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22898Gerald BrodribbRoman brick and tile1987B/05.3
22899by Alfred B SearleModern brickmaking1911B/05.3
2290National Radiator CoIdeal boilers radiators accessories1913/1930WCP
22900David LencznerElements of loadbearing brickwork1972B/05.3
22901by Alison GradyAn iron quarry in Northamptonshire1964E/36.1
22902by W D MackenzieA mining village in South Wales1964E/36.3
22903by Martin SimonsA Tyneside shipyard1963E/35.3
22904by Robert ClaytonA textile town in the West Riding1962E/33.5
22905by John F DavisNorwich : a market town1964E/15
22906by Mary WaughFruit and hop growing in Kent1962E/66.3
22907by Eric J BarkerA dairy farm in Somerset1962E/17.32
22908by Eric BarkerA sheep farm in Wales1962E/17.33
22909by Eric BarkerGrimsby trawlers1961E/35.3
22910by Naomi Mitchison and G W Lennox PatersonA fishing village on the Clyde1960E/17.5
22912Andrew PikeGazetteer of Buckinghamshire brickyardsB/00.4
22913Lady Meade-FetherstonhaughUppark, Sussex1971M/08
22914The Friends of Terra Cotta PressThe roofs of Alfred : a clay tradition in Alfred, New York1993B/05.62
22915W G Curtin, G Shaw, J K Beck and W A BrayLoadbearing brickwork crosswall construction1983B/05.3
22916W G Curtin, G Shaw, J K Beck and W A BrayDesigning in reinforced brrickwork1983B/05.3
22917W G Curtin, G Shaw, J K Beck and J HowardDesign in post-tensioned brickwork1989B/05.3
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