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Ref - 12007by R C PinneySussex windmills and their restoration : a 1970's perspective / Sussex Industrial History, 291999B/24.2
Ref - 12013by Ron WoodingMountnessing windmill / Historic buildings in Essex Issue 31986B/24.2
Ref - 12013by Douglas ScottBrentwood marking / Historic buildings in Essex Issue 31986B/05.2
Ref - 12013by Anne PadfieldSome 17th century house improvements / Historic buildings in Essex Issue 31986B/22
Ref - 12013by Patricia M RyanThe barns of Ingatestone - 1556 to 1601 / Historic buildings in Essex Issue 31986B/23.2
Ref - 12013by Anne PadfieldLucas Farm, White Roding / Historic buildings in Essex Issue 31986B/23.1
Ref - 12013by Susan J BrownAn unusual feature? / Historic buildings in Essex Issue 31986B/05.2
Ref - 12275David Martin & Barbara MartinAdapting houses to changing needs : multi-phased medieval and transitional houses in eastern Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1371999B/10
Ref - 12279by Jagjit SinghFungal problems in historic buildings / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 6 No. 12000B/10
Ref - 12279by Rachel Faulding and Susan ThomasCeramic tiles in historic buildings : examination, recording and treatment / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 6 No. 12000B/05.3
Ref - 1230by J E GrundyNotes on the relationship between climate and cattle housing / Vernacular Architecture, 11970B/23.3
Ref - 1230by J W TonkinSocial standing and base-crucks in Herefordshire / Vernacular Architecture, 11970B/05.2
Ref - 1230M W BarleyEstate villages before 1800 / Vernacular Architecture, 11970B/29
Ref - 1230prepared by N W AlcockA provisional hand-list of detailed house-by-house surveys / Vernacular Architecture, 11970B/03.4
Ref - 1231by S E RigoldThe distribution of aisled timber barns / Vernacular Architecture, 21971B/23.2
Ref - 1231by S R Jones and J T SmithChamfer-stops : a provisional mode of reference / Vernacular Architecture, 21971B/01.3
Ref - 1231Rainer Berger, Veronika Giertz and Walter HornCan German tree-ring curves be applied in France and England? / Vernacular Architecture, 21971B/03.31
Ref - 1231by J R ArmstrongConcealed evidence / Vernacular Architecture, 21971B/03.2
Ref - 1231by Arnold PaceyA cruck-framed house and byre at Hyde, Cheshire / Vernacular Architecture, 21971B/23
Ref - 1231by N W AlcockDanish and English timber-framing: a contrast / Vernacular Architecture, 21971B/01.3
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