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Ref - 7072David Jacques'The Chief Ornament' of Gray's Inn : thee walks from Bacon to Brown / Garden History, 17 N11989B/08.1
Ref - 7072Elisabeth H WhittleThe Renaissance gardens of Raglan Castle / Garden History, 17 N11989B/08.1
Ref - 7072Robert J G SavageNatural history of the Goldney Garden grotto, Clifton, Bristol / Garden History, 17 N11989B/08.5
Ref - 7080Robert ThorneThe King's Cross challenge / English Heritage Magazine, 51989B/10
Ref - 7080Angela MorganA place of one's own? Osborne House / English Heritage Magazine, 51989M/01
Ref - 7080Michael MillikenLandmarks of faith / English Heritage Magazine, 51989B/26
Ref - 7095The Petworth SocietyCraggs the plumbers : John Standing was talking to John Grimwood and the Editor / The Petworth Society Magazine, 571989E/37.2
Ref - 7095The Petworth SocietyCalves and commoners : For a Nineham was talking to Janet Austin and the Editor / The Petworth Society Magazine, 571989E/56
Ref - 7107Stephen HallThe Southdown sheep : development and conservation / The Ark, XVI N61989E/17.33
Ref - 7107by Malcolm ThompsonEvolution of poultry Part 3 : early British types / The Ark, XVI : 61989E/17.35
Ref - 7109Andrew SimWeald and downland : the varied vernacular buildings of the southeast of England / Traditional Homes, 6 : 11989B/01.3
Ref - 7109Andrew SimGas lamps & gargoyles / Traditional Homes, October1989B/06.9
Ref - 7164The Petworth SocietyWorking for Mr. Leazell : Stan Adsett was talking to Audrey Grimwood and the Editor / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 581989B/02.3
Ref - 7166John FoyCommunity spirit : architecture of this country's Moravian settlements / Traditional Homes, December1989B/26
Ref - 7166Michael ThorntonYorkshire accents : the vernacular buildings of the moors and dales / Traditional Homes, December1989B/01.3
Ref - 7166by Andrew SimRenovation case history No.63 : Swan's song : the repair of a 500-year-old house in Harwich / Traditional Homes, December1989B/10.0
Ref - 7168by Richard HarrisThe grammar of carpentry / Vernacular Architecture, 201989B/05.2
Ref - 7168by Bob MeesonIn defence of selective recording / Vernacular Architecture, 201989B/03.1
Ref - 7168by N W Alcock & C R J CurrieUpstairs or downstairs? / Vernacular Architecture, 201989B/02
Ref - 7168by S G WallsgroveCarpenters' marks / Vernacular Architecture, 201989B/05.2
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