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19427E C WillattsThe land of Britain : the report of the Land Utilisation Survey of Britain : part 79 Middlesex and the London region1937
19426L Dudley Stamp and E C WillattsThe land utilisation survey of Britain : an outline description of the first twelve one-inch maps1935
19403D J RoweLead manufacturing in Britain : a history1983
19388E MolloyRoof construction and repair1945
19387Frank MaceySpecifications in detail2009
19386edited by Miklos Cseri, Istvan Filep and Bela VifalussySzabadteri Neprajzi Muzeum [Hungarian Open Air Museum]2000
19384Laurens De Keyzer et alThe Open-Air Museum Bokrijk2001
19382Robert TaruleThe artisan of Ipswich : craftsmanship and community in colonial New England2004
19381Chris WadsworthThe bog job. Part 2 [horse loggers working at Askham Bog] / Heavy Horse World, Autumn2003
19380Cheryl GroverDriving a single horse Part 1 : The raw materials / The Heavy Horse, Autumn2004
19372Thatched LivingThatched secrets revealed / Thatched Living, Spring2006
19371Ian PritchettIt's the green light for lime / Thatched Living, Issue 352003
19370Clive FewinsDabbling in daub / Thatched Living, Issue 352003
19368Helen JohnsonLacemaking : a hobby for all the family / Craftsman Magazine, Issue 1452003
19367Doug JoinerBritish loggers deep in the Transylvanian mountains / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005
19366William CastleHorses and machines : getting the job done. Part 4 / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005
19365Brian RobinsonCath Pegg revives family tradition / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005
19364Doug JoinerHorse logging in Britain - 3 / Heavy Horse World, Spring2005
19363William CastleHorses and machines : getting the job done / Heavy Horse World, Autumn2004
19362Doug JoinerHorse logging in Britain - 1 / Heavy Horse World, Autumn2004
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