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Ref - 7851Bruce McCay and John WilliamsFaults in wool / The Ark, XIII : 91986E/17.33
Ref - 7851John L JonesThe art of the crookmaker / The Ark, 13 No91986E/17.33
Ref - 786William LinnardBark stripping in Wales / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/33.61
Ref - 786Hugh CheapeQuestionnaires and the grain harvest in Scotland / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/17.37
Ref - 786David SmithSome flat-roof thatch survivals / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978B/05.62
Ref - 786S Minwel TibbottKnitting stockings in Wales : a domestic craft / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/74
Ref - 786Laura JonesDress in nineteenth-century Ireland / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/74
Ref - 786by James PorterThe Turriff family of Fetterangus : society, learning, creation and recreation of tradiitional song / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/79
Ref - 7862The ArkFarm visits : rare breeds in education / The Ark, 15 : 11988E/17.36
Ref - 7867by P Wakeham-DawsonThe Southdown sheep / The Ark, XV N81988E/17.33
Ref - 787by A F J BrownWorking-class movements in the countryside 1790-1850 / Amateur Historian, 3 N21956-7E/23
Ref - 7878by Matthew Alexander and Julia ArthurExcavations and building recording at 196 High Street, Guildford / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 801990B/03.1
Ref - 7878by Alan BottRake Manor, Godalming / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 801990E/15
Ref - 7878G H ColeReport on excavations at Brookside, Bridge Road and off Half Moon Street, Bagshot, Surrey / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 801990E/61.8
Ref - 788by Gordon WardHorse shoes / Amateur Historian, 3 : 3 : Spring1957E/33.32
Ref - 788by D A McKayThe historian and the forger / Amateur Historian, 3 : 3 : Spring1957E/64
Ref - 7880by P F RyderOxspring Lodge : reconstructing a Yorkshire hunting lodge / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 191985B/10
Ref - 7880by J G CoadHurst Castle : the evolution of a Tudor fortress 1790-1945 / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 191985B/27
Ref - 7881by Timothy EastonThe internal decorative treatment of 16th- and 17th-century brick in Suffolk / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 201986B/07.4
Ref - 7881by Russell Fox and K J BartonExcavations at Oyster Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1968-71 / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 201986E/61.8
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