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Z HatsagortsianTechniques et materiaux / Monumentum, 26 N2 p1011983B/10.4
Timbered house, Westham / Sussex County Magazine, 18 N9 p2471944B/22
J PileAspects of the Forest of Bere from the late iron age to the middle ages / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 45 p1131989E/15
Warbleton church / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N5 p2921933B/26
T E EvansMorous the tank engine / West Sussex History, N251988E/35.6
P M StevensWillingdon village pump, Willingdon, near Eastbourne, West Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 126 p2531988B/08.7
W D PeckhamWork and wages in the c16 / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N1 p181926E/35.1
Parish church of the Holy Trinity, Cuckfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N1 p171932B/26
J HareThe beginning of a woodland industry : the brick & tile industry of Marwell / Hampshire Field Club Section Newsletters, N9 p161988B/05.3
East Guildeford church, Rye / Sussex County Magazine, 27 N6 p2651951B/26
P W SowanStone mining in East Surrey / Surrey History, 1 N3 p831975E/36.6
F HawtinIndustrial archaeology at Charterhouse on Mendip / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p1711970E/30
V HerbisonThe great wall of Wonersh / Surrey Life, 5 N7 p241976E/15
G SmithInland navigation in Yorkshire / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p161982B/25.1
P J RidenTramroads in north east Derbyshire / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p3731970E/30
W H GodfreyNo 173 High Street Lewes / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 68 p671927B/22
Carved creatures with a story / Sussex County Magazine, 27 N2 p581953B/26
M ChristyAlfriston and its Star Inn / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N3 p971928E/72.3
P Mainwaring JohnstonAncient paintings at Pekes, Chiddingley / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 53 p1381910B/07.4
Petworth clockmakers - Taylor family C18 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 21 p181980E/37.3
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