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1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Sompting Church Spire / Mr Aldsworth informed the committee that the spire of Sompting Church was due to be re-shingled sometime during the coming year. It would be an opportunity to view the structure.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Research - Tyndalls, Poplars and Horsham Shop / Mr Zeuner stressed the need to find suitable people to research into documentary evidence of Tyndalls, Poplars Cottage and the Horsham Shop. John Warren suggested contacting REACH.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Treasure Hunt / TV Channel 4, 19 Jan 84, 8pm. Treasure Hunt, with Walter Greenway and Richard Pailthorpe competing.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Winter visitor numbers / 2,721 to end of the year 1983
2,088 to end of the year 1982
Visitor numbers are slightly more than last year, the difference being due largely to better weather and Wednesday openings.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Dendrochronology - Little Winkhurst and Titchfield / Richard Harris reported that John Fletcher had dated by dendrochronology the open hall of Little Winkhurst at 1500-1505, and the rear wing 1540-1550. The wall plate of Titchfield he dated after 1520, possibly between 1525 and 1535.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984NFU Proposal / Mr Zeuner reported there was nothing further to report on the NFU Proposal to set up an agricultural exhibition.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Proposed Uses of Reigate Building / Richard Harris proposed that the first and second floors be devoted to decorative wall painting, the attic used as a store . The staircase should be enlarged for better access. Mr Zeuner felt there was a need to improve the interpretation on urban buildings. He suggested the first floor of Titchfield could be used to meet this need. The Chairman proposed that Richard Harris and John Warren should have further talks concerning the development of the Reigate/Horsham building and should draw up more detailed plans to be circulated to members in February. Mr Zeuner stressed the importance of placing plans before the Local Authority in April in order that a work schedule could be made.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Meetings / 9 Jan 84 Friends Committee
12 Jan 84 General Purposes Committee
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Proposals for Horsham Shop/Reigate Development / Richard Harris outlined the proposed location of the Reigate Building and Horsham Shop. With the aid of diagrams he showed that the timber framework of the Horsham Shop gave possible evidence of a pair of shops of unequal size. Access from the ground floor to the chambers was via a staircase within. Mrs Hallam gave the view that there was only one doorway on the right hand side. She reported that when the building was dismantled there appeared to be a "shadow" under the joists of the front elevation running from the left side and sloping at the assumed doorway on the right. Richard Harris reported that there was a mortice in the left hand ground post which indicated a 2nd doorway. It was generally felt that there were many possibilities in the division of the building, one being the ground floor of the larger shop being independent from the small shop which had access to the second floors. John Warren reported that documentary research of the Horsham \\
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Programme of work for next phase of Museum's development / Mr Zeuner outlined the programme of work for the next phase of the Museum's development. It was important now to set the policy and priorities of re-erecting buildings which should include Poplars Cottage, Tyndall Cottage, Petersfield Drying Shed, Cowfold Barn and Waggon Shed, and other minor buildings. The re-erection of the Horsham Shop and Reigate building would provide an extension to the educational services.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984North Cray / The foundations are in and these visible signs of progress should encourage early visitors to make a return visit later in the year. The footings should be completed by April.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Hole House / Mr Zeuner reported that the arranged meeting between representatives of Hole House and the Museum had been cancelled, and a further date had not been arranged. General AGREED not to pursue the matter further but await developments.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Photographic Competition / This was judged during December and can be considered a great success, with a total of 489 photogrpahs entered (370 adults, 119 children). The winner of the adult section was Mr Herriott of Croydon, and the children's section Damian Lilly of Tonbridge. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes were awarded in both sections ...
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Assistant warden / Out of the large number of applicants for this job, seven were interviewed and the successful candidate was James Redrobe. His appointment will commence from 1 April but he will be learning the ropes from 24 March. Cdr Redrobe has been carrying out similar duties with HMS Belfast.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Pig sty from Petworth / This has been dismantled and is being restored by Tuesday volunteers. It will be reconstructed in the Toll Cottage garden in the near future.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Carol Service / In spite of the dismal weather there was a good attendance. Our thanks go to West Sussex Youth Force for decorating Bayleaf, which always enhances the atmosphere of this popular Christmas event. The proceeds, totalling
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984Library / - reopens on Tuesday 10 Jan and thereafter on Tuesdays as usual.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Cutting / Mr Zeuner reported - the building of the storage sheds by the MSC group in the Cutting was progressing smoothly.
1984/10Members' Magazine No. 22 / October 1984Letter from the Chairman of the Friends / Sir James Waddell appeals for Committee members from the Horsham and Reigate areas, particularly because of the erection of the Reigate House and the Horsham shop (originally Glaysher's). He pushes the auction and thanks Bernard Johnson, Bruce Pailthorpe, John Friar, Carol Hawkins (now Carol Brinson) and Richard Pailthorpe'
1984/10Members' Magazine No. 22 / October 1984Why are the Timbers Painted Red? / Richard Harris reports that the timbers of North Cray showed many traces of red paint in places where it was protected from the weather. There is other evidence that many medieval timber framed houses had their timbers painted red.
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