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Ref - 10087by Dafydd Roberts"Abypoth and Pennychain" : life in a Welsh countryside / Folk Life, 341995-96E/72.0
Ref - 10087by S Minwel TibbottCheese-making in Glamorgan / Folk Life, 341995-96E/72.5
Ref - 10087by Anna ChampeneyPeasant crafts in Galicia, north west Spain : present and future / Folk Life, 341995-96E/33
Ref - 10087by Jonathan BellMiserable hovels and substantial habitations : the housing of rural labourers in Ireland since he eighteenth century / Folk Life, 341995-96B/22
Ref - 10087by Andrew WestA travelling basketmaker - and more : Philla Davis / Folk Life, 341995-96E/33.4
Ref - 10088by J B SmithRuth Tongue's 'legalizing of bastards' / Folk Life, 351996-97E/71.0
Ref - 10088by David Drummond'Irish' mousetraps / Folk Life, 351996-97E/72
Ref - 10088by Joan E GrundyHorse patterns from the mosslands of South Lancashire / Folk Life, 351996-97E/17.38
Ref - 10088by Geoffrey DentJobs, corves and thraves / Folk Life, 351996-97E/71.8
Ref - 10088by James WaltonOld Yorkshire stone crafts / Folk Life, 351996-97E/33.9
Ref - 10088by Hugh CheapeShielings in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland / Folk Life, 351996-97E/17.32
Ref - 10088by Fionnuala WilliamsA fire of stones curse / Folk Life, 351996-97E/71.6
Ref - 10089by John A BurrisonThe living tradition of English country pottery / Folk Life, 361997-98E/33.7
Ref - 10089by John Steane and Christine BloxhamSecrets under the floorboards / Folk Life, 361997-98E/66.0
Ref - 10089by Robin Gwyndaf"The sorrow of all people" : death, grief and comfort in a Welsh rural community / Folk Life, 361997-98E/71.1
Ref - 10089by Adele SchiaverienThe Horners' Company collection of horn / Folk Life, 361997-98E/33.9
Ref - 10089by Caroline EarwoodPrimitive ropemaking : the archaeological and ethnographic evidence / Folk Life, 361997-98E/37.0
Ref - 1010Lord Stanford, Freda Wilkinson, Gerald HaythornthwaiteNational parks : three views / Countryman, 77 No.41972/3E/16.5
Ref - 1011Bruce CampbellHedges in perspective / Countryman, LXXVIII : 11973E/33.93
Ref - 1011Barbara de SeysselThe lore of the coppice / Countryman, LXXVIII : 11973E/33.1
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