church in Petworth will give the address.
2007/3Magazine / Spring 2007Frustrating time for museum gardeners! / Spring and summer 2006 proved to be very challenging seasons with mice and rabbits decimating young crops in many of the gardens. The hot weather struck and watering the crops became a necessity. The first potatoes were dug on 19 June, a variety called Fourmost, grown in the Toll Cottage and the yield was good. Landcress, lambs lettuce and endive all went to seed early, but the old varities of radish stood up to the heat very well, as did the leaf beet and old varities of lettuce.
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