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J ThompsonInvestigating domestic buildings / Amateur Historian, 7 N4 p1261966B/22.2
St. Mary Treyford / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N12 p8221938B/26
P GreeneNorton Priory / Current Archaeology, N43 p2461974E/61.8
Sussex medieval glass : an aftermath / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N12 p7871935E/33.8
M WildmanThatched property / Period Home, 5 N5 p141984B/22
A ChaplinDiscovering lost new towns of the 19th century / Local Historian, 10 N4 p1861972E/15
Country factory / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N2 p901957E/33.1
T HerbertThe wands & the willow / Traditional Homes, Jun p851990E/33.19
Lewes Castle's joints are wasting / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N4 p1421950B/27
R WilesPicket lines / Traditional Homes, Jun p1001990E/33.94
Leather-worker 18C / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 19 p171980E/37.2
G D JohnstonRowner mill / Sussex Notes and Queries, 16 N5 p1471965B/24
P Mainwaring JohnstonBridge, Lynchmere / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 55 p3191921B/22
I D MargaryAshdown Forest and its enclosures / Sussex Notes and Queries, 9 N3 p641942B/19.6
D H KennettMathematical tiles and the great house : height and proportion / British Brick Society Information, N34 p121984B/05.3
S SeagerIron bridge 200 years old, Shropshire / Countryman, 84 N3 p1031979E/35.5
V J TorrSir Stephen Glynnes notes on churches (continued) / Sussex Notes and Queries, 16 N4 p1281964B/26
The village blacksmith's future / Sussex County Magazine, 16 N10 p2711942E/33.32
A F WorsfieldPeacocks School Rye Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 68 p1991927E/64
E StrakerThe Vachery Ironworks / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 47 p481941E/36.1
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