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1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985British Association of Friends of Museums / The Friends is a member of the British Association of Friends of Museums, Other members are NADFAS, V & A Museum, R. A. F. Museum, National Piano Museum, Sainsbury Centre, Ironbridge Gorge and National Maritime Museum. We were represented by Bernard and Betty Rush, Eve Becher and Walter Greenway. at the last meeting at the National Maritime Museum in October, The Association produces a regular broadsheet and a year book. Both may be borrowed from Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson).
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Letter from the Friends' Chairman / James Waddell reports that there are about 3000 Friends, and that the Development Fund Appeal has reached over
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Horsham Shop Re-erection Under Way / The Horsham Shop timbers have been repaired by Peter and Martin McCurdy. and re-erection is imminent. So far
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Raffle
Secobd-hand Books / The raffle raised
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985REMINDERS / 7.1.84 Friends Committee
9.1.84 Stewards Session 10.30 Crawley Hall
28.1.84 G.P.C. 10.00 Crawley Hall
30.1.84 Sites & Buildings Committee. 10.00. Crawley Hall

(sic. 84 in original)
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985NOTE / Everyone who comes to the Museum is reminded not to use vehicles on site, unless delivering a heavy load, and particularly NEVER TO DRIVE ON THE GRASS
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Biskupin Trip / Further advertisement of the possible trip to Poland. Apply to Ethel Buvyer
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Visitor Numbers / The Museum has had 179,000 visitors during the period January 1st to December 31st 1984.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Sweatshirts / These have arrived and those who ordered should collect them from the Office between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. The cost is
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Biskupin / Next stop Warsaw - via this Museum where it will all be packed for the long return journey.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Shop Supervisors / Elizabeth Goodwin has retired as a Shop Supervisor and will now be free to enjoy the summer weekends. Her duties will be taken over by Betty Putnam who has been a volunteer for some time.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Charcoal Producing Operation / This is now back at the Charcoal Burners' Camp, having spent several useful months in the woods near Hooksway. A large order has been received from Robert Dyas, the ironmongers, and Gary Browning will be burning hard over the next few months to meet this.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Winter Work / Work has started on getting the Museum ready for next season. Volunteer Fred Whitbread is once again helping greatly by re-painting the lavatories for us. Geoff Kent is also very kindly repairing the equipment in all the lavatory blocks. The Tuesday Gang have completed the restoration of a well-head for the Toll Cottage and are also undertaking some vital maintenance work. The Youth Force are clearing the car parks and blocking in gaps between the bays.
A ditch has been constructed and a hedge planted to screen the lavatories in the Bayleaf area. This will mean that when the farm buildings, including the Cowfold barn, are added to this complex they will be separated more effectively from the lavatories.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Auction / All of you are reminded of the wonderful opportunity given to us by Sothebys, who are running the Friends Auction. They are providing a full back-up service for this event, including nationwide publicity, and it is therefore essential that we come up with the goods to be sold. The Museum is seeking gifts that can be sold but will also consider any suggestions for the sale of items on the usual commission basis. This particularly applies to quality items which people may not feel inclined to donate but may be prepared to allow the Museum to benefit from the commission by selling at this auction.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Education Service / The new material for teachers has been prepared and is now available as a kit. We shall be promoting this information to school teachers and, hopefully, it will enable them to use the Museum to greater effect.
A Reception for teachers, which will introduce them to the Museum and to ways of using it more effectively, is to be held on February 14th.
A Seminar for teachers will be held here on March 15.
A special Training Day for Museum building staff, led by John Ashurst, on lime and its uses, is to be held here on 23rd of this month.
1985/1Bulletin / January 1985Building Projects / The Horsham Shop will be erected in the week beginning 14th January by Peter McCurdy & Co.
The tender by A Booker & Son for the links between the Horsham Shop, Reigate and Crawley Hall has been accepted and they will commence work this month. Further work on this project has not been authorised and will depend upon the fund-raising efforts.
Tiling of North Cray Hall House is now complete and the scaffolding removed. Daubing will start this month.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Stewards Sessions / Roy Armstrong held the first special Volunteers' training session, at which he explained the foundation of the Museum. The series continues
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985A.I.M. / Bob Harding, who joins the staff part time, is Executive Secretary of the AIM, Chris Zeuner is Hon. Treasurer and Diana Zeuner is Editor of the Bulletin.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Roof Truss / The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission (English Heritage) has donated a crown post roof truss from Bishop Waltham Palace Barn.
1985/1Members' Magazine No. 23 / January 1985Binderton Chapel / Brian Boseley has restored the brickwork of Binderton Chapel under the guidance of Fred Aldsworth
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