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1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987The Classic Slum / A photographic exhibiition based on Robert Roberts's book "the Classic Slum" will be on show in October
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Museum Special Events, 1987 / Special events for 1987 included: Novice Sheep Dog Trials, Tools of the Trade Day, Show for Rare Breeds, and Heavy Horse Day
Mr S. Fruin won the Karova Farms Cup at the Sheep Dog Trials; the Museum was helped by John Mills and Roger Linley. Jane Rees helped the Tools of the Trade. Bad weather spoilt the Rare Breeds Show; Tim Finney presented the prizes; John Crozier worked hard.
Commentary at the Heavy Horse Day was given by John Lovatt, and an interesting exhibit was a horse drawn turf cutter supplied by Nigel Westacott.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Display of Decorative Interior Painting in the Reigate House / Richard Harris describes the interior painting of two rooms in the Reigate House which will be preserved. The upper room will be displayed as it would jhave been while the painting was being carried out. A figure will be installed and a tape-recorded commentary made. The lower room will be used to inform visitors about other late 16th/early 17th Century paintings including the Fittleworth panels. Access to the basement is from outside. It will be used to house a display of materials and equipment which belonged to the Petworth Estate painters' workshop.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Twentieth Anniversity celebrations. / The 20th anniversary was celebrated with a party in Market Square. A team of ten from ages 10 to 75 represented the Museum at the Chichester march, raising
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Jigger Wheels restored / A pair of jigger wheels used for hauling large butts of timber, which came from Nurstead House, have been restored by Keith Randall.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Vivat Trust / Vivat Trust is offering a holiday in Eyton-on-Severn
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Conservation of Traditional Buildings: Current Practices and Policies / A course led by Richard Harris is being run by the Museum and Southampton University Adult Education Department. Contact Caroline Sargent
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Race Meeting / A number of Friends went to the evening race meeting at Goodwood, which included the Weald and Downland Museum Stakes. It was spoilt by bad weather.
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987Three Tax Saving Ways to Help the Museum / Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) describes three ways of inceasing your contribution to the funds through tax allowances. Payroll Deduction Scheme, Deed of Covenant and Legacies. [For details see original]
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987The Museum Appraises its Policy / Chtris Zeuner has written a report on the developments for the next 15 years.
Since the shop and entrance arrangements should be combined close to the car park, Hambrook Barn will house the entrance facility and the shop; the office will be moved to Crawley Hall ground floor; the library will move to Lavant. More attentrion must be paid to conservation of the collection. The recreational facilities of the Museum are self-financing, but education needs financial support. The aim should not be to increase visitor numbers too much. Car parking up to 20% higher is possible. A professional study of catering should be undertaken.
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987Winkhurst Farm: How it Developed / Roger Champion has repaired Winkhurst and Richard Harris gives a history of its development in 5 stages: 1 It was built up against a building to the South, with its access at both levels from that building, and another building was erected on the West side; 2 Access to both levels was altered to the West side, through a door at the ground level, and an opening direct to stairs to the upper level; 3 (Tenuous!) The West half of the open bay was floored; 4 Massive chimney stack inserted in the Western half of the open bay; 5 The stairs were moved to the North East corner of the closed bay. [This is my interpretation. It is advisable to see the original report]
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987David Biart / David Biart is retiring as Chairman and emigrating to Canada. Sir James Waddell will act as Chairman until June.
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987Projects for 1987 / Horsham/Reigate Project. Neil Wilkins, Albert Peacock and Gary Browning have battened and daubed Horsham Shop. The Reigate House has been repaired by Peter McCurdy, and will be re-erected after Easter,
Bayleaf. Rolger Champion is repairing the Cowfold Barn. Alan Waters is erecting the fences. The winter "Tuesday Gang" have been dismantling a cattle shed at Redvins.
Toll Cottage. The inner room, designed by Margaret Williams, will be furnished in time for the season. A mannekin will be installed in the carpenter's shop.
Watersfield Stable. Roger Champion fitted out the stable, and William, the cart horse, and Champers, his Shetland companion, are housed there.
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987Fund Raising / Grants received in the winter: Idlewiild Trust,
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987Vice Chairmanship of the Friends / Walter Greenway retires as Vice-Chairman, replaced by Virginia Lyon. He remains a Trustee
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987New Guidebook / Richard Harris has revised and updated the Guidebook. It will be published in May.
1987/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 28 / March 1987Staff Changes / Marjorie Hallam is retiring. A new post, Keeper of the Collection, will be made and advertised, Heather Champion will work part time from April 1st. John Williams is the new Assistant Warden. Jackie Demaus will be Research Assistant to Richard Harris, Neil Wilkins will leave next year.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Fund raising / The following grants and donations have been received..

Idlewild Trust
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Librarian / After many years as Hon. Librarian Mrs Hallam has decided that the time has come for her to retire from this post. She has been the main force in developing the library as a useful part of the Museum's service and her contribution is much appreciated.

Following this news it has been decided that the time has come for a full time post to be created with responsibility for the library and for the collections held by the Museum. This post is shortly to be advertised. Its title will be Keeper of the Collections. Full Job description can be seen at the Museum Office.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987The Chairman / Sadly we have to announce that David Biart will be retiring as Chairman of the Museum at the next AGM. David will be retiring early from his legal practice in Chichester and going to live in Canada. David looked after the affairs of the Museum at an important stage seeing the committees through the recent reorganisation.
We are sorry to see him go.

For the present Sir James Waddell will be acting Chairman, and the Trustees will appoint a new Chairman at their meeting in June.
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