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1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Southwater Forge and Wheelwright's Shop / AGREED that the forge should be reconstructed using as much of the original material as possible (desirable). Should a more interesting forge ever be found it could replace the Southwater forge, keeping the brick forge and pavement.
Mr Walker reported that there was probably a fifty-fifty chance that Mr Plewis would move to Sussex. Mr Walker had inspected another wheelwright's shop at Langton Green, near Tonbridge Wells. Mr Frost, the wheelwright, had recently died and Mr Walker thought that Mrs Frost would sell the equipment to the museum at scrap prices. There was a great deal of material that would supplement Mr Plewis's equipment. A group of experts are to examine the Crawley Barn to decide how it should be reconstructed. If it is rebuilt as a medieval house it could house the wheelwright's shop until a suitable barn can be found.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Storage / Mr Armstrong reported that storage had been acquired at Charlton Mill but was only guaranteed for one year.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Braces for Bayleaf / Mr Champion said he was having difficulty in finding a timber yard who would cut the large braces needed for Bayleaf. One or two members agreed to look around.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Working area / Mr Champion suggested that a working area should be set aside where equipment and materials could be kept. Proper access and electricity were essential. An area at the west end of the site seemed most promising, if level enough. The Director would find out the cost of bringing electricity to this area.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Bornes / Mr Armstrong reported that dismantling was under way and that the first load of materials would be delivered to the museum on 8th February.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Tree planting / Mr Warren said that an orchard should be planted to screen Bayleaf from the Pendean site and medlars, quinces, apples, plums and a mulberry were suggested. Further planting was also required to screen the car park and to soften the line of the new fence where hawthorn was suggested. Mr Champion thought that cheap trees might be obtained from Barnham's Nursery. It was also suggested that advice be sought from Mr Kessler and the West Sussex Horticultural Society.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Lavatories / AGREED that Longleys should do all the work and that Mr. Champion should only be called on to give advice. For the roof plain tiles should be used and bought in if necessary. A lavatory for the disabled should either be included in the car park block or in a separate building at Mr. Warren's discretion. Suggested that an old pump should be used for supplying drinking water. The Bayleaf lavatory units should be built immediately after the car park block and temporarily clad until the Kirdford hovel became available.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Barns / AGREED that one or more barns, interesting in themselves and in sound condition, were needed by the museum for both display and storage. Mr Armstrong was asked to pursue the offer of a small barn from Little Woolborough Farm due to be demolished for road widening. Mr Longley said he would make enquiries with the appropriate authority.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Ruth Cottage, Beckley / Mr Armstrong reported that the East Sussex County Council had offered to dismantle and deliver this building to the museum. It had been seen by Mr Dale who does not intend to list it. AGREED that the County Council's offer be accepted, he museum expressing its intention to re-erect the house in the next five years; if eventually the museum decided not to erect the house it would be returned to the County Council. Mr Armstrong was asked to continue negotiations and to seek further expert advice about the original form of the building.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Memorandum on Acquisition Policy / AGREED that there was not enough time to continue discussion but that the first part of the next meeting should be set aside for this.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Visit to the Site / Site suggested by Mr Warren for the car park lavatory block was AGREED. Site recommended for the forge and wheelwright's shop to the west of the pond was AGREED. AGREED that the Hangleton houses should be sited by the clump of trees at the extreme west of the museum site.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Hangleton Houses / Mr Armstrong reported that a group of archaeologists was preparing to reconstruct one of these 14thC houses and that it should be sited on open ground, the site allowing room for at least two houses.
1971/2SBC Minutes / 7 February 1971Car Park / Mr Warren presented a plan showing the layout of the enlarged car park.
1971/5Newsletter Number Two / May-Aug 1971Gifts in Kind / Plant Protection Ltd has cleared large areas of weeds, nettles and thistles; Rentokil continue to treat the timbers; Cobb & Co. have been supplying notices; Mr David Benson has mowed the whole site, and plans to graze his Dorset sheep on the site.
1971/5SBC Minutes / 9 May 1971Wheelwright's shop at Langton Green / Mr Walker reported that he was keeping in touch with Mrs Frost in the hope of acquiring some equipment.
1971/5Newsletter Number Two / May-Aug 1971Other Work / Roger Champion has made replicas of medieval furniture for Winkhurst, based on items in Penshurst Place and the V & A.
Mrs Bright has made a logo based on Winkhurst. Kim Leslie is preparing the Young People's Guide and a publication for teachers.
1971/5Newsletter Number Two / May-Aug 1971New Buildings / Southwater Forge is nearing completion. Mr Tilley, with a group of volunteers, has been working on Hangleton, based on evidence produced by Mr Holden; it should be completed by the end of the summer. Messrs. Longley have erected the shed from Rusper. The Lurgashall shed will be erected during the autumn. Roger Champion is making good progress with Bayleaf's frame which will be erected by September.
1971/5Newsletter Number Two / May-Aug 1971Your Newsletter / A bid for contributions.
1971/5Newsletter Number Two / May-Aug 1971Dear Member / Three new buildings are nearing completion.
1971/5Newsletter Number Two / May-Aug 1971Barbecue at the Museum / The Chichester Wine Circle held a barbecue in July, thanks to Sue Olford.
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