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1970/9Guidebook / 1970The Granary from Littlehampton / This large granary was built in 1731 if we can rely on an incised brick beside the door. The farm to which it attached has a date 1732 over the door. In 1966 it became separated from the farm by the building of the new W Sussex Police HQ. As it was also in the way of projected road improvements it was offered to the Museum by WSCC in April 1969, dismantled by volunteers and taken to W Dean in June.
The Museum already had in store a granary given earlier in the year by Mr White of Yapton but priority was given to the Littlehampton granary because it is larger. Three missing staddle stones were replaced by identical ones from the Yapton granary (and two of concrete, used out of sight).
About 50% of the original bricks were used, supplemented by bricks from Boarhunt cottage.
The granary will be used as an exhibition room to illustrate the history and construction of granaries in the W&D region and as a temporary office and information centre for the Museum.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Treadwheel / Reported that Mr Walker had offered to get an estimate from a cooper for making a proper bucket.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Traffic / AGREED that cars should not drive over the meadowland and that all traffic should circulate around the edge of the site.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970'Barn' at 103 High Street, Crawley / Not a true barn but acceptable as a good example of a house demoted to an inferior use. Has more of its original structure than Mockbeggars and is in reasonable condition.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Saxon Weaver's Hut / Mr Armstrong reported that the loom would not be ready in time for the opening in September.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Lake / Initial boring by the lake had reached 8'6" at which level hard stone had been found. Heavier equipment will be used to continue drilling and water levels will be watched during the next year. Sussex River Authority had visited and approved plans for the lake.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970SPAB / Mr Lowe reported that he had been in correspondence with the SPAB and had undertaken to let his society have notice of all buildings being considered for acquisition by the museum. Hoped that the SPAB will help the museum in preserving buildings in situ.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Emergency fund / Suggested for future consideration for unexpected rescue of buildings.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Mr Peter Longley / AGREED to invite him to join the Committee.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Picnic areas / RECOMMENDED that this year the public should only be allowed to picnic in the car park or picnic sites. Mr Heymann was having notices erected on the main paths and rides in the woodlands denoting the museum's boundaries; he might put up a light fence if there was time.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Crawley 'Barn' / Not a listed building and Crawley Development Corporation have applied to W.S.C.C. for permission to demolish. Ministry of Housing & Local Government do not wish to intervene. Mr Champion reported that the building was in reasonable condition. Mr Gravett emphasised that the building is not an original barn but a house which had declined in use.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Mockbeggars / Another example of a demoted house, the original roof structure gone. If Mockbeggars came to the museum the Committee RECOMMENDED that it might only be accepted for the timbers and not for re-erection. However, situation could be different if the museum does not acquire the Crawley 'barn'. Generally AGREED that we still need to find a good barn from Kent for the Bayleaf complex.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Bournes / Mr Warren reported that Bournes will not be saved in situ but might possibly be re-erected elsewhere in Horsham for another use. Horsham U.D.C. will pay for careful dismantling if the museum will agree to take the timbers if Horsham are eventually unable to use the building. Museum would have to pay for transport but would not be committed to re-erecting the house. Committee RECOMMENDED that the museum give this guarantee to Horsham U.D.C.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Littlehampton Granary / Decided the interior should not be limewashed or plastered until the correct original treatment had been further investigated.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Titchfield Old Market Hall / U.D.C. have now declared this building dangerous. Mr Armstrong has written to Mr Dale but has not yet had an answer. Some time ago some money was raised locally to restore the building. Hoped that the museum might receive this money if it finally acquired the Old Market Hall.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Southwater forge / RECOMMENDED that the museum should not acquire the forge. Possible that a better one at Betchworth may become available.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Bayleaf / Director reported that there was now enough money in hand to start work on Bayleaf and the Committee RECOMMENDED that the re-erection of Bayleaf should be given absolute priority.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Opening arrangements for Sept. 1970 / Director explained desirability of fencing the main entrance properly before the opening, and of fencing the whole site, excluding two areas by the lake and beyond the Bayleaf complex, later in the autumn when the grazing season was over. RECOMMENDED that the fencing should be post and split oak rail which was approved by Mr Heymann.
Director reported that Phase I of the car park had been completed and pointed out that overflow parking was available round the Toll Cottage. AGREED there would be no parking on the land now being used for grazing.
Director reported on plans for positioning notice boards, litter baskets, lavatories and picnic sites. General Hawes suggested that paths should be mown to give dry access to all buildings. Mr Gravett suggested enquiring about notices manufactured by the Royal Label Factory, Stratford. There will be no form of catering this year but this needs urgent consideration for the future.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Pagham Church bell frame. / Committee RECOMMENDED acceptance as a gift.
1970/8SBC Minutes / 9 August 1970Barn at Ellis Farm, near Woking / A true barn, in good condition, and if it becomes available, should be given top priority. More suitable for Pendean than Bayleaf.
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