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8095Swiss Open-Air Museum BallenbergGuide to the Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg1987M/08
81W V CookWill o' the Weald : a romance of old Sussex1932E/56
8100by F H ArmstrongFlooring hardwoods : their wear and anatomical structure1948B/06.6
8101by D N SmithThe natural durability of timber1949B/05.2
8102by N A RichardsonWood preservatives1946B/10.2
8103Forest Products Research LaboratoryA handbook of home-grown timbers1941B/05.2
8104H M Llewellyn, F C HarperFloor finishes for houses & other non-industrial buildings1950B/06.6
8105by W C Stevens and N TurnerMethods of bending wood by hand1938B/05.2
8106by D N SmithThe natural durability of timber1959B/05.2
8107by F H ArmstrongFlooring softwoods : their wear and anatomical structure1949B/06.6
8108by P HarrisA handbook of woodcutting1946B/05.2
8109by W W BarkasSwelling stresses in gels and the calculation of the elastic constants of gels from their hygroscopic properties1945B/05.2
8110by C J Chaplin and E H NevardStrength tests of structural timber. Part 2 : general procedure of selecting and testing joists, with data on British Columbian Douglas Fir1936B/05.2
8111by C J Chaplin and E H NevardStrength tests of structural timber. Part 3 : development of safe loads & stresses, with data on Baltic Redwood and Eastern Canadian Spruce1937B/05.2
8112by R A G KnightThe efficiency of adhesives for wood : summary of test results1959B/05.2
8113by B J RendleThe growth & structure of wood1937B/05.2
8114by B J RendleCommercial mahoganies and allied timbers1938B/05.2
8115Forest Products Research LaboratoryDry rot in wood1952B/10.2
8116by K St G Cartwright and W P K FindlayDry rot in wood1945B/10.2
8117by J BryanMethods of applying wood preservatives. Part 1 : Non-pressure methods1946B/10.2
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