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1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Cottage at Reigate / Notified by Miss Harding. Has been severely damaged by fire and is not suitable for collection by the museum.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Treatment of Bayleaf curtilage / AGREED a garden around Bayleaf would not stand up to the number of visitors, nor was it likely to be historically accurate. An orchard would be more realistic and practical. The curtilage should be defined with a simple hedge and laid out informally with species as near as possible to contemporary ones. Detailed arrangements are left to the decision of Messrs. Armstrong, Lowe, Zeuner, Newell and Mrs Hallam.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Metalling of road across site / The cost will be about one thousand pounds. For this reason and so that the ground may dry out, the work will be deferred until the summer.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Saxon hall / The drawings presented to the Committee indicate an almost complete framework and would appear to be a more substantial structure than had been envisaged.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973The Master Plan / Some misgivings were voiced but discussion was hampered by the absence of Mr Warren. The Committee was concerned in case the detail shown in certain areas of the map might create a wrong impression in the Planning Authority. AGREED: the plan be endorsed "sites are diagrammatic and the actual location of each will be subject to individual application for approval; the area west of site 9 be marked 'unallocated' except for indication of the position of Hangleton cottage and the proposed site for a glasshouse; the area of woodland east of site 9 be marked "subject to landscaping". Mr Lowe agreed to present these amendments to the Council of Management.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Crawley building / A committee to organise a local appeal has been set up.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Titchfield Market Hall / After considerable discussion, it was AGREED that as a matter of principle the appearance of a museum building should, so far as possible, represent its original state, and the museum reconstructions should not be used to demonstrate uncertainties nor the variety of possible interpretations - although these should be fully explained in literature. Mr Lowe suggested this was particularly important in the case of the market hall since it would always be one of the most important and visually outstanding of the museum's buildings. The following details were AGREED: a) the bay-posts - should be timber and seated on a stone pad. The Committee accepted that it may be necessary to replace one original corner post; b) treatment of east end bay: north wall - to be infilled with brick, without a middle rail; west wall (partition) - to have full-height studs with brick infilling; east wall - to be as in diagram 3, on both sides of the doorway; gallery - to have brick infilling below the rai \\
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Opening Arrangements for 1973 / The Museum will be open from 1100 to 1800 on Easter Weekend, then all Sundays to 19th May, then Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Bank Holidays until. 30th September, then 1000 to 1700 on Wednesdays and Sundays until end of October
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Special Seminar / Details of the seminars for Friends. Afternoon "The Development of the Museum" 1400 to 1730 on 28th April 1973. Weekend Course "Open Air Museum in Europe" 1800 8th June to 1700 10th June.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973New members of the Friends / There are 930 Friends. More wanted.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Can you help us - Needs of the Museum / Special needs are: old carpets or rugs for the granary or the office; high stools for the shop; plumber services; strong boxes for our craft tools; steel scaffold tube; hardcore and topsoil; a second hand cement mixer. Contact Julia Hett.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973The Goodwood Granary / The Goodwood Estate have given the Museum a granary, which will be brought to the Museum on a low loader under the direction of Chris Zeuner. It will be used as the Office. It will cost
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Treasurer to the Friends / Mr Hill has taken the the Friends' accounts from Kim Leslie and Julia Hett.
Kim Leslie will continue as Treasurer of the Open Air Museum.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Gonville Cottage / Will be vacated by mid February; the Museum will be offered a lease. There would be advantages to the museum in renting the adjacent patch of waste land.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973The Hambrook Barn / The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust have given
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Friends' Subscriptions / Asking Friends to pay the
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Seminar and Weekend Course / We are staging a seminar and weekend course for Friends and Volunteers.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Dear Member / We had just on 80,000 visitors last year. One Sunday in October there were 2,300 visitors. In term time we had 35,000 schoolchildren. Doug Bryant took up the job of Warden; Miss Julia Hett frequently ran the museum. An appeal for volunteer stewards.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Tree Planiting at the Museum / Donations towards planting trees are welcome
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Future Developments for 1973/1974 / During the last two months Roger Champion has been finishing off Bayleaf and Hambrook. Then he will improve the storage in the cutting. , Then he will finish the erection of Titchfield Market Hall. Then he will begin work on Pendean. The V & A has promised a grant of
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