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1971/5SBC Minutes / 9 May 1971Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / The local society have requested the museum to write supporting their case for the preservation. AGREED that Mr Lowe should write on behalf of the museum and that Mr Armstrong should write a personal letter.
1971/5SBC Minutes / 9 May 1971Insurance of volunteers / Mr Walker will investigate the problem of insuring volunteers doing dismantling work away from the museum and will advise Mr Lowe.
1971/5SBC Minutes / 9 May 1971Mr D Martin / Mr Armstrong proposed that Mr Martin of the Robertsbridge Archaeological Society be co-opted on to the Committee .. Unanimously AGREED.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Revised Site Planning / Mr Warren explained how the acquisition of the Titchfield Old Market Hall had brought forward the need to consider the siting and creation of a village group. He explained that the County Planning Officer would oppose the site beyond the blacksmith's forge. Mr Armstrong put forward four possible sites; beyond the forge; to the south of the forge; to the east of the forge nearer the entrance; in the centre of the main meadow between the large clump of trees and Gonville Cottage. It was RECOMMENDED that the overall planning of the site, the siting of the a village group and the placing of the market hall be studied by a sub-committee composed of: Messrs. Jefferis, Wood, Heymann, Lowe, Armstrong and Warren. Note attached to minutes: This sub-committee met twice in August 1971. Considered relative merits of possible sites on or adjacent to the Museum (for the establishment of a group of buildings including Titchfield Market Hall), primarily in the vicinities of the lake and Gonville C \\
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Little Woolborough Barn / Position unchanged. A small Wealden barn, tiled and in exceptional condition. Thought to be ideal for the museum shop.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Hangleton House / The altered site was AGREED but it was RECOMMENDED that these reconstructions be concealed when possible. Also that Mr Warren must be consulted on all siting decisions.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Titchfield Old Market Hall / Mr Lowe explained the latest position, that the building had been acquired and financed and that Mr Greiner was undertaking the dismantling and re-erection.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Ruth Cottage / Mr Armstrong reported that a man in Hastings was prepared to take this building and re-erect it carefully. It was RECOMMENDED that the museum should not pursue this building but should recommend to the East Sussex County Council that the new owner might covenant it through the National Trust or have it listed by the Ministry to ensure its future.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Crawley Barn / Mr Armstrong reported that the position was unchanged and development permission was still not granted.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Hambrook Barn / This 17thC aisled barn is in good condition and the museum can have it at any time. RECOMMENDED that No.2 priority be given to this barn after Silver Hill Barn.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Silver Hill Barn / A large barn but one end gone. RECOMMENDED that the acquisition be given No.1 priority and that it would be suitable for a museum.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Stratfield Saye Barn / RECOMMENDED to refuse and wait for a better example.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Bignor Barn/Stable / Small and possible for wheelwright's workshop. To be inspected by Mr Plewis. RECOMMENDED it be dismantled by volunteers and re-erection considered at next meeting.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Milford Granary / Unusual but ugly gaunt building. RECOMMENDED not to accept unless all materials and staddles given free.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Sub-Committee for Bayleaf / Messrs. Armstrong, Champion, Lowe, Wood, Rigold, Martin, Warren and Mrs Hallam were chosen for this Sub-Committee to consider the detailed planning of the re-erection of Bayleaf, and its future use.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Lurgashall Mill / This is an early 17thC stone and brick mill, with Terwick the most interesting in Sussex. It is now fairly certain that Terwick will remain in situ. The Sussex Arch. Soc. have offered to take this mill machinery for use at Michelham Priory, but probably the W.S. County Council would prefer the museum to take both building and mill. The Committee RECOMMENDED museum acquire the mill if it could raise the necessary money and not offend the Sussex Arch.Soc.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Gonville Cottage / Mr Heymann said there was a possibility that Gonville Cottage might become available during the next year.
1971/7SBC Minutes / 25 July 1971Chilcomb Granary / Attractive small granary with brick infill and tiled roof. Needs a lot of repair. RECOMMENDED to acquire but to persuade owner to keep for time being and to patch broken roof.
1971/9SBC Minutes / 12 September 1971Master Plan for the Museum Site / The Chairman suggested that the time had come to consider a master plan for the future development of the museum site. This was AGREED and the Chairman promised to send to all members two maps of the site and a Schedule of Building Reconstruction so that they could prepare to discuss the Master Plan at their next meeting; the final plan to be submitted to the West Sussex County Council Planning Officer.
1971/9SBC Minutes / 12 September 1971Co-option to the Committee / Unanimously AGREED that Mr George Newell be co-opted.
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