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1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Two Visits for the Friends / The Friends is organising two visits: Shulbrede Priory; Gospel Green. The Priory is owned by Laura Ponsby, Kate Russell and Ian Russell; it was founded in 1190. At Gospel Green James Lane and Cathy Lane make cheese and champagne cider.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Committee Changes / Ted Toseland, Kathryn Gunns, Stan Snow and Colin Sharman have all retired from the Committee as has Walter Greenway, a co-opted member. Replacements are needed
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Winter television Coverage / TVS made a dramatic film of horses ploughing at our Autumn Activities. In December Noel Edmunds Christmas Show filmed a scene in the Market Square with artificial snow. In February Country Ways Series repeated a film of the Museum.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Friends Raise
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Visits to Normandy / The proposed visit to Normandy is over-subscribed, but Kay Coutin is organising a similar visit.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Events Diary / Principal Events for 1992 include: Traditional Food Fair; Novice Sheepdog Trials; Heavy Horses; Building Conservation Exhibition; Rare Breeds, Penny Royal Theatre; Children's Activity Weekend; Steam Threshing etc.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Findon for Sheep Hurdles / With the help of
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Encouraging Best Ptactice in Timber-Framing Repair / Richard Harris started work in timber frames with F. W. B. Charles and Gunolt Greiner in Worcester and Birmingham. The Museum started with Gunolt Greiner and Roger Champion on Winkhurst. Freddie Charles has written something on this work. A working party, under the aegis of the International Coucncil on Monuments and Sites Wood Committee has been meeting. The Museum has decided to start 3-day courses led by Richard Harris, Peter McCurdy and Roger Champion.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992East Dean Reveals its History / Richard Pailthorpe says that the game larder which the Museum got recently was used by the local rabbit catcher. He also reports the discovery of a pot deliberately buried in the inglenook fireplace of Droke Farmhouse
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992Stockman/Horseman / Peter Albon is our new Stockman/Horseman. He is living in Gonville Cottage.
1992/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 / March 1992The View from Here. Never a dull Moment in the Museum Office / Lynn Shaw gives a light-hearted description of the many facets of office life, which are especial to the Museum.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992GIVING THE PARTIES A BOOST / We have been actively marketing visits to special interest groups and hope to increase the number of party visitors this season. To this end, we have sent out a special postcard to approximately 700 local history societies, WI's, Scouts, Brownies, Girl Guides, Probus Clubs etc.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992THE HISTORY RE-ENACTMENT GROUP / On 23 February Richard Harris held a meeting at the Museum of London with the History Re-enactment Group to discuss the feasibility of putting on a re-enactment of medieval life at Bayleaf. This team of people come from a variety of backgrounds and much research will have to be undertaken to discover if there is enough documentation on this period to allow an historically correct presentation of life at this time.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992HANDS ON EXHIBITION / The date for the opening of the special "Hands On" Exhibition will be 28 April. Its title will be "Getting to Grips", and the primary aim will be to give groups of school children an opportunity to handle and experiment with building materials and some of the techniques used in building construction.


As part of this new exhibition there are some activities which require the use of weights, both for weighing and to test the strength of materials and arches.

Do you have any weights at home that you no longer need? Ideally, we are looking for Imperial weights, or their Metric equivalent, up to seven pounds. The weights will not form part of the Museum's collections but will be added to the every day stock of materials that will be required to supply the activities.

If you think you can help, please contact me, Bob Powell, via the Museum office, or leave a message with the duty Warden.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992REIGATE BUILDING / Work has now started in earnest on the next phase of the Reigate Building. Mick Betsworth has started to build the semi-basement and this will be followed by Roger Champion making a start on the remaining timber repairs. A special training day in pointing and mortars was arranged for the Museum by specialists from English Heritage.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992BATTEN AND LATH SALES / We have been able to supply a Cambridge building firm with 40,000 feet of split oak laths which are to be used in the restoration of Kings College. A number of smaller orders have also been received for chestnut laths and battens. This is extremely encouraging and we hope more orders will materialise during the year.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992TOURIST PROMOTION WORKSHOPS / The Museum has been represented at a number of workshops organised by the South East and Southern Tourist Boards at Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Brighton, as well as the English Tourist Board's highly successful "Excursions", held annually during January at the Wembley Conference Centre. These workshops are targeted specifically at coach and tour operators and special interest groups. Let's hope we shall see an increase in party visits as a result. We have also joined together with the Amberley Chalk Pits Museum in targeting coach operators and offering a special discounted admission if a visit to both museums takes place on the same day.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992NEW STAFF / We are pleased to welcome Peter Albon, the new stockman, with his wife, Debbie, and their three children who have now taken up residence in Gonville Cottage. Peter has come to us from Wimpole House, a National Trust property in Cambridgeshire, and is experienced in dealing with farm livestock and heavy horses. Debbie will also be helping out by doing the cleaning at Bayleaf and other buildings on site.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992FRED WHITBREAD / We are sad to report the death of Fred Whitbread, a volunteer for many years, who will be sadly missed by everyone at the Museum.
1992/2Bulletin / February 1992TALK IN YORK / For the last twenty years the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies at York has held an annual "Seminar" on timber-frame buildings and repair - one of many short courses it provides on aspects of building conservation. I have often lectured to the seminar in previous years but this year took a greater part than usual, as two of the four days were taken entirely by Peter McCurdy and myself.

As well as lectures and discussions we visited the medieval "Barley Hall" building which has been repaired and reinstated in the city's "Coffee Yard" by McCurdy & Co - a complex and ambitious project on a very restricted site. The students on the seminar were the Institute's own MA conservation students, together with various outsiders, including several from English Heritage.
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