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1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Opening Arrangements 1991 / Open March 2nd to October 31st, and Wednesdays and Sundays thereafter. Charges: Adults,
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Volunteers - The Backbone of the Museum / An appeal for more volunteers. Every day we need at least six volunteers, increasing to ten in the next two years. Keith Bickmore is in charge of the volunteers. There's a description of the work done by volunteers and the qualifications (if any) needed. Contact Richard Pailthorpe.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Picture / Picture of Sole Street framework
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Steady Flow of Flour / Neil Wilkins reports that sales of flour, recipe books and Lurgashall cookies have held up well.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Joint Centre for Heritage Conservation and Management launched in Dorset. / The Bournemouth Polytechnic's Department of Tourism and Heritage Conservation, the Museum and the Stone Conservation Unit of Weymouth College will be working together in a range of heritage disciplines. The leaders are Chris Zeuner, Richard Harris here; Professor Bryan Brown, Mark Brisbane at Bournemouth; Geoffrey Teychenne, Tony Steel at Weymouth. 8 seminars are listed.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Busy Special Events Programme Planned for 1991 / Special events in 1991 include: Food Fair; Sussex Guild of Craftsmen's Exhibition; Heavy Horses; Rare Breeds; Natural World Craft Fair; Apple Day; Steam Threshing & Ploughing.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Welcome News / The Museum has been commended in the South East England Tourist Board's Warmest Welcome Awards.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Shoeing Downland Oxen / Bob Powell reports on the shoeing of working oxen. Besides referring to many books he also reports on talks with Frank Dean a farrier at Rodwell,
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Pictures / Pictures of Frank Knights the new assistant Warden and Clare Nicoll, who retired from the post of Secretary to the Director. Clare's place has been taken by Pat Melhuish
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Education Officer Appointed / Geoff King is the new Education Officer
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Changes at the Top / Geoffrey Godber has retired as President, and is succeeded by Sir James Waddell. Chris Zeuner thanks Jimmy Woollings, Mike Roberts and Derek Bandey for their work as Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Leslie Weller is a new Trustee.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991What is it? / Boib Powell illustrates an object based on a cow's toe with a steel addition, and asks what its pirpose was. He anwers this on page 17, saying that it was used by butchers to scrape bristles from pig's skins
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Penny Royal Theatre to stage Two Seasions at Museum / John Pollock and Maggie Pollock have been staging an Open Air Theatre for six years in Bosham. They will be moving to the courtyard behind Crawley Hall for 1991 and 1992, This year they will perform "Confusions" by Alan Ayckbourne and "The Provok'd Wife" by John Vanbrugh. There will be a gala night on August 5th with a special dinner by Rachel Ellis and Mrs R. Veltom of Sumptuous Picnic Suppers
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991THE BRICK EXHIBITION / We shall be holding a lunch time opening of this Exhibition on 20 May. The opening will be conducted by Peter Johnson of Redland Bricks and Barry Sampson of Seaward Properties. Invitations will be sent out shortly.
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991FROM THE COLLECTIONS / With the first quarter of 1991 already past, the collections have been boosted by several donations. The most notable item, offered in 1990, but collected on 8 March, was the bathing machine from Bognor Regis.

After a photographic session for the press when Chris, Diana and Richard posed in 1920's costumes (oversized babygrows!), the machine was physically lifted by a squad of Museum staff worthies to a point where it could be hoisted over a garden wall on to John Ruffell's lorry. This was no mean feat as the 86 year old machine unexpectedly proved to be structurally unsound. It is now residing in the Museum store where the timbers are drying out before the next stage, restoring its subframe, can be carried out.

In addition to the other main acquisition, (the Imperial Standard Weights and Measures of West Sussex County Council) , the remainder of the other acquisitions have been mainly on the small side. Amongst these are an interesting but lethal sprung spike mole trap, a \\
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991LURGASHALL MILL / The Mill has had a good start to the season with a large amount of flour being sold over the Easter Food Fair weekend. The Wholemeal Cookery Competition attracted a lot of interest and entries; the winners were as follows: Mrs Corteen from Nutbourne for her wholemeal bread, Alison Chatfield from Chichester for her cake and Louise Arnold for her biscuits. It was good to see John Friar (former employee at the Museum) taking third prize for his bread.

If you are not sure about cooking with stoneground flour, do not forget that most of the delicious cakes and biscuits sold at the Museum's caf
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991THE PENNY ROYAL THEATRE / During the next few weeks, a re-grading of the yard behind Crawley Hall will take place. This is to give the area a regular slope in order to take the theatre seating. In addition, one or two other improvements will be made at the expense of the theatre, including the installation of a shower in the "boiler room" behind Crawley. This facility is needed for the theatre production but will be greatly appreciated by others - in particular our charcoal burner!
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991A GOOD START TO THE SEASON / Despite snow and a less favourable winter weatherwise, our additional openings at half term and throughout March have proved a success. By the end of March our running attendance stood at just over 14,000 compared with 7,891 last year. Even after discounting the three days of Easter in this year's total, we would still have finished the period a few thousand visitors up. The extra opening in March has enabled school parties to spread their visits rather than concentrating them into just Wednesdays; it has also meant that passing visitors, who in previous years had to be turned away, have been able to visit the Museum.
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991COURSES / Charcoal Course: when we planned to run an introductory day's course on charcoal burning, we had no idea how popular it would prove; so much so that we had to hold a second one. Over fifty people attended the two courses, coming from as far afield as Devon, Nottinghamshire and Eire. We were fortuitously blessed with two dry mornings and Alan Waters, as in a TV cookery programme, was able to show all his kilns at the various stages, from loading to the final product.

Other courses and events to look out for are as follows:

23 April - the Ironbridge Institute is holding a course at the Museum entitled "People and Places"
26 April - the Joint Institute Seminar on "Medieval Life in Replica" takes place at the Museum.
27 April - the Friends AGM at 2 pm at West Dean
4-6 May - Guild of Sussex Craftsmen Exhibition at the Museum
6 May - Museum horse and wagon at the Portsmouth Parade
9 May - Video on "Farming between the Wars at Elsted" 7p \\
1991/4Bulletin / April 1991FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD / Cheesemakers, brewers, beekeepers, bakers, icecream makers and many other producers and suppliers connected with regional food and drink gathered on Easter Sunday and Monday for the Food Fair.

Following the success of the previous Fair held in British Food and Farming Year, this year's event once again proved extremely popular. Sponsored by the Observer Series and the West Sussex County Council and supported by A Taste of Sussex, 7,000 visitors came over the two days. The weather just held on to give us an excellent start to the season.

A preserves competition, sponsored by Dorothy Carter Preserves (part of Merrydown Wine) was won by Mrs Marie Jones of Storrington (ironically the winner of the last competition in 1989), with Mrs Phillips from Fontwell winning the chutney section. Details of the Lurgashall Mill bakery competition are given later in the Bulletin.
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