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1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Visit by Richard Mabey - August 14th / At 5pm on that Wednesday Richard Mabey, the Naturalist, who is well know for his books and broadcasting on "free food" from the countryside, will be conducting a walk through the Museum wood, pointing out edible plants an fungi and other interesting facts about the countryside. The walk is limited to about 25 people at a cost of
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Charcoal Burner's Camp / Alan Waters has commenced the re-building of this and the associated exhibitions.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Newick Plumbers Workshop / During the second week of July we shall be removing this shop. It has been donated to the Museum by Mrs J Hunt. We propose to lift the structure from its existing site without dismantling it and bring it to the Museum. Horley Road Services will, once again, provide the lorry and the crane.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Hay Barn / At about the same time in July (as the removal of the Newick Plumbers Workshop - see previous entry) Roger Champion will commence dismantling a small hay barn. This is an unusual building rather like a Dutch barn and it is currently at Ockley Court Farm, Ockley, Surrey
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985M S C Library Scheme / The Museum is recruiting for this new scheme and there are several part-time vacancies. There are complicated qualifications required by the MSC and further information may be obtained either from Louise Jaggard or Caroline Hallam in the Library.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985REMINDERS / 10.7.85 Research and Museum Directors' Meeting. 11.30
13.7.85 Southern Early Music Forum. 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
21.7.85 Show for Rare Breeds.
23.7.85 G.P.C. 9.a.m.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Visitor Numbers / In spite of the indifferent weather so far this year and the loss of a potential 1,500 visitors at the Heavy Horse weekend, we are almost 6,000 ahead of our 1983 total.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Sponsored Cycle Ride / Alan Waters completed his ride and was well ahead of schedule. Promised cash is coming in, but rather slowly; hopefully the final figures will be ready for the next Bulletin.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Southern Early Music Forum - Saturday, 13.7.85. / Come and join in the dances of 17th century England. No previous dancing experience is necessary. The dances will be taught by John Dibdin with demonstrations by experienced dancers. Musicians directed by Jeremy Barlow will accompany. Tickets
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Museum Caravan / This will be going to Chichester Gala on July 6th, Queen Elizabeth Country Park on July 13th and Goodwood Races between July 30th and August 3rd.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Good Food Guide / Notice to visitors: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE PIGS - (Old Spot Cross, a special breed). We read it and obeyed. But in their greed the piglets didn't pause; with one accord
grunting, dribble-jawed,
panting for lunch,
snap, crackle, crunch,
they both began to munch
the notice board.
A true pig-tale by Ian Serraillier.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Gate by Caf
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Show for Rare Breeds / In association with the Sussex Regional Group of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, the Museum will be hosting the first Singleton Show for Rare Breeds on July 21st. The number of show entries has exceeded all expectations and the total so far is over 200. There are classes for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, Jacob sheep and fleeces. There will also be displays of rabbits and poultry and relevant country craft demonstrations. A Grand Parade of prize winners will take place at 3.30 p.m. in the arena, which will be preceded by a sheep dog demonstration and a demonstration involving Dales ponies.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Open Evening / On Friday, August 16th, we shall be holding an Open Evening for residents of the Lavant valley from Binderton to Upwaltham. The idea is to introduce the Museum to more local people, many of whose only contact with the Museum is negotiating the hold-ups caused by coaches outside our entrance on a busy schools day. All volunteers and members of Staff who would be prepared to take part in this evening please let us know. There will be no entrance charge.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Heavy Horse Day / This was a success despite reduced numbers due to rain. 3,500 people attended. Our thanks go to all staff, volunteers and the Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association for helping to make it a good Show.
1985/6Bulletin / June 1985New Addition to Collection / Farm implements from Ashdown Forest have now been acquired by the Friends for the Museum. It includes wagons, carts, Ploughs, rakes, mowers, drainage tools, scythes and all the paraphernalia of a small farmstead. Mr Stephens [Stephenson??] farmed in the traditional manner using a horse right up to the time of his death. He still stacked loose hay and cut it with a knife. Harness for his horse still hung in the stable. An Open Day at Charlton is planned for the Autumn which will allow people to see the new acquisitions.
1985/6Bulletin / June 1985Sponsored Cycle Ride / Alan Waters is on his way from Lands End to John o'Groats and when he last phoned in he had reached Perth at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, 28th May, and was 70 plus miles ahead of schedule. Only another 215 miles to go! The amount of sponsorship, both paid and promised, now totals
1985/6Bulletin / June 1985Guided Tours and Introductory Talks / We are very grateful to Walter Greenway, Ethel Buvyer and Eve Becher for giving guided tours and introductory talks to parties during the season.
1985/6Bulletin / June 1985Filming at the Museum / We have concluded negotiations for the production of a new Hovis commercial. The film will use the field adjacent to the Museum and will have the long straw harvest as background. It is also probable that a second commercial will be made involving ploughing.
Just recently an American Mail Order firm made arrangements to film their models against the backdrop of our "so lovely old buildings". Unfortunately, in the event, they cancelled, but they were good enough to pay us a cancellation fee for the arrangements we had made for them.
Last month we had Lord Settrington here taking photographs for Burberry's and he was using Bayleaf, the Forge and Court Barn. A fee will be coming from this source also.
1985/6Bulletin / June 1985Sheep Shearing / David Humphrey and Horace Oliver will be demonstrating hand shearing on Saturday 1st June.
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