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1988/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1 / March 1988Examining North American Open Air Museums / Richard Pailthorpe, as winner of the Grinstead Bursary, visited several North American Open Air Museums: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the Jamestown Foundation, the Plymouth Plantation, Old Stourbridge Village, Strawberry Bank.
1988/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1 / March 1988Southdown Sheep Bought by Museum / The Museum have bought some of Mr Humphrey's Southdown sheep, which will use a traditional fold area built on site. Southdowns are now listed among the rare breeds.
1988/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1 / March 1988Arthur Langridge / Lyn Armstrong writes an obituary of Arthur Langridge who, with his wife, had constructed the Charcoal Burners' Encampment.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988CATERING / The Museum is pleased to inform you that arrangements have been made with Rachel and Guy Ellis, who run Thirteen Southgate, to undertake the running of the catering facility at the Museum.

Rebuilding work is being undertaken, and for the summer months a tent will be erected to provide more covered space.
1988/2Bulletin / February1988SITE / Since the beginning of the year progress has continued as follows:

Lurgashall Mill - Robert Demaus has been carrying out further maintenance work on the main shaft of the mill, and dressed the millstones. The mill has been thoroughly cleaned and sprayed against mill moth. Work on the banks of the mill pond to try to halt the serious erosion of the last few years laboriously continues.

Bayleaf Complex - Work on Redvins continues, despite the inclement weather. Albert Peacock has been cleaving chestnut for the roof battens required for Cowfold.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988ADDITIONS TO MUSEUM COLLECTIONS / A timber framed forge from Great Bookham has been donated to the Museum, and during the last few weeks it has been dismantled by Museum staff and volunteers. It is now in store.

A number of timbers from Boarhunt church which were inadvertently removed, have been rescued by the Museum. These are in good condition and may represent an early roof. Kevin Stubbs, Conservation Officer for Hampshire County Council, arranged their rescue. The reason the roof could be removed was that the church was a "lay peculiar" and not a parish church and therefore was being cared for by the local estate to which it belongs.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988CHARLTON BARNS / A new tenant will be moving into Charlton Barns. The small ex-dairy which is currently used by Heather Champion as a workshop will shortly be occupied by John and Val Hill, Jewellers, who live in Charlton. Heather's workshop will be moved to one end of the carpentry workshop in the western yard.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988WALTER GREENWAY'S BIRTHDAY QUIZ / This was held in Crawley Hall at the beginning of last month, and was much enjoyed by all who attended.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988CONGRATULATIONS! / Congratulations to Robert and Jackie Demaus on the birth of Anthony on 20th January.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988"SITE CALL" / Alan Waters has agreed to do a sponsored bike ride on May 11 and 12 calling at the original sites of all the buildings on the Museum site. Sponsors welcome!
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988SPRING DELIVERIES! / Andy Hodby and Alan Waters have been on a lambing course, which should ensure that all goes well when the Southdown flock lambs around Easter.
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988FORTHCOMING EVENTS AND MEETINGS / Monday 22nd February Executive Board Meeting
Saturday 12th March Trustees' Seminar
Sunday 13th March Mothering Sunday Promotion
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988FUND RAISING / A cheque for
1988/2Bulletin / February 1988STAFF / Library - We are pleased to report that the post of Librarian has been taken by Jonathan Roberts who is already well acquainted with the Library. He first came to the Museum on an MSC scheme and since then has acted as relief Librarian on a number of occasions. Jeffrey Bryant will be assisting Jonathan with library work under an MSC community Programme scheme as from the beginning of February.

Office - Doreen is off to join the bi-centenary celebrations in Australia for six weeks, and during her absence Theresa Payton from Bepton has kindly agreed to assist us. We very much hope that Doreen does not have such a nice time that she fails to return!
1988/12Bulletin / December 1988THE MILL / Over the past 3 weeks the Mill has been cleaned up from top to bottom. Every crack in every timber has been thoroughly scrubbed out to prevent a build up of flour dust in which mill moths could lay their eggs. The larvae of this moth are the infamous flour weevils which survive on a diet of grain and flour. In addition, the mill has been sprayed with a chemical called Achellic specifically used to control these pests.

Another pest supposedly on the increase all over the country is the Brown Rat. Here they are controlled by the Museum's Rat Man. However, doctors and scientists are worried about an alarming increase in Wiels Disease which is spread by these rats, and investigation is underway into innoculation against this often fatal illness. Mill workers will be encouraged to be "jabbed" before next season, if possible.

Robert Demaus has recently dressed the mill stones which were in surprisingly good condition considering the amount of milling which has gone on this year.
1988/12Bulletin / December 1988WALTER'S QUIZ / This takes place in Crawley Hall, on Sunday 15th January, on the subject of "Downland Churches". Participants are welcome to take part between 1.30 and 3.15 p.m. when tea will be served followed by the official answers!
1988/12Bulletin / December 1988JUNIOR FRIENDS / The Junior Friends will be holding their annual Christmas Party on Tuesday December 20th.
1988/12Bulletin / December 1988SITE MAINTENANCE / The notorious Tuesday Gang are once again on site! They are currently lime washing the Horsham Shop, Crawley Hall and other buildings needing attention. During the winter they will be working on a number of maintenance tasks.
1988/12Bulletin / December 1988CAROL SERVICE / The Annual Carol Service will take place on Monday 19th at 7.30 p.m. in North Cray Hall House.
1988/12Bulletin / December 1988PETERSFIELD DRYING SHED / Paul Russell will commence work on this building in the new year, and it will be opened on September 22nd by Mr Peter Johnson of Redland Bricks who have kindly sponsored the Exhibition the building will contain.

It has been possible to fund this building completely with sponsorship from ABSA (Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts) and Seaward Properties PLC.
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