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Ref - 1619by Walter H GodfreyMediaeval hospitals in Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 971959B/25.3
Ref - 1619by John H HarveyArchitecture in mediaeval writings / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 971959B/02.1
Ref - 16215Thom ThackerResponding to restoration : what to do when visitors are not welcome in your house / ALHFAM, 36 : 22006M/03
Ref - 16215Sarah BentThe rooms were empty. The attic was full / ALHFAM, 36 : 22006M/03
Ref - 16217Problem owners, not problem buildings / Context, March : 932006B/25.3
Ref - 16217Matthew SaundersProtecting the disused but beautiful / Context, March : 932006B/26.1
Ref - 16217Rachel WalmsleyA model past and a sustainable future / Context, March : 932006E/15
Ref - 16219Caroline StanfordCelebrating 40 years of the Landmark Trust : access and conservation co-exist in the Trust's novel approach to the rescue and preservation of remarka\\ / Conservation News, July : 972005B/10
Ref - 16232by A Keeble ShawWindmills and watermills in Hampshire. Part I : windmills in Hampshire / Hampshire Proceedings, XXI : Part II1959B/24.2
Ref - 16248Charles Kelly et alPetworth water supply : an exchange of letters (1874-5) / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1252006E/32.2
Ref - 16258Nina BakerWomen nailmakers in 19th century Scotland / TATHS, Summer : 932006E/33.34
Ref - 16259by Brian LoughbroughMore about water: Papplewick pumping station, 1884 / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/32.2
Ref - 16259by Natalino FenechLark mirrors : from tools to folk art / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/72
Ref - 16259by Margaret HumphreysThe dance event in ethnographic persepective / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/71.5
Ref - 16259by John B SmithMaking sweet hay : a West Country custom in its wider context / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/17.37
Ref - 16259by Heather HolmesScottish agricultural writers and the creation of their personal identities 1697-1790 / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/82
Ref - 16259by Tina NegusDaniel in the den of lions: early medieval carvings and their origins / Folk Life, 442005/2006E/65.4
Ref - 16260K R Fairclough and Glenys CrockerChilworth gunpowder mills in the period of the Dutch wars / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 922005E/36.7
Ref - 16263David OdgersA conservator's role : personal passion and public perception / ICON News, January : 22006B/10
Ref - 16264Kate FrameConservators on camera / ICON News, March : 32006B/10
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