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7356Stephen GreenCricketing bygones1982E/72.4
7357David G HalfordOld lawn mowers1982E/17.7
7358Alastair HeseltineBaskets and basketmaking1982E/33.4
7359Alastair HeseltineBaskets and basketmaking1982E/33.4
736Dibben & Sons LtdPlumbers' materials cat. No. 553WCP
7360Jeffery W WhitelawFollies1982B/08.5
7361David KayeOld buses1982E/35.1
7362Michael B QuinionCidermaking1982E/72
7363R CopelandBlue & white transfer-printed pottery1982E/33.7
7364Martin WattsCorn milling1983B/24.1
7367P ClabburnPatchwork1983E/33.52
7368Anna P BensonTextile machines1983E/33.59
7369R NotleyCarnival glass1983E/33.8
737E MolloyHot-water engineering1945WCP
7371Denis R CooperCoins and minting1983E/66.5
7372P SambrookLaundry bygones1983E/72
7373Pamela SambrookLaundry bygones1983E/72
7374N E UphamAnchors1983E/35.3
7375Jill DaviesHerbs and herb gardens1983B/08.1
7376Lawrence GarnerDry stone walls1984E/33.92
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