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1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Picture of Bayleaf Garden / A picture of Bob Holman and Thelma Jack working on the wattle fence of the Bayleaf garden
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Dendrochronology at Bayleaf / John Fletcher examined 3 wood samples from Bayleaf and suggested a date range of 1400-1405 for the early part and 1500-151 for the solar end.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Museum Receives Registration from the Museums and Galleries Commission / The new Museums and Galleries Commission's Registration Scheme has accepted the Museum.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Sponsorship from Carringdale and P & O / Carringdale (Bognor) Ltd have sponsored the Museum's 1992 publicity leaflet. This qualified for a Business Sponsorship Incentive Scheme matching grant of
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992New Marketing Scheme for Lurgashall Mill Flour / The Museum has joined forces with Bartley Mill of East Sussex in an attempt to widen the market for our flour. Richard Pailthorpe wants help with its distribution. Mike Tighe has taken on the task of Miller, and welcomes volunteer helpers.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992TICKETS FOR TIM BOWLEY - STORYTELLER / Tickets (
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992LOTTERY / A further windfall of
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992FRIENDS' TRIP / The trip to Lincoln was a great success. The weather was extremely kind and the hotel comfortable. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life and the Friends of Lincoln's Museums and Art Gallery were particularly welcoming. We are looking forward to the possibility of returning their hospitality in August.

The four day visit also included Gainsborough Old Hall which is well worth seeing, and Grimsby's National Fishing Heritage "Scenter" - a life aboard a arctic fishing ship with smells, sounds and pitching decks included. This was no to everyone's "taste" but it was impressively displayed with the help of
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992WEST SUSSEX HISTORY/DRAMA DAY - 23 MARCH / The year is 1595 and the 130 or so villagers of West Sussex are gathering at Singleton. Young and old are bringing their wares to the Market Place to sell and exchange. In warm costume and pockets filled with groats and shillings, each one eager to do business, they assemble only partly knowing how the day's events will unfold.

Into the Market Place strides a black-robed cleric who is attentive to all that is taking place. The atmosphere is becoming increasingly disturbed and complaints are reaching his ears. He calls for two women to be brought forward who are said to be the cause of the disturbance. Villages' Church Wardens take turns to declare their concerns and their wishes to influence the judgement upon the two women who are vagrants seeking food and money to help them in their times of trouble. The women state their cases and are eventually offered sanctuary by one charitable village. All those assembled agree that justice has been done and decid \\
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992FROM THE COLLECTIONS / With the push to complete "Getting to Grips", our new hands-on display in Witley Workshop, there has been little time to devote to potential, new, acquisitions. Fortunately, the items offered have been few. However, there have been two interesting and relevant donations in recent weeks.

Firstly we were offered a sack lifter and a set of Avery platform scales by Mr Neil Helyer of Littlehampton. Both items are fairly common and would not normally have necessarily attracted our interest. The exception here is that both items were originally used in our Littlehampton Granary. It is hoped that with a little attention these items may be returned to their original home on display.

Secondly, in a similar sort of connection, we have been given by Mr Haywood of Pulborough an iron baker's oven peel for lifting out loaves that originally was used at Newdigate Bakery. As many of you will know, this is one of the buildings we have in store awaiting erection. It is good to think that r \\
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992JUNIOR FRIENDS / The first meeting of the Junior Friends began with a competition for the most original European flavoured creation in food.

Armed with their prizes of pens and pads the children proceeded to explore the Museum site for all things to do with animals. They were delighted with the newly born lambs, the Sussex calves, the Shire foal and the Tamworth piglets. They noticed that the Tamworth boar and Gloucester Old Spot sow had gone to new homes. The flock and herd, gaggle and clutch and the many wild birds all made for an excellent introduction to the day's activities.

The egg decorating and egg rolling, followed by a camp fire cook-up, was all great fun. The afternoon flew past with further efforts with eggs and with Sheila Snow who came especially to help with spinning wool.

Jan Elliott and Liz Garrett assisted with all these activities whilst John Elliott and Stan Snow set to with the children to tidy up the campsite. Newly constructed steps and plans for a timber pole construct \\
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992CONGRATULATIONS / We are very pleased to offer our congratulations to Roy Armstrong who received is Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from the University of Sussex. The ceremony was held at the Museum and was attended by the dignitaries of the University together wit a small number of Museum staff It was truly memorable occasion when the sun shone on the righteous.

Should anyone wish to order photographs of the occasion, please see Pat or Lynn in the Museum Office.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992NEW ANIMALS / You will be delighted to hear that Rosie's new foal, Ben, has finally arrived. He was born at 3.00 am on Saturday 16 May - a welcome addition to our animal attractions.

You may also have seen our new puppy, Bob, who is currently being trained as the Museum's sheep dog by our stockman, Peter Albon.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992VISITOR NUMBERS / We have enjoyed a good start to the season and at the end of April totals stood at 30,000 visitors, a figure almost exactly the same as at the end of April last year, but several thousand up on the 1990 figure. Because of the late Easter, our school party numbers are down, but general public visits are up.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992EASTER FOOD FAIR / The Food Fair held on Easter Sunday and Monday was once again a popular occasion with both exhibitors and the general public. Sponsored by the Observer Series, over 8,000 visitors came over the two days.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992FRIENDLY CAR PARKERS / At the Friends AGM, two friends from the New Forest wished it to be recorded how impressed they were by the efficiency and friendliness of the car parkers on Special Event days when hey had to cope with huge crowds. Many thanks to all concerned with events at the Museum.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992NEW EXHIBITION / The "Getting to Grips" Exhibition which was officially opened at the end of April, was funded by the TIMES/SHELL Community Museum of the Year Award. It is an exciting "fun" event for children - and adults! - when they can learn all about building materials and construction o buildings. Teachers were invited to a preview of the exhibition in order to see for themselves what can be achieved when visiting with their school children. There is no charge for this hands-on exhibition but it must be booked at the time of arranging the school visit. It is hoped eventually to have this exhibition open daily once enough stewards have been trained.
1992/5Bulletin / May 1992FORTHCOMING EVENTS / 24-29 May Brass Rubbing in Crawley Hall
25 May Novice Sheep Dog Trials
7 June Heavy Horses at Singleton
20 June Junior Friends
23 June The Friends' Picnic at the Museum with Tim Bowley, Storyteller, at 6.30 pm
27-28 June Exhibition of Building Conservation
26 July Show for Rare and Traditional Breeds
27-30 July Junior Friends Summer School
1-15 August Penny Royal Theatre
16-23 August Brass Rubbing in Crawley
22/23 August Children's Activity Weekend**

1992/7Bulletin / July 1992BUILDING CONSERVATION EXHBITION / A high standard of presentation and interest was displayed by all exhibitors, covering very many aspects of building conservation. The event will be repeated again in 1994.
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992FORTHCOMING EVENTS / During August there will be various demonstrations taking place on the Museum site.

16-23 August Brass Rubbing in Crawley Hall
22 & 23 August Children's Activity Weekend
8 September - 11 October European Home Exhibition in Crawley Hall
6-8 October Timber Frame Repair Workshop
24 & 25 October Steam Threshing and Ploughing with Heavy Horses
25 October Kay Matson - Art Exhibition in Crawley Hall
2 November Friends Committee Meeting in Crawley Hall
23 November Volunteers Party at West Dean
21 December Carols in North Cray
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