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edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.42 : lifeline for a longhouse / Traditional Homes, Mar p281988B/10.0
W L NormanFall Ings Wakefield : some notes on an C18 foundry / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p741969E/30
W LawsGreen lines / Traditional Homes, Dec p771990B/08.3
edited by B GreysmithDamp : the physical solution / Traditional Homes, Apr p981987B/10.0
Great Ote Hall / Sussex County Magazine, 2 N13 p5821927B/22
A RaistrickCraven in West Yorkshire / Countryman, 66 N2 p2431966E/15
M McCormackDunster dovecote / Countryman, 57 N2 p3631960B/23
R Grove-WhitePutting on the pressure / Countryman, 92 N2 p221987E/16.5
R G LovegroveCanal capers / Popular Archaeology, June p371980E/35.2
Planning : (1) King's Lynn / Current Archaeology, N56 p2801977E/16.7
C HaslamThe Priest's House of Holcombe Rogus, Devon / Period Home, 7 N2 p291986B/10
C CoxSome problems of dating milestones / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p601969E/30
G H KenyonLivestock returns for Sussex In 1803 / Sussex Notes and Queries, 13 N9-10 p2161952E/17.33
A FarnwellWork with oxen / Countryman, 76 N1 p1321971E/17.38
M ConnettA poet's retreat / Traditional Homes, Feb p351991B/22
J Lewis AndreBattle church / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 42 p2141899B/26
S Colman"Treasure Chest" : two fifteenth century carpenters make their wills / Period Home, 3 N3 p281983B/05.2
J CookseyFirebrick in the Black Country / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p781981B/05.3
T MilbournHorsell church / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 7 N2 p1521878B/26
A DiplockA Sussex brickfield / Sussex County Magazine, 6 p1641932B/05.3
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