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1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Engine, Saw & Shed from Allington, Kent / A Blackstone gas engine and bench saw (30" saw, push movement), housed in a 20thC sectional timber shed, about 27ft x 13ft, low-pitch roof covered with felt. Had been used by Waterways Board for sawing canal timber. Dismantled and recorded by HC and John Friar, February 1984.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Horse Whim from Knatts Lane, West Kingsdown, Kent / An interesting structure, much of the timber required has been cut. Could qualify for early re-erection.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988EVENTS / Since the last bulletin a number of principal events have taken place.

Goodwood Race Meeting - June 7th:
This was an enjoyable occasion, attended by about 50 members of the Friends. The Weald & Downland Museum Stakes featured 22 runners and was won by Mawzoon, owned by Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, and trained by John Dunlop at Arundel. The weather and the number of runners was a considerable improvement on last year!

Heavy Horse Day - June 12th:
This was successful with a number of new demonstrations, in particular the introduction of a skills test for horsemen. This proved to be a difficult test and showed up well the skilled horsemen and good horses.

Princess Alexandra's Visit - 18th July:
This took place in excellent weather for such an occasion, and was a great success.

Rare Breeds Show - July 24th:
This was a highly successful event, with a record number of entries at 500, and visitors, including entrants and demonstrators on site. The attendance of nearly 5,200 was the second \\
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Refreshment facilities and museum office / The Committee were aware of the need to find an urgent solution for these.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988FUTURE EVENTS / Building Conservation Weekend 5-7 August
Executive Board Meeting 12 September, 9.30 a.m.
Friends Committee Meeting 14 September, 6.00 p.m.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Great Bookham Forge, Dorking / a simple timber framed structure from the 19thC. The forge would provide much needed additional space for demonstrations.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Granary from Chilcomb Manor, Winchester, Hants / A timber-framed granary on eleven staddle stones, approx. 18ft x 12ft, probably 17thC or early 18thC. Recorded by JRA, dismantled May 1972. In order to establish the future of this building it would necessary for the timbers to be examined in detail as soon as time permitted.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Horse Gin from North Bersted, Sussex / A thatched roundhouse (semi-circular) for a horse-driven overhead wheel, attached to a flint-walled barn. Approximately 24ft wide. No machinery survived but suitable machinery available from the Science Museum if required. Dismantled RC, 1970. This building was thought not to be typical of its type. It could possibly be attached to Court Barn.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Dovecot from Milton Street Farm, Wilmington, East Sussex / A dovecot with flint and brick exterior walls and chalk nesting boxes, about 19ft square, probably 17thC. Roof collapsed but some timbers rescued. Dismantled by RC etc, recorded by RH, February 1980.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Barn and cattle shed from Berryland Farm, Kirdford, West Sussex / Timber framed barn, probably late 17thC - early 18thC, approx. 45ft x 20ft. A good example of a very common type. The cattle shed was probably a little later in date - 66ft x 12ft, later converted into a milking shed. Also rescued were the remains of a 5-stall stable approx 34ft x 15ft (floor and rear wall only). On the same site was a granary, late 18thC - early 19thC, recorded but not dismantled. Dismantled by John Friar, recorded by RH 1970.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Granary from Claylands Farm, Ashurst, Sussex / A timber-framed building of one and half storeys, containing a granary above a card shed. Probably late 17thC or early 18thC, 27ft x 12ft, good condition, roof of Horsham stone. Recorded by Gary Bain (John Schwerdt & Partners), dismantled by volunteers 1977. The Committee commented that this building might be given priority in order to house various Museum wagons etc that were already on display.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Whittakers Cottage, Ashtead / A late 19thC softwood timber framed pair of semi-detached cottages, in good condition and well recorded. This building would make both a very good structural exhibit dealing with the building of cottages, and would also provide an opportunity for an exhibit with a good social history content.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Aisled Hall & Wing from Sole Street, Crundale, Kent / A complex and important, but very fragmentary, building, originally consisting of a single-bay aisled hall, cross passage, and solar and service end, and the solar end had largely disappeared. Few timbers, and of poor quality. Possibly 15thC. Dismantled 1970 by RC, recorded by RC, J Parkin and E Mercer. Recent examination had shown that this building was very fragmentary and many of the timbers that would be required for a sound reconstruction were not present. RH felt that a sound reconstruction would be difficult. John Warren suggested that a replica might be considered, but the Committee felt that if the level of speculation was too high this would not be acceptable. Mr Armstrong felt that the building should be given high priority.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - introduction / The Director explained that the purpose of this meeting was to review those buildings held by the Museum in store and to prepare recommendations for consideration by the Executive Board and Trustees for a programme of priorities for their re-erection. The Director explained that although it was an essential part of the final decision as to which buildings should be re-erected, financial implications should not at this stage feature. He hoped that the Committee would establish a list of recommendations that took into consideration the importance of buildings from a historical and educational standpoint. At a previous meeting the Committee had been given a list of those buildings in store. This list formed the basis of the forthcoming discussion - a revised list with comments made at the meeting is attached and forms part of these minutes.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Newdigate Bakery, Dorking / A bakehouse consisting of 3 phases: 1) timber framed building 12ft x 14ft panelled infill of brick; 2) the bakehouse adjoining the timber framed building 13ft x 16ft; 3) the oven. Adjoining this complex is a small cobblers shop 7ft square. This building was currently being dismantled. Because of its relationship with the Mill and the opportunity it would give to demonstrate a process which would be much enjoyed by the public, it was felt that if funds could be found this building could be given high priority.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988STAFF / We are very sorry to report that Doreen Andrews will be leaving the Museum on September 2nd after 6 years at the Museum. We are ALL wondering how we will cope without her, but hope she thoroughly enjoys her new job with Blueframe Ltd.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988(none) / Firstly, many apologies for the lack of a July Bulletin, due to pressure of work, holidays, etc.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988SHOP IN SADLERS WALK / This is proving reasonably successful, and will remain open until mid September.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988NEWDIGATE BAKERY / Work has continued over the last few weeks on dismantling this building. Heather Champion has been undertaking this work which is now nearly complete. Detailed recording of the brickwork has been carried out and every face brick and all principal bricks in the oven structure have been numbered so that the reconstruction will be of an order of accuracy not so far achieved in brick or stonework reconstruction at this Museum.
1988/8Bulletin / August 1988BAYLEAF COMPLEX / Roger Champion has now completed work on the main structure of Cowfold Barn and has turned his attention to the restructured outshots on the east and south sides. These are to be built by the end of August. Paul Russell is assisting.

This building is looking very impressive and is well worth a visit.
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