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1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Horsham/Reigate / C Zeuner reported that the foundations had been laid and the Horsham Shop timbers were well underway. The Shop would be erected during the week 14 January next year and completed in 10 days. Tenders for the link structure had been received. The Finance & General Purposes Committee had agreed that a tender of
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984North Cray - Interpretation / C Zeuner reported the timber framework and infilling was nearly completed. He stressed the importance of interpretation of the later building phases, i.e. the insertion of the smoke bay. Richard Harris reported that at the time of dismantling the building there was no recording made of the inserted partition incorporating the smoke bay. He suggested putting a display explaining the structural alterations in the upper room in the parlour end of the building. The general opinion of the Committee was that the smoke bay partitions should be inserted and the open hall retained. C Zeuner felt that there was a need for furnishing the building. He suggested a new approach using stage set methods. Richard Harris was concerned that this would incur more expense than the use of photographs. It was generally felt that the Museum should experiment with a stage set approach, but the hall would initially be the best position for interpretive panels in the viewing space area. Richard \\
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Plumbers / The Plumbing Committee held their A.G.M. here on November 13th. The increased number of demonstrations by technical colleges has been a feature of this year, and Phil Mead from Chichester College of Technology is to be congratulated on his efforts in this direction. The Chairman of the Committee, Past Master Henry Baker, was re-elected.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Christmas Office Closing and Duty Rotas. / The Office and the Library will be closed from December 24th to 28th inclusive and on January 1st. Rotas for Staff and Volunteers on duty over the holiday to look after the public and to care for the stock are being prepared. The Museum will be open on Boxing Day and Tuesday 1st January, as well as the usual Sundays and Wednesdays.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Jim Hampshire / We are pleased to see Jim back at work and looking fit again.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Christmas Presents / Have you remembered the ties at
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Beningfield Prints / The sale of these prints to date has raised
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Biskupin / Next stop Nottingham.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Raffle / Thanks are very much due to all who sold, recorded and folded the tickets.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Visitor Numbers / To October 31st - 172,000. This compares well with the 152,000 visitors last year, but is still 4,000 short of the 1982 record total.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Paula Muller / Has been assisting Robert Demaus in the Mill throughout the year. She has now obtained full-time work and we are sorry to see her go as we understand she was an excellent worker.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Barns from Northchapel / These have been despatched to Stanton, Virginia and we understand that the Museum of Frontier Culture is now being launched.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Building pieces / We have taken delivery of a crown post roof truss from Bishops Waltham Palace, which will form part of our Building Collection. This item was donated by the Historic Buildings & Monuments Commission for England.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Museum Caravan / The caravan, accompanied by William and his timber carriage, attended the Southern Counties ploughing match near Billingshurst, giving good publicity to the Museum.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Biskupin / This exhibition is now in Cambridge - next stop Northampton.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Junior Friends / The first season has come to an end and there are over 70 children as members - Elizabeth Newbery is hopeful that they will not all turn up at once.
If there are any volunteers or Friends with special skills (which would interest children) and who would be willing to demonstrate them on one Saturday morning next year, please contact Elizabeth Newbery on Chichester 785326.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Library Opening Hours / Winter opening will be Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. All other days by appointment.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Jim Hampshire / Has been away from work for several weeks following an operation and a short spell in hospital. We understand he is making good progress and we look forward to-seeing him back at work before long.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Gordon Stevens / Has driven Mr Humphries' digger for many years and is leaving the firm. We shall be sorry not to see him working on the site as many who know him will realise that all the car parks, tracks and foundations have been skilfully dug and laid by Gordon. We wish him luck in his new job.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Beningfield prints / Frames for the small prints are available in the shop at a special price of
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