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T P HudsonMuntham Well, Findon / Sussex Industrial History, 8 p21978B/08.7
J M JaggerLaw & practice : prosecutions under Section 55(1) / Context, N26 p261990B/01.6
Houghton bridge, Amberley / Sussex County Magazine, 22 N3 p731948E/35.8
B TrinderThe Ironbridge Gorge Museum / Local Historian, 9 N6 p2891971E/30
M G AldredEarly English monumental work / Amateur Historian, 4 N5 p1981959B/26
Blacksmiths tools / Sussex Notes and Queries, 12 N5 p1171949B/05.8
G SaleChanges in the Lake District / Countryman, 79 N1 p971974E/15
The round towers of certain Sussex churches / Sussex County Magazine, 19 N11 p2701945B/26
Hamsey church / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N5 p3131938B/26
P BrownGeorgian glory / Period Home, 6 N11 p321985B/10
Burton church / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N10 p7111939B/26
Christ's Hospital, Horsham / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N12 p10121930B/25.1
D I HillAncient heraldic glass at Knole, Sevenoaks / Archaeologia Cantiana, 91 p11975B/07.2
S D SecretanAn old farm implement / Sussex Notes and Queries, 10 N1 p211944E/17.7
C A HewettSongers, Cage Lane, Boxted, Essex / Medieval Archaeology, 17 p1311973B/22
I WatkinsThe Newmill Souterrain / Current Archaeology, N66 p2051979E/61.5
Discovery of the old Brighton town well / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 39 p2131894B/08.7
E HollingdaleQueen Victoria at Brighton, October 1837 / Sussex History, 2 N24 p321987E/58.1
Pulborough's old bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N9 p5501937E/35.8
Tarring church, Worthing / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N1 p191956B/26
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