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Ref - 25652Samantha A ShaveThe land agent and the old poor laws : examining the correspondence of William Spencer in Sapcote, Leicesteershire / Agricultural History Review, 68 : Part II2020E/66.2
Ref - 25665Diana ZeunerBuilding on conservation / The Countryman, 127 : 52021M/06
Ref - 25665Bill GibsonRoll out the barrels / The Countryman, 127 : 52021E/33.21
Ref - 25665Dee Dee ChaineyFire festivals and hearth folklore / The Countryman, 127 : 52021E/71.0
Ref - 25666AlisonC Armstrong and David S JohnsonExpanding horizons : a tree-ring dating programme around Ingleborough, North Yorkshire / Vernacular Architecture, 512020B/03.31
Ref - 25666Paul ReedThe knowledge of carpenters from the early medieval period to the eighteenth century in setting out roofs and buildings without geometry and numerical\\ / Vernacular Architecture, 512020B/05.2
Ref - 25666Nat AlcockBuilding a cob house in Devon in 1461 / Vernacular Architecture, 512020B/05.5
Ref - 25666Martin BridgeElm dendrochronology / Vernacular Architecture, 512020B/03.31
Ref - 25667Jeremy HodgkinsonEarly ironmaking in the Weald / Watch on the Weald, April : 1662021E/33.30
Ref - 25668Steve KennettSpinning yarn for the Tudor hose project / Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Journal, June : 2262008M/06
Ref - 25670Peter Varlow et alChamfer stops / DBRG News, 1472021B/05.2
Ref - 25670Martin HigginsWhen to use a square peg in a round hole / DBRG News, 1472021B/05.2
Ref - 25674Bll FergieControlling smoke in early houses : the emergence of the timber chimney as the open hall went out of fashion / Thatcher's Standard, Autumn/Winter : 462020B/06.2
Ref - 25675Bill FergieIs this the youngest open hall house in Hampshire? / Thatcher's Standard, Spring/Summer : 472021B/22
Ref - 25683R G HuntDoor jambs (and other items) as dating aids / Vernacular Architecture Group News, April : 802021B/06.3
Ref - 25683Greg HuberWhen symbols, signs and marks came alive in interiors of southeastern Pennsylvania barns / Vernacular Architecture Group News, April : 802021E/71.6
Ref - 25696Alan H J GreenSingleton station revived / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society News, 1882020B/28
Ref - 25697David DunkinThe mystery of the Findon High Street pump and well / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society News, 1892021B/08.7
Ref - 25703Mary AlexanderJohn Reede of Stoke, brick-maker, 1612 / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, October : 4822020E/72.0
Ref - 25707Fred Roberton, compiled by John BlackwellSoutherham cement works 1948-1971 / Sussex Industrial History, 502020B/05.7
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