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Ref - 21352Eva BrethertonGathering the hops / Sussex County Magazine, 11927E/17.39
Ref - 21352by Arthur BeckettThe ox team in Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, I : 111927E/17.38
Ref - 21352Crowhurst HuntOtter hunting in Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, I : 81927E/29.2
Ref - 21352Arthur BeckettOld time medicines in Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 11927E/31.0
Ref - 21352Maud RobinsonThe ox team in Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 11927E/17.38
Ref - 21352Kenneth PoveyCharlotte Smith / Sussex County Magazine, 11927E/51
Ref - 21352by A A EvansThe village blacksmith in transition : how he may be aided / Sussex County Magazine, I : 11926E/33.90
Ref - 21354by William LawSome ancient Sussex dovecotes / Sussex County Magazine, VI : 5 : May1932B/23.4
Ref - 21357Martin HigginsInfill materials to timber frames / DBRG News, 1202012B/05.2
Ref - 21375Martin Bridge, Daniel MilesDendrochronogically dated doors in Great Britain / Regional Furniture, XXVI2012B/06.3
Ref - 21375Nicholas RiallA Tudor cupboard at Cotehele and associated carpentry work from the Welsh Marches / Regional Furniture, XXVI2012E/33.2
Ref - 21375Christopher PickvanceMedieval domed chests in Kent : a contribution to a national and international study / Regional Furniture, XXVI2012E/33.28
Ref - 21375Aidan HarrisonA small Scottish chest / Regional Furniture, XXVI2012E/33.28
Ref - 21381Adela WrightRemoving paint from old buildings / SPAB News, 7 : 31986B/07.4
Ref - 21381SPAB NewsThatcher's golden rule / SPAB News, 7 : 31986B/05.62
Ref - 21381SPAB NewsParchitecture / SPAB News Summer 1986, 7 : 31986B/01.6
Ref - 21381SPAB NewsHair-raising, hair-plasters, anthrax and the rule of law / SPAB News, 7 : 31986B/07.3
Ref - 21381Jack DawsonTimber repairs using resins / SPAB News, 7 : 31986B/10.2
Ref - 2140by J T SmithThe Norman structure of Leominster Priory church / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 111963B/26
Ref - 2140by D C Bailey and M C TindallDovecotes of East Lothian / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 111963B/23.4
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