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1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Carol Concert / Will be held in Bayleaf on December 20th at 7 p.m. Help with the provision of mince pies will be very much appreciated.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Autumn Activities Weekend / Ploughing and threshing took place last weekend in sunshine on Saturday and under grey skies and drizzle on Sunday. Unfortunately Richard Pailthorpe ordered too small a marquee to cover the whole site and tractors and horses had to perform in the open. Thanks are due to the ploughmen and other demonstrators who kept going in the bad weather. However, 1,200 people came on the Sunday despite the gloom and over 2,000 came on the Saturday. Threshing will continue during the week and given dry days will take until this weekend.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Library / The eastern ground floor bay of Crawley Hall has been included in the Library as a temporary measure (three years or so). When the work on the Horsham Shop is complete the lobby of Crawley Hall will be returned to its earlier form.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Raffle / The total now stands at
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Stewards Sessions / These special sessions will all be on different topics. However, in order not to have too many people attending each time they have been divided into sessions for old hands, new hands and week-enders. Within these groups each session will be different.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Horsham/Reigate Project / Tenders have been invited for the block work and modern roofs and a start will be made shortly after Christmas.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Lavatories near Bayleaf / The troubled sewage system in this area has finally been rectified. John Friar uncovered the old pipework to find that this had not been laid correctly by the contractors ten years or more ago; the levels of the inlets were also incorrect. All those years of problems have been entirely due to the initial faulty work.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984North Cray / Scaffolding has been erected round North Cray and tiling of the roof will commence next week. A Booker & Son will undertake this work.
In order to try to prevent vehicles driving all over the grass while the scaffolding occupies most of the road, hurdles have been erected. The Museum site should be presented as well in the Winter as it is in the Summer, so please co-operate to prevent any part of it becoming a quagmire.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984REMINDERS / 10.11.84 - Friends A.G.M. - 2.30 County Hall, Followed by a report on progress this year by Messrs Zeuner & Harris.
13.11.84 - Plumbers A.G.M. - 2.00 Crawley Hall.
19.11.84 - Stewards Supper. - 7.30 West Dean.
3.12.84 - G.P.C. - 10.30 Goodwood Granary.
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Medieval Hall House / Serious consideration was given to rescuing two bays of a medieval hall house from High Street, Rainham but as the roof had been vandalised in recent months and as most of the collars and purlins were absent it was decided that there was insufficient material to justify a rescue operation.
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Goodwood Granary / This has been resuscitated as an office to house people who are working at the Museum on special projects or in a part-time capacity. It MUST NOT therefore be used as a dump.
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Stewards Social Evening / This will take place on 19th November at 7.30 p.m. Details later.
1984/10Members' Magazine No. 22 / October 1984Toll Cottage Garden / Ted Nash and Ann Beaumont have continued their work on the Toll Cottage garden. Ann Beaumont has also been developing the herb garden round Walderton.
1984/10Members' Magazine No. 22 / October 1984Work Begins on the Horsham/Reigate Project / The foundations for the Horsham Shop and the Reigate Town House are complete, and the timbers of the Horsham shop have been sent to the workshop of McCurdy and Company for repair.
The project will cost
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Ian Odin / Ian Odin from West Dean Estate has commenced the Autumn cull of ducks and geese on the lake.
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Talks and Tours given by members of Staff and others / In June Walter Greenway gave Plumpton Agricultural College a guided tour and Joan Brooks guided the Amwell Society. In July Walter gave another tour and Joan guided the very appreciative Friends of the Chiltern O.A.M. Last month both Walter and Joan were on duty to guide the International Broadcasting Corporation's Ladies Committee. Bernard Johnson and Walter have also given talks to various societies about the Museum during the year. In October Richard Harris is giving a guided tour and lecture to a party from the Bartlett School of Architecture.
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Raffle / Only one more month to go, so please make an extra effort to sell as many tickets as you can.
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Barns from Northchapel / These were dismantled on behalf of the Museum of American Frontier Culture and have been stored here pending removal to the U.S.A. The scheme now has sufficient funding to proceed and the barns will be shipped to the American Museum's site at Stanton, West Virginia in the early part of October.
1984/10Members' Magazine No. 22 / October 1984Advances in the Library / The Library Manpower Service Commission team has worked for 3 months in the library, led by Caroline Hallam.
Claire Murphy and Paul Damper are classifying the books. Jim Wilkie, Louise Jaggard, Tricia Semple, Jay Stevenson and Irena Morrison are working on Roy Armstrong's slides.
Many additional people have helped. and Chichester NADFS has given a grant of
1984/10Bulletin / October 1984Grants and Donations / Kent Archaeological Society have generously given the Museum
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