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14760National Maritime MuseumThe Elizabethan navy and the Armada of Spain1975
1476Fred AldsworthArchaeology in West Sussex : a field guide1977
14759National Maritime MuseumThe boats of men of war1974
14758National Maritime MuseumThe building and trials of a replica of an ancient boat : the Gokstad Faering: Part II The sea trials1974
14757National Maritime MuseumThe building and trials of the replica of an ancient boat : the Gokstad Faering Part 1 Building the replica1974
14756National Maritime MuseumThree major ancient boat finds in Britain1972
14755National Maritime MuseumAspects of the history of wooden shipbuilding1970
14754compiled by Bernard JohnsonWindow glass1979
14753Victor ChinneryOak furniture : the British tradition : a history of early furniture in the British Isles and New England1979
14752edited by I R Pattison, D S Pattison, N W AlcockA bibliography of vernacular architecture : Volume III 1977-19891992
14750SussexThird and fourth interim reports on excavations in the iron age hill-fort and Roman-British iron-working settlement at Garden Hill, Hartfield, Sussex1975
14749C F TebbuttA Roman bloomery at Great Cansiron, near Holtye, Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, CX1972
14748Cecil A HewittThe smaller medieval house in Essex / The Royal Archaeological Society, 1301973
14747P V Addyman, D Leigh and M J HughesAnglo-Saxon houses at Chalton, Hampshire / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XVI1972
14746C F TebbuttAn abandoned medieval industrial site at Parrock, Hartfield / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975
14745C F TebbuttOld Buxted Place / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131973
14744J T SmithThe early development of timber buildings : the passing-brace and reversed assembly / The Archaeological Journal, 1311974
14743E W HoldenNew evidence relating to Bramber Bridge / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975
14741E W HoldenExcavations at Old Erringham, Shoreham : Part One : a Saxon weaving hut / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1141976
14740E W HoldenSome notes on the Long Man of Wilmington / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1091971
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