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Ref - 1240by Gwyn I Meirion-JonesThe roof-carpentry of Brittany - II - cruck construction / Vernacular Architecture, 101979B/05.61
Ref - 1240by Terence Paul SmithRefacing with brick-tiles / Vernacular Architecture, 101979B/05.3
Ref - 1240by Blake TysonThe rood as a measurement of builder's work in Cumbria / Vernacular Architecture, 101979B/05
Ref - 1240by Jean-Christian and Patricia BansNotes on the cruck-truss in Limousin / Vernacular Architecture, 101979B/05.2
Ref - 12401by John and Jane PenoyreThe Somerset Dendochronology Project : phase three / Vernacular Architecture, 301999B/03.31
Ref - 12401by John WalkerLate-twelfth and early-thirteenth-century aisled buildings : a comparison / Vernacular Architecture, 301999B/05.2
Ref - 12401by Pierre Garrigou GrandchampTwelfth and thirteenth-century domestic architecture north of the Loire : a summary of recent research / Vernacular Architecture, 301999B/22
Ref - 12401by Peter Guillery and Bernard HermanDeptford houses : 1650-1800 / Vernacular Architecture, 30199B/22
Ref - 12401by John Dallimore23, 25 and 25a High Street, Rode, Somerset, tree ring dated to 1428-9 / Vernacular Architecture, 301999B/03.31
Ref - 12405Stephen TallentsThe art of the scythe / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 702000E/17.7
Ref - 12405Roy Thompson and John ClarkWhittawers (or Whittawyers) / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 702000E/33.6
Ref - 12405Ken Major et alObituary. Philip Walker / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 702000B/05.8
Ref - 12405Joe ThompsonHewing trestles / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 702000B/05.8
Ref - 12413Jennifer S Alexander (with the aid of a grant from the Salaman Foundation)Medieval masons' marks : their first appearance in England / TATHS Journal, 122000B/05.4
Ref - 12425by Kay CoutinHaven Farm, Furners Green, Danehill, Sussex / Journal of the Historic Farm Buildings Group, 131999B/23
Ref - 12425by Susie Barson and Richard BondIghtfield Hall Farm Barn, Ightfield, North Shropshire / Journal of the Historic Farm Buildings Group, 131999B/23.2
Ref - 12425by Colum GilesEnholmes Farm, Patrington / Journal of the Historic Farm Buildings Group, 131999B/23
Ref - 12425by Susanna Wade Martins and Philip AitkensThe farmsteads of Suffolk / Journal of the Historic Farm Buildings Group, 131999B/23
Ref - 12428D A SagutoFootprints on the past : tracking the first English-American shoemakers / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXII : 22000E/74
Ref - 12450Tony RobinsonStrictly for the birds : a note on dovecote nest boxes / Yorkshire Buildings, 282000B/23.4
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