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15543Myson Heat Exchangers LtdThe Myson Envoy Super Range of Fan ConvectorsWCP
15544HilmorTube bending machinesWCP
15545Cellacite & British Uralite LtdUrastone flues, fittings & ductingWCP
15546Ideal Boilers & Radiators LtdIdeal improved Full-Way Fittings for Copper TubingWCP
15547HanloCompression joints Stopcocks : Gate Valves etc. Patent 590989WCP
15548Ideal Boilers & Radiators LtdIdeal Full-Way fittings Wrought Copper Fittings1938WCP
15549Ideal Boilers & Radiators LtdIdeal Full-Way wrought Copper Fittings1938WCP
15550Froy & Sons LtdRoyal Venton sanitary fixtures. The Kendal SuiteWCP
15551Heatons Plastics LtdHeatons plastic bathsWCP
15552Ideal-StandardBathroom equipment1965WCP
15553Fisher & LudlowFishlow stainless steel sinksWCP
15554Froy & Sons LtdMagnet household electric labour saving appliances & electric fires1930WCP
15555Grovewood Products LtdCompact kitchen unitsWCP
15556Powell Duffryn Heating LtdPower rads1966WCP
15557Bosham PCCA walk round a Saxon church : Holy Trinity church, Bosham?B/26
15559Hardham PCCHardham : its history and its church?B/26
1556A H GregoryMid-Sussex through the ages1938E/65.0
15560Singleton & East Dean PCCSingleton and East Dean guide?B/26
15561Sidlesham PCCSome notes on Sidlesham church of St.MaryB/26
15562M V & A V BackhouseThe Old House, Pulborough / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1161978B/22
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