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Ref - 10084by Jeffrey J DentAspects of change evolution and revolution in weights and measures / Folk Life, 311992-93E/71.8
Ref - 10084by Roy BrigdenA story of Burbage Wharf / Folk Life, 311992-93E/35.4
Ref - 10084by Martyn BrownMuseums in rural areas / Folk Life, 311992-93M/01
Ref - 10084by George MongerRural community centres : indicators of social and cultural change / Folk Life, 311992-93E/66.7
Ref - 10085R J Moore-ColyerOn the ritual burial of horses in Britain / Folk Life, 321993-94E/17.38
Ref - 10085by Linda BallardFolk art and the validity of revival : a contemporary example / Folk Life, 321993-94E/76
Ref - 10085by David EveleighCooking pots and old curios : the posnet and skillet / Folk Life, 321993-94E/72.0
Ref - 10085by Caroline EarwoodEthnography in eastern Europe : peasant crafts / Folk Life, 321993-94E/33.0
Ref - 10085by Bernard CottonRichard Hugh Kaighin : joiner, furniture-maker and crofter, 1864-1945 / Folk Life, 321993-94E/33.28
Ref - 10085by Robin GwyndafWelsh tradition-bearers : guidelines for the study of world-view / Folk Life, 321993-94E/71.6
Ref - 10086by John NorwoodShepherding on the South Downs / Folk Life, 331994-95E/17.33
Ref - 10086by Owen DaviesHag-ridden in nineteenth-century west country England and modern Newfoundland / Folk Life, 331994-95E/71.6
Ref - 10086by Jacqueline LewisPassing judgements : Welsh dress and the English tourist / Folk Life, 331994-95E/74
Ref - 10086by Thornton B EdwardsMourning customs in Greece / Folk Life, 331994-95E/71.1
Ref - 10086by Patrick MacMonagleSome narrow gauge railways of the west of Ireland / Folk Life, 331994-95E/35.6
Ref - 10086by Colin HayfieldFarm servants' accommodation on the Yorkshire Wolds / Folk Life, 331994-95E/17.0
Ref - 10086by John SteaneCastleton House, Oxfordshire : a view from downstairs / Folk Life, 331994-95B/22
Ref - 10087by Peter Brears'Bygones' in The Connoisseur / Folk Life, 341995-96
Ref - 10087by Patricia PreeceTent peg making in the Oxfordshire Chilterns during the 1939-45 war / Folk Life, 341995-96E/33.10
Ref - 10087by Sue PhilpinWoollen yarn healing / Folk Life, 341995-96E/73
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