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1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Lavant Building - Siting / There was wide-ranging discussion of the immediate and future function of the building, with general agreement that eventual use as a dwelling was unlikely. The immediate use as a shop necessitates ready access both for museum visitors and for goods delivery. A situation on the edge of the village group was AGREED to be the best solution. Inspection of potential sites on the north of the Market Hall resulted in agreement that the building should be positioned to the north east of the Crawley building, parallel to the side road from the Market place to the Forge. After measuring the site the following detail was AGREED: a) the Crawley Building should be aligned on the north side of the Market Place with its ground line 13' from the Market Hall, and its west end extending beyond the Market Hall to a position near the gulley. This would allow space on the east of it for a twitten and one building of about 20' width; b) the Lavant building should be positioned in line with the s \\
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Council of Management - Working Party Draft Reports / The Director described the intention of the policy statements which are being compiled from discussions of various aspects of the Museum's activities. The document is being produced in sections some of which will concern this committee. The draft statements will be circulated for consideration and debate by this Committee before being decided.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Clements Farm, Rochester - Possible Acquisition / Mr Zeuner described the building which is 'Listed' as Grade III. It has been derelict for some time. Mr Swain's report describes it as a part medieval open hall with crosswing and 19thC addition. The service end has a rebuilt roof. The framing of the walls may be original, but there is some doubt. The Director considers the structure poses more problems of interpretation than the report suggests and recommends that before a decision is made more positive and detailed information is desirable. He considers that permission should be sought for examining the building more closely. AGREED.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Mays Farmhouse, Cheriton - Possible Acquisition / Although of a style which would interest the Museum, this continuous jetty house is in poor (condition) and its acceptance could not be recommended. AGREED that, should it be demolished, some of the materials, particularly bricks and panelling, would be valuable to the Museum.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976The Platt, Horsell, Surrey - Possible Acquisition / Mr West described this early 16thC building of two bays and smokebay which may be available for the Museum. AGREED the period and style of the building suggested it would be an asset to the Museum. It will be inspected before the next meeting.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976List of types of buildings desirable for Museum acquisition / Col. Jefferis proposed that the Committee should discuss and compile such a list.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Wheelwright's Shop / The Director reported that Mr Plewis has nearly completed the layout out of the tools ands furnishings. His personal involvement has led to a feeling of authenticity which will undoubtedly be admired.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Daub / Mr Warren reported on the experimental work on daub which is being organised in conjunction with international research on the preservation of mud buildings. At the Museum, some panels of daub have been given various treatments and the effects are being monitored in agreement with similar experiments elsewhere.
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976The jettied upper hall from Crawley / In 1 page Roy Armstrong describes the plan by John Warren and Alan Robson for building building the upper hall from Crawley including modern ends to replace the missing bays. Roger Champion will do the repair work.
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976The Jettied Upper Hall from Crawley / Drawing of Southern Elevation of Crawley Hall by John Warren and Alan Robson
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976Current projects nearing completion. / Pendean will be open at Easter. Geoff Kent and John Friar have built the complicated chimney.
Anthony Simmons has nearly completed the Watersfield Stable. Mr Plewis, who gave his whole wheelwright's equipment to the Museum, will establish a wheelwright's shop in it.
The workshop is now established at Singleton Station.
Mr & Mrs Powicke have restored a road waggon to provide a place for tea for coach drivers.
Heather Jackson (later Heather Champion) has produced teachers' leaflets.
Lining of the lake hoped for by mid-summer.
Collection of old newspapers made
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976Museum News / Last year was a good season with fine weather, but repair work is necessary. A planned replanting programme has started, including the felling of some trees. The Selsey Waggon shed was blown down in a gale and is unlikely to be reparable.
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976Museum Schools Service / Heather Jackson ( later Heather Champion) describes the work with schools in 1 page.
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976Safety on site / In an article by Chris Zeuner on safety, he lists action necessary as a result of the Health and Safety at Work Act.
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976Dates for your diary / The programme of events include 6 seminars, 3 exhibitions and a buffet supper
Speakers Frank Gregory, John Warren, Arthur Plewis, Richard Harris, E Brookes and John Lowe.
1976/4Members' Magazine No. 7 / Spring 1976Base Cruck Cottage from Boarhunt, East Hampshire / Richard Harris describes the base cruck cottage from Boarhunt in 1 page with 3 drawings. Anthony Simmons will commence the repair of the timbers after Watersfield Stable
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Ebernoe Brick Kiln / The Director reported on the interest of this small Scotch Kiln. It has been surveyed, is now being dismantled and brought to the Museum, although there is no proposal at present for re-erecting it.
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Director's Report on Building Progress - Wheelwright's shop / Mr Plewis will be visiting the Museum shortly to set up the Wheelwright's Shop in the Watersfield Building.
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Director's Report on Building Progress - Lake / subject to weather, laying of the polythene lining should take place in early April. This would then need to be covered with sand and clay. It is hoped to have the lake filled with water by the main summer season.
1976/3SBC Minutes / 28 March 1976Crawley Building / The Director reported on his meeting with the architects at which agreement was reached on the specification for reconstruction. Drawings have been submitted for Planning approval. Mr Robson listed the main points of agreement: a) the building should be extended at each end; b) the ground floor should be partitioned so that there would be no communication between the exhibition area and the first bay; c) the stair should be in an extension at the rear; d) a store for photographic records should be provided on the ground floor of the extension bay; e) the glazed screen on the upper floor should be set back 18" from the truss; f) the doors should be arranged in the downstair lobby area so that the lobby is open to the staircase well. Discussion resulted in the following AGREED amendments and additions: item f) above - to retain the door from staircase to the lobby but to consult the Fire Authorities about the direction of its opening; item e) above - the glazed screen should be lined up \\
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