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26065David WattSurveying historic buildings2011B/03.0
26066by P N BowdenWhat part can a Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) play in enhancing buildings of historic interest in London Borough of Sutton's High Street?2020B/10.0
26067by R J DeeringCan green roofs, living walls and soft capping be incorporated into historic buildings to reduce their c arbon footpring and improve their sustainabil\\ 2020B/10.8
26068by Angela WarnerCould asbestos-containing materials be retained in significant buildings?2020B/10.8
26069S P D MooreIn the counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire, what barriers limit the use of locally sourced oak in the structural repairs of histo\\ 2021B/10.2
26070by P A HopkinsCan HBIM, as developed at the Dublin Institute of Technology, be adapted for modelling historic timber-framed buildings?2020B/10.2
26071by J R WalkerRepointing early English brickwork: are we over relying on the exposed aggregate joint?2018B/05.3
26072by B LewisWhat lessons could Australian heritage carpenters learn from Russia and Sweden's timber conservation training programmes?2019B/10.8
26073Nigel SansomCan water vapour permeate through epoxy resin coated oak?2018B/10.2
26074by Stefan EmmelmannAuthentic craftsmanship in conserving historic buildings and their ornaments: reflections2018B/10.0
26075by Jean KenwardA Victorian masterpiece / Country Life, 25 July1963E/72.0
26076?The value of a heath / Country Life, 22 June1967E/16.5
26077by Jane DohertyBalancing act in land use : the role of a county council / Country Life, 3 February1983E/16.4
26078by Richard HaslamHow old is a monument? The centenary of the Ancient Monuments Act / Country Life, 23 December1982B/10.0
26079by Marcus BinneyGuardianship under fire : criticisms of ancient monuments policy / Country Life, 30 April1981B/10.0
26080Keith ThomasWhen England turned orange / The Guardian, 5th April2018E/65.5
26081by Janet LaurenceSalad dressing / Country Life, 23 June1988E/72.5
26082by Treve RosomanA Chippendale wallpaper discovered / Country Life, 14 November1985B/07.4
26083?Stable basis for tourism / Country Life, 7 March1985B/10.8
26084by Lewis McNaughtThirty years a model : old Walton bridge and the picturesque / Country Life, 6 March1980E/35.5
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