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1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991What? Where?Why? / Walter Greenway's quiz returns this winter
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991VISITOR NUMBERS / The season's trend of being approximately 7,000 visitors ahead of the same time last year has continued and we should finish the season with about 170,000 visitors. There has been a considerable increase in the number of school parties and, despite the recession, an encouraging increase in the number of family visits. However, our adult numbers have decreased, notably at weekends, and this is an area we shall be looking to improve on next year.
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991APPLE DAY / Despite the weather, Apple Day was a successful and interesting occasion attended by nearly 1,000 people.

The West Sussex WI brought a wide range of products containing apples and Brinsbury Agricultural College provided advice on growing and identifying the different varieties. In addition there were a number of other exhibitors displaying or demonstrating something to do with apples.

The Apple Day will probably become a bi-annual event.
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991LIVERY COMPANY DAY / The skies took the title of this fundraising event literally - and opened. Despite the appalling wild wind and rain some seventy Worshipful Company representatives came, mainly Clerks, Masters and their wives. They were welcomed by Martin Caroe, Museum Trustee and Chairman of the Plumbers' Company Committee in charge of their exhibition and workshop in Court Barn.

Tours of the Museum in the company of Museum staff, Trustees and Volunteers were followed by an excellent lunch provided by the Museum's Caterers. At lunch Michael Giles of the Painter-Stainers' Company announced that they had already offered
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991BREAKFAST AT LEISURE / Those of you who went on the recent study tour of museums in Belgium, Germany and Holland will know that it certainly was not "Breakfast at Leisure" as suggested in the tour timetable. Far from it! The tour operators must have planned for the coach to sprout wings and fly between sites according to the journey times they gave - hence the hurried breakfasts and early morning starts. Nevertheless everyone took it in good spirit and had an excellent, informative trip which has given much food for thought. It was good to see how larger Open Air Museums have developed, even if we were a little jealous of the financial assistance they received from their Governments. But of course size isn't everything and small is beautiful!
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991FROM THE COLLECTIONS / The last few weeks have seen yet more interesting items donated to our collections. These have included oil lamps, plumbers' tools, an animal feed "Rapid Potato Masher", bill hooks, livestock accessories, old baking tins and a garden roller once used at Fitzhall, Iping, circa 1910.

It was also a pleasure to receive for the collections a door donated by Mr Dale Johnson. Originally from a jettied timber framed building in the London Road, Sevenoaks, the door is formed of three oak planks butt jointed into rebates, and with three ledges but no braces. The door furniture also comprises two very worn T-strap hinges, and a blacksmith made "floral" style ring pull. There is a hole for a finger operated latch and three key holes for no longer existing locks. In its later life, the door had been nailed shut and the back limewashed. It is difficult to date the door, but Roger Champion estimates that it is 17th century at least, or possibly earlier. This is the type of donation that w \\
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991CHRISTMAS LUNCH / The Museum Caterers are arranging for Christmas Lunch to be available in Sole Street in the 3 weeks prior to Christmas. Should anyone be interested, the price is
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Normandy in 1993? / Marjorie Hallam is offering to lead a tour to Normandy in 1993. Contact Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson)
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Carols in North Cray House / The Carols will be held in Nortn Cray
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991WHO'S WHO ON THE MILLPOND - OR A LAYMAN'S GUIDE TO A LOOSE GOOSE / We are constantly being asked in the Mill by concerned members of the public if we know that some of the geese on the mill pond have broken wings. I thought it a good idea to clarify the situation and give you a quick identification guide.

The majority of geese on the pond are Canada Geese which are large, black, brown and white geese with black heads. Some seem to be permanent residents while at certain times of the year their numbers are greatly increased by outsiders. One of the residents has a strange disability in that he has grown an extra wing beneath his normal one; this means he cannot fly and his normal wing protrudes at an odd angle, giving the impression that it is broken.

The two small light brown geese with pink bills and feet are Lesser Pink Footed Geese which are quite aggressive and come and go at will.

The large waddling goose with the orange bill is a Graylag we call Barley. He was either shot or flew into \\
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Visitor Numbers Up Despite Recession / Visitor numbers in 1991 up to the end of August were 135,000; cf 127,500 in 1990. 5,000 came to the Rare Breeds - a record! The Natural World Craft Fair organised by Virginia Lyon attracted 7,500 people in 3 days, and raised
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Reigate Townhouse Project Receives
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Tim Heymann retires / Tim Heymann is retiring as Agent with the Edward James Foundation, His place is taken by Simon Ward
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Friends' Spring Tour in Lincoln and South Humberside. / The 1992 Tour will be to Lincoln and South Humberside. Places to see include; Museum of Lincolnshire Life, National Cycle Museum, National Fishing Heritage Centre at Grimsby, Gainsborough Old Hall. Contact Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson)
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Friends' Fund Raising Dinner in November / A fund raising dinner will be held in the Coronation Hall in Slindon. The speaker will be Ross MacGregor-Wood, wife ot Neil MacGregor-Wood, our Trustee. Contact Virginia Lyon
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Vital Sponsorship / The Carringdale Garage of Bognor Regis and P & O Travel have given valuable sponsorship
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991New Vice Presidents and new staff / Marjorie Hallam and Geoffrey Godber have been elected Vice-Presidents. Gill Clifton has joined the staff as Bookkeeper
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Brick Exhibition Opened in June / The Brick Exhibition in the Petersfield Drying Shed opened in June. The displatys, written by Richard Harris, deal with the use of bricks in bulding and include mock-ups of different techniques. Generous sponsorship came from the Redland Brick Company. Richard Harris had a long session with Cecil Waters an ex-foreman of the Causeway Brick Works, Petersfield,
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Busy South of England Show / The Museum had a large display at the South of England Show, and launched a book by Valerie Porter "The Southdown Sheep". , which was punblished by John Wiley and Sons.
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991EAOAM Celebrates Skansen's Centenary / The European Association of Open Air Museums held its conference in Sweden to celebrate the centenary of the world's first Open Air Museum at Skansen, founded by Artur Hazelius. Chris Zeuner was accompanied by Bob Powell. Richard Pailthorpe is Chairman of the Chichester Visitors Group and has been elected to the South East England Tourist Board Executive and Commercial Members Group Committee.
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