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19955J E C PetersThe development of farm buildings in west lowland Staffordshire up to 18801969B/23
19956edited by Joan ThirskThe agrarian history of England and Wales Volume IV 1500-16401967E/66.3
19957Nigel HarveyA history of farm buildings in England and Wales1970B/23
19958J H BetteyRural life in Wessex 1500-19001987E/66.3
19959Brian K RobertsRural settlement in Britain1979B/29
19960L Dudley StampBritain's structure and scenery1949E/05
19961E J T CollinsSickle to combine : a review of harvest techniques from 1800 to the present day1969E/17.3
19962John VinceOld farm tools1974E/17.7
19963John VinceDiscovering carts and wagons1970E/33.25
19964David HallMedieval fields1982E/17.1
19965John VinceVintage farm machines1973E/17.7
19966Peter J ReynoldsFarming in the iron age : Cambridge introduction to the history of mankind : topic book1976E/17.1
19967by W M WhitemanThe Edward Thomas countryE/51
19968John VinceVintage farm machines1973E/17.7
19969by A M and Ruth M TittensorThe rabbit warren at West Dean near Chichester / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1231985E/17.55
19970edidted by A Carter, S W MartinsA year in the field : the Norfolk Historic Farm Buildings Project1987E/17.1
19971edited by Ruth BirdThe journal of Giles Moore 1656-16791971E/51
19972P JenningsThe living village1968E/15
19973David W LloydThe making of English towns : 2000 years of evolution1984E/15
19974Victor Bonham-CarterThe English village1952E/15
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